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Ghosts and Hauntings

When people think of 'ghosts and hauntings' images of castles, ancient manors and old crumbling forts tend to come to mind. We also think of locations such as America, England and the different European Countries as being filled with such places.

Australia seems to get forgotten when it comes to hauntings in the world view. This is unfortunate as although in the scheme of things we are relatively new, only 230 odd years of european settlement. However what is forgotten is that this country was largely founded and settled by convicts. 

Some very hardened criminals made the ocean voyage from England, Scotland and several other countries. With a three to four month long voyage in a stinking ship you were lucky if you made it unscathed. Disease, malnourishment, sinking and murder were all potential ways that a transported prisoner (or free person) could meet their maker on the journey.

Once here things did not get much better. For the prisoner hard labour and on many occasions abuse at the hands of their handlers did not make life great. For the free person a hard life was ahead in one of the harshest and wild continents on the planet. For all crime was not left at home with many free prisoners returning to their old habits.

Many historical buildings still exist from the earliest times of colonisation in Australia, The old gaols, prisons, forts, ports, hospitals, manors and lunatic asylums can be found dotting the country. 

And that is just the historic buildings. Many say the land itself has its spirits and many of even the more modern homes can encompass their presence. Australia is definitely not without its Ghosts and hauntings!

St Kilda, Ghosts in the Playground

Hello Folks,
Well most of you will already know that children are said to be very sensitive to Ghosts and Spirits.  This is an interesting spot amd although we do not make any claims of it being haunted some people say they have had experiences there.
And really at night, this is a very spooky spot!




Anstey Hill, Three Little Stories

Hi Folks,
Today Meg and I decided to go for a wander to Anstey Hill Recreation park.  We just wanted to have a look around and see if a future investigation was possible.
We managed to find three little stories that we hope you like, and edited them into this little piece for TPG. 
We did not do it as a serious investigation more just to share with you this amazing place and a small piece of history.
So enjoy the tales, and if you have anything to add let us know.

Torrens Island Quaranitne Station

The Paranormal Guide loves to explore, and by now you will see we manage to find some amazing places.
I present for you the amazing Quarantine Station Torrens Island, Port Adelaide SA.
Migrants arrive in Australia by ship in the later years of our history. Both before and post both world wars. They were detained here to ensure diseases like Typhus and Smallpox were not introduced. If there was even one case on an arriving ship then all were detained.

Take a look around this most evocative and atmospheric place.
The residual energies within were amazing.  Did we see or hear of any Ghosts, well we shall keep you posted !
Many thanks are offered to Kevin Jones for his kind assistance with this production.


The Adelaide Arcade Haunting

Well i was a very lucky reporter on this visit to the Adelaide Arcade. I managed to meet the right person who gave me exclusive access to the ruins of the once flamboyant and opulant tearooms located under the arcade itself (only for the well to do of Adelaide of course).

This place was amazing once you start looking at the history. As for poor Francis Cluney, what a horrible way to go. Perhaps he is still there as with the other spirits of the young girl and the woman who died in or around the Arcade.

Guess we can never really say for sure, but hey, a most interesting relic to our South Australian history.
Cheers, Debbie


Ebenezer School House; Wendish Wanderings.

The Paranormal Guide team took a field trip and managed to find a rather wonderful old school house.
This is a Lutheran School house and echo's the past of the German migration to Australia and the effects this had on certain parts of our state.
There are some stories regarding spirit activity at this site, one relating to a medium who had a rather shocking experience. While there we had one surprise. I looked everywhere and could not find a bell or see where or why one would have been rung. Make up your own mind and enjoy the movie. We had a great deal of fun filming it for you
Cheers for now, Debbie.

Famous Ghost Photos, a Brief History

Ghosts and ghost photos were my first interest in the world of the paranormal. I remember when I was a teenager my mother had a book simply titled 'Into the Unknown'. I pretty much only read the ghost section of that book and I did so again and again. About half of the pictures you see in this video appeared in that book and I think these are the really iconic ones; The Brown Lady, Mother in the Backseat, the monk of Newby Church and the Watcher at Corroboree Rock. 

These photos terrified me when I was younger but today not so much. They do still hold some fascination for me as do some of the newer 'iconic' photos. I imagine everyone has a favourite ghost photo and I believe it's more than likely it appears in this video.

There are a few well known photos that did not make this video but fear not there is a part two to come sooner or later.