Bold ideas for education, sports and entertainment



  • Make Surrey the education hub for the region.  As the youngest city in BC (one-third of our population is under the age of 19), we believe we need to incent further investment from major universities and technical colleges to expand or relocate to our city. For example, we would love to see a BCIT campus in Surrey.
  • Construct a multi-use indoor facility in Newton Town Centre in order to provide a year-round hub for youth. Newton has long been under-serviced for community amenities, and this needs to change. We intend on moving on this initiative immediately if elected.
  • Develop a new multi-sheet ice rink in Newton Town Centre.
  • Develop Youth Connection programs throughout the city, connecting mentors, seniors and youth.
  • Work with the RCMP and Surrey School District 36 to ensure there is a full-time school liaison officer in every high school in Surrey.
  • Work in partnership with the Surrey School District to support and enhance after-school programs to allow children and youth to stay active and safe on school property in the critical after-school hours.


Entertainment, Arts And Culture

  • In cooperation with senior levels of government and the private sector, redevelop the Cloverdale Fairgrounds to include a spectator sports facility, indoor multi-use events facility,  and Centre of Sports Excellence.
  • Develop a Performing Arts Centre in the downtown core of the city. A Performing Arts Centre is a much-needed asset for residents of all ages and abilities, a venue that fosters and showcases world-class talent and creates positive economic impact throughout the city, as well as a facility that embraces and provides a showcase for local talent and brings together people of all ages and ethnicities.
  • Secure private sector partnerships for the construction of a much-needed Events and Conference Centre for our city. This would be a core component and anchor of a new Entertainment District and would draw business, events, and investment into our city.