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Equipment and Technology

As a team The Paranormal Guide utilises a wide range of paranormal investigation equipment. through years of experience we have collected a large assortment of different technologies in an attempt to measure and capture different types of paranormal evidence.

There has been  quite alearning curve associated with investigating with such a large kit and it is hoped we can empart some of the lessons we have learnt onto you. 

Pavle 'Paul' Tipic is The Paranormal Guides Tech Manager and he will quite happily tell you that a lot of the equipment he has collected is a waste of money. He has also field tested all of the equipment and has his favourites for in the field  and also just for novelty purposes.

The following are the beginnings of a series on different types of equipment and the ways we use them. Take a look and please if you have a comment or something to add head to the forums as we are still learning as much as everyone else.

An Overview of The Paranormal Guides Equipment

Hey Guys
This is the first of a series of equipment videos we are doing. In this one we are having a brief look at some of the equipment we use in our investigations from the most basic pieces that most people would have at home to specialist pieces made specifically for paranormal investigators.

We at The Paranormal Guide do not pretend to be experts of any kind and in this series of videos we share the way we use our equipment. We are always learning and experimenting with new techniques to get the best out of our equipment.

Please feel free to comment and let us know about any different types of equipment you have found valuable in your own experiences. If you would like to know more about any of the equipment or where to buy it we are happy to help.

Happy Hunting!

Pavle 'Paul' Tipic

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Digital Still Cameras, Part Two