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Cryptozoology is the research and investigation into animals whose existance is not yet proven and can include the search for animals thought to be extinct. The word comes from the Greek Kryptos (hidden) and Zoology (study of animals).

Cryptozoology is a subject that has fascinated many the world over since people could formulate stories. Although the term has only been in service for the past century, studies into 'Cryptids' have been around much longer and the fascination with fantastic creatures much further back than that.

Nearly everybody will have heard of Bigfoot or the Loch Ness Monster but not quite so many know that in Australia we have our own cases of cryptid sightings. The Thylacine (Tasmanian Tiger), Bunyip, Devil Dragon, Panthers and yes we also have our own bigfoot sightings.

Do the witnesses who have reported seeing these creatures have adled minds?
Surely we have accounted for all the animals that take up residence in this great southern land?

Think about this. Our country is one of the least populated per square kilometer of land and ninety percent of that population resides in coastel areas. Much of this country is yet to be thoroughly explored so could small pockets of unclassified species still exist in the little travelled areas?

The Paranormal Guide will look into some of these sightings of creatures that do not exist. In time we may also stretch our search into Cryptobotony as well.

The Bunyip

Hi folks Debbie here,

Meg-Anne Harrop and myself decided to explore a possible site for a Bunyip and explain some of the folklore behind the stories relating to this mythical creature.  However with Cryptozoology one can never be sure, some of these romantic tales could be based on a fact of a long ago age or just be plain legends and folklore.

We also managed to get a very random point of view from two friends we met while we were out filming this enigmatic creature.

So have fun with the story and feel free to share your very own take on the creature known as The Bunyip !

Does the Thylacine still live?

Hello Folks Debbie here,

So does the Tassie Tiger still exist? 
There are many people who think so:

1937: Seargent Summers leads a search in the north-west of the State..recording many sightings
in a very large area between the Arthur and Piemann Rivers..the party themselves saw no creature yet they suggested a sanctuary for the Thylacine...
1959: Eric Guiler leads a search in the far North West of Tasmania again...this area was known for many bounties in the hunting days..they only recorded suspected footprints...
1982-83: Parks and Wildlife Officers Steven Smith and Adrian Pyrke search a wide area using three automatic cameras.  No evidence was found...
1988-93: Separate photographic searches by Wildlife photographer Dave Watts and Ned Terry fail to record a Thylacine...

The Australian Rare Fauna Research Association reports around 3,800 sightings on file from mainland Australia since the 1936 extinction. Mystery Animal Research Centre of Australia recorded 138 sightings up to 1998. The Department of Conservation and land management recorded 65 over the same period.