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The Paranormal Guide Team

The Paranormal Guide could not exist without it's team of staff and contributors. Everyone works on a volunteer basis to bring the guide to you. Here you can learn about each member, what they bring to the Guide aswell as a little about their passion for the paranormal.
We are always looking for more contributors so if you feel you have something to offer to the guide please email [email protected]

Ashley Hall

Role: Founder and Team Leader of TPG, Lead Investigator and Director of Media.

The Paranormal Guide is the brainchild of Ashley Hall. Ashley is also the website owner, administrator and CEO of all TPG operations.

What Ash says:

"I have had an interest in the paranormal for a very long time but found it frustrating that sources of information were either hard to navigate, hard to understand (too much jargon), hard to digest and some are just plain outright boring. I am hoping to provide a site where those problems I faced are hopefully eliminated.

This is not a site to replace other sites on the net but rather a good place to start with generalised information presented in a straightforward and easy to navigate way.
I also love to make movies so soon this site shall be filled with all manner of mini docos about the various topics we shall be covering.

As for my personnal goals within the paranormal field well I guess I am just like most of the other people out there. Getting hard and complete answers to the mysteries out there would be great but from here I am more enjoying the journey. I tend to believe that should those answers present themselves we will just end up with more questions in the long run."

Pavle 'Paul' Tipic

Role: Tech Manager and Lead Investigator.

Paul has a great fascination with the paranormal and all the gadgets and pieces of technology that goes into the potential measumement of paranormal phenomena. Having amassed a large and varied amount of kit he was the first choice when coming to choose our technology guy.
Pauls ability to build equipment from kits or from basic parts is also going to come in handy for our D.I.Y. videos.

Paul is also second in charge with all things TPG. His ability to keep a level headed approach to problems and act as team mediator when problems arise is important.

What Paul says:

"Hey all I love the paranormal and most deeply into ghosts and hauntings. There is nothing more exciting than walking through a dark old ruined or abandoned building when you see something unusual from the corner of your eye or an unexplained whisper in your ear.

I believe having the right tools for the job is very important, what those tools are differ for everyone who researches the paranormal. Some concentrate on psychic abilities others like me with science and technology. There are many devices out there that are commonly used by paranormal researchers and some of this equipment is a bit out there that we are experimenting with. I hope some of our reviews will help you to get the right equipment for yourselves.

I’m also hoping that some of our home made equipment tutorials help the new enthusiasts get out there and explore for themselves. The more of us out there searching, the more chance we have of finding what is out there."

Lyn Mallett

Role: Researcher and Lead Investigator.

Recently Lyn joined the Paranormal Guide having moved from Fleurieu Paranormal Research. Having worked with The Paranormal Guide on several cases during her time as leader of FPR it was decided that TPG and FPR should join.

Lyn Joins as our second Lead Investigator and our latest researcher. With Lyn living and working further south of Adelaide, South Australia you should soon start to see TPG taking up more work in those areas.
What Lyn Says:

"My love of the paranormal started when I was about 4 years old when my sisters sneaked me out of bed one Friday night and let me watch the Deadly Ernest horror movie. As scared as I was, I was also hooked on anything spooky. From then on I devoured anything to do with ghosts, hauntings, UFOs and the unexplained. I grew up with Boris Karloff, Vincent Price and really bad movies like The Blob, Day of the Triffids and the House of Wax.

It wasn’t until I was an adult that I truly experienced my own paranormal happening. I had moved into a house in Salisbury North with my then husband and young sons and immediately we began to have strange occurrences. It wasn’t until recently that I discovered my eldest son had a “Black Man” visit his bedside every night! I have had many experiences since then, not just spirits but two UFO sightings and a Time Slip.

As I grew older I found myself needing more and more information and explanations and commenced study in Parapsychology. Since then I sort of fell into paranormal investigating and have had some truly awe-inspiring experiences! I believe I may never confirm until the moment of my own death that there is life beyond the physical. I tend to think there is – after all – it gives me something to look forward to!

