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Curious and Unusual Crimes

Australia, what better country to look into if you want to research a wide spectrum of curious and unusual crimes. We have more than our fair share of Mass Murderers, Serial Killers and people whose choice of killings is just plain disturbing.


From women vampires drinking the blood of their victims to a murderer whose involvement in a crime only came to light after a chance off hand comment at his funeral The Paranormal Guide looks at some of the more darker sides of the human mind.


The taking of life is not the only aspect of crime we will be delving into. We will also look at some of the more unusual and zany crimes commited over the past two hundred plus years of Australias modern settlement.


Click one of the images below to be taken to the relevant section. Just remember to keep your wits about you as there are some truly disturbed minds residing here.


A Serial killer is defined as someone who has commited two or more murders at seperate times with a cooling off period in between crimes. Mostly but not always there is a specific way the serial killer ends the life of their victim. The crimes are usually committed for personal gratification rather than a more specific motivation.

Australia has had it's fair share of serial killers. Come step inside some of the most disturbed minds that have called Australia home.


Not all murders are commtted by men. There are more than a few women who have committed the crime of murder. Although female serial killers are quite rare there are more than a few women who have been pushed to act out the most violent of crimes. 

However not all these women have had to be pushed as some have killed for sport, personnal gratification and even to fulfill a thirst for blood.

The Murder of Anita Cobby


Hello Folks,
There is not really a great deal to say about this murder, other than it shocked Australia and five men will never ever be free.
A more than sad tale; a young nurse a cruel and evil attack.