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The Westall, Victoria mass sighting

It was only recently that I discovered the Westall UFO sighting to be as significant an event that it is. I had heard of the event before having read about it in some of the books in my library. However there was never any real information about, generally just the date it took place and the location along with a brief writeup.

I find it significant as to my knowledge it is the UFO event with the largest number of witnesses. A vast majority of those witnesses were school children but there were several dozen teachers and other staff from the schools aswell as adults who lived nearby.

I also found it intriguing that the police/military completely played down the incident and told the students and staff to not ever talk about it. In later years the students, then grown up, made made mention that discussing the incident was a reprimandable offence at the school.

Check out my short video about the Westall sighting and see what you think. Do you believe it could have been a weather balloon or wind sock?

Ashley Hall