Being a part of The Paranormal Guide will no doubt fulfill a large part of my thirst for knowledge. Having the opportunity to do this alongside others with the same goals as I will make the information journey a far more enriching experience. "


Tash MacDonald

Role: Team Medium and Spiritual Advisor/manager.

Tash has a wonderful connection with the spiritual and paranormal world. She has a wide range of psychic ability from Clairaudience, (the ability to hear voices (not schizophrenia) that convey useful information; a psychic sense of hearing.), Clairsentience (psychic sense of smell.) Clairvoyance (psychic sense of sight.), photo reading, oracle card reading as well as also having empathic traits.

Tash is Ash and Pavles first choice when determining a third investigator on a job. Tash's ability to stay still and quiet during vigils is a commendable trait. Having only joined the team on a few investigations we are very much looking forward to seeing how she develops as a researcher and investigator.

Tash Says:

“Ever since I was a young child growing up I have always had a fascination with the paranormal and spiritual realm. I found myself at a young age feeling others feelings, hearing and seeing things others could not seem to see or hear. Being different from my friends was not easy growing up and a lot of my abilities where kept secret due to society not being accepting of it. It wasn’t until later on within my teens when I lost someone very special and close to me that I started to experiment and talk about what I believed in.

I have run a few spiritual websites to help others with psychic development and understanding but most importantly to share experiences and knowledge.

Over the years I have found that believing in yourself and standing up for what you believe in has been the most changeling part through out my spiritual journey.

I'm really honored and excited to be apart of The Paranormal Guide team, I look forward to helping by the use of my abilities as well as helping the public with a better understanding of the paranormal world"

Wes Craker

Role: Investigator and Animal Wrangler

Wes also joins The Paranormal Guide team with the merger of Fleurieu Paranormal Research. Along with Wes comes his mate Oscar.

We is joining as a investigator and 'animal wrangler' (as Oscars owner). We have known Wes for quite a while now and with his knowledge of lots of fantastic ruins and historic locations gathered throughout his travels we feel many more locations will open up to the team.
What Wes Says:

"Hey all, my name is Wesley Craker, born 12 april 83 in Dover, England and migrated to Australia in 1986.

After completing year 12, I done my apprenticeship as a cabinet maker / spraypainter; Then moved to queensland where I went into construction, installing airconditioning and then onto crane operator and dogman.

Now living back in Adelaide I started up a small business as a handyman, but now spend my time as a full time carer.

My association with the paranormal started at a young age, I suppose it was passed down to me from my parents, both being spiritual. But more or less started when I bought my first digital camera at the age of 16 and went with some friends to cemeteries and the old adelaide gaol.

Also the passion for a good horror flic always sets the mood.

After going back to the UK in 2008, I had a few encounters that made me freak out, but I think that creepy sensation is just addictive. And a note to all those skeptics, expect the unexpected!"


Saxon Pepper

Role: Truth Seeker and Alternative Thinker

The Paranormal Guide aims to present information to the public on all things paranormal. These can be Ghost and Hauntings, Cryptids, Psychic abilities and UFO's and Aliens. However we cast our 'paranormal umbrella' quite wide and incorporate many other things of a strange or alternate reality to that mix.

Although we have placed the odd UFO report or experience up on our Facebook page or website that side of things has been lacking. Well those of you with interests in those fields will very much want to welcome Saxon Pepper into The Paranormal Guide as those are his main fields of interest.

As well as UFO research Saxon has spent many years searching for the truth on many major events that have taken place throughout human history.

What Saxon says:

"I consider myself a freedom fighter. Freedom is something i would willingly fight for. I am against the governments of the world that conspire and corrupt the youth of today.

The truth is something that we will never really achieve.

There are so many underlying reasons behind all major decisions we are not told about. Life as we think we know it is not as it seems. We have all been betrayed and brainwashed beyond repair. Most will never see the truth as they are blinded by media manipulation and the judgemental eyes of society..."


Meg-anne Harrop

Full profile coming soon.

Interests and experience includes UFO's and Cryptozoology