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Serial Killers


Serial Killers are generally defined as someone who has killed multiple victims spread over a period of time with a length of inactivity between each murder. The murders are usually to fulfill a psycholigical gratification and generally but not always have a sexual element to them.

Although the term 'serial killer' is generally accepted to have been coined in the 1970's the act itself is postulated to have been around since as early as 144BC when Liu Pengli cousin of the Chinese Emperor Jing would go on marauding expeditions murdering people for sport.

It has been suggested that tales of werewolves and vampires were inspired by medieval serial killers notably Gilles De Rais (former companion to Joan of Arc) who killed peasant children and Elizabeth Bathory a Hungarian aristocrat who is believed to have murdered and tortured upwards of 500 girls and young women in the 16th century.

Just over a century ago Jack the Ripper prowled the streets and alleys of 1880's London, killing at least five prostitutes and gaining mass notoriety in the press.  Although not the first time a killer had made it into the media, the macabre nature of these repeat offences and the fear that spread through the whitechaple district saw that this type of crime would forever be making the headlines in future newspapers.

Since Jack the Ripper there has been a massive increase in this type of crime which peaked in the 1970's. Last century a common misconception was that serial killers were a thing of the larger countries notably the US but Australia has not gone without it's share. From Mark Jeffries the Tasmanian Penal Colony Escapee who killed 4 people in the 1820's to John Bunting, Robert Wagner and James Vlassakis convicted of the snowtown murders of 11 people in the closing years of the 20th century, Australia has seen more than it's share of this type of worst offender.

John Wayne Glover: The Granny Killer

Howdy Folks,
Well once more we delve into a crime in our very own Australia, a Serial Killer.
John Wayne Glover in cold blood killed at least 6 people elderly women by strangling them.
The real story behind his motives and selection of victim is most fascinating, yet he commited suicide in prison
and the truth and possibility of other victims may now never be known.

Ivan Milat: Forest of Evil

Hi Folks, 
Well what to say about this truly evil man who killed for no other reason than his own sadistic needs

He ended needlesly the lives of seven beautiful young human beings and made them suffer a death no one ever should. He will die in prison but that is no payment for what he did.

What turns the human mind in this way?

Let me know what you think


The Truro Murders

Hello Folks,
When thinking about a story to kick off the Paranormal Guide page I
considered something that would be gritty and interesting. I wanted to show a story and hope share an experience with you.

I chose Truro. I must say this was an uncomfortable tale to tell walking in the very footsteps of these cruel killers to investigate film and edit a story about something that happened in our very own state. In an age of still maybe somewhat innocence or so we thought there is a gritty underworld to our conservative city of churches,our pretty city of gardens... and indeed this is a very unusual and cruel series of murders.

I hope you feel the empathy I did for these poor women, well, girls really and not so much enjoy the story but try to understand what makes a pathetic man need a sociopathic mis-fit so badly that he was willing to participate in an abhorrent lifestyle.

I guess we will never know.