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Urban Legends

Bloody Mary, Phantom Hitchikers, Body on the roofracks... all have one common theme; they are known the world over and take place in just about every country. Urban Legends are funny things being stories with just enough 'factual' aspects to lend them a hand of credibility.

They are usually a typical experience that happened to a friend or a friend of a friend and generally end with a twist.

Here we share with your some Urban Legends from around Australia along with their origins if known and the locations thay have taken place.

Ghosts on the Road

There are many legends that take place out on our roads and highways. Most but not all take place at night along the lonely stretches where no civilisation can be found for kilometres either way.

Dead Mans Road

Here is the second video in our 'Ghosts on the Road' series of Urban Legends videos.

The story itself is pretty straight forward; You are driving along on a side road. It's eerie and dark when all of a sudden you start to choke. You find it hard to breathe. You feel a pressure on your chest and a strangling at your throat. 

You panic and get the hell out of there. As you drive away you start to feel relieved as the discomfort leaves you. Upon enquiring as to what happened you learn that where you felt those sensations is exactly where someone had commited suicide by hanging. Creepy.

The shoot itself was a little demanding with weather being against us as well as some of the locals (they obviously didn't expect to see someone hanging from a tree next to the road) but I reckon it turned out alright.

Ashley Hall



The Phantom Hitchhiker

This was actually the first video I wanted to produce for the Paranormal Guide but it has been nearly two months to get it out there. I have always had a fascination with this legend aswell as other ghost stories that take place on our roads and highways.

I have talked to a few people who have either experienced this for themselves or know someone who has. If I believe these stories does it mean this still falls into the category 'Urban Legends'?

I think so as every country seems to have more than one place where these mysterious entities can apparently be experienced. The stories have been around just about forever with the modern version first being told in the early 1900's. 

 Regardless I hope you enjoy the Paranormal Guides first in this series of Ghosts on the Road.

Ashley Hall


Schneider's Alley

Hi Folks Debbie here,
As you will know by now, The Paranormal Guide loves a good story and a Ghost story
is even better. We also love an Urban Legend and this location contains both.

This story has caused issues due to people who are causing a disturbance around the area of the legend.  The Urban Legend is there and the stories regarding it grow more fantastic by the day!