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The Paranormal Guide is very lucky to visit some fantastic historic locations around the country and we love to share our experiences. In this section of the website we will present to you our investigations shot and edited in mini documentary form.

Although many of the locations we present will be historic in nature we will at times present private in home investigation videos wit hthe permission of the home owner.

We do not claim that these places are haunted but rather keep everything open minded. It is up to you what you want to believe and if you have a comment or more information to add about a location please do so in our forums. We love feedback!

There will be many more investigation videos shared over time but fr now enjoy what we have :)


Gladstone Gaol, Gladstone South Australia

The Paranormal Guide spends a lot of its time working with other teams from around the country. In May 2012 we joined up with three other teams; Fleurieu Paranormal Research, Lyon Paranormal and Murraylands Paranormal in order to investigate the now decomissioned Gladstone Gaol.

In part one you will see interviews with the Gaol leasee Tony Holland aswell as Fleurieu Paranormal Research founder Lyn Mallett who organised the investigation. TPG Tech Manager Pavle 'Paul' Tipic also speaks about some of his research.

We are thrilled to have Adelaide Metal Band 'Cyclosa' provide some of the sound track. Check it out and let us know what you think!



Part two coming soon!

Cambrai Hotel, Cambrai South Australia

In April 2012 the Paranormal Guide was invited to aid Riverland Unexplained Paranormal Investigators (RUPI) in the investigation of the historic Cambrai/Rhine Villa Hotel.

The Paranormal Guide was tasked to research the location as well as to interview the witnesses to any potential paranormal events. RUPI base their investigations around medium/psychic work so prefer to enter a location with little to know knowledge.

'Cambrai' originally 'Rhine Villa' is a fantastic rural town. There are many of the original historic buildings still in use though most are now homes rather than the many and varied businesses they used to contain.

Part one takes a look at the history of the hotel and some of the haunting that has been reported. We interview the staff and management as well as a few of the locals. 

 In this second part we look at some of our investigation focussing on one of Kathy Messengers(RUPI founder and medium) vigils in 'the doctors room'.

Take a look for yourself and decide whether you think Cambrai Hotel is haunted and whether Kathy made contact with one of its resident spirits.