Well, Air compressors are nowadays utilized as a source for power for various electric tools and also the essential devices located at construction sites.There are different kinds of air compressors made for different purposes. All these are specifically designed, keeping in mind the quality and usage purposes. These are not just limited to industries, but these are widely used for primary other purposes also. Positive Displacement Air Compressors and Roto-Dynamic Air Compressors are further divided into different types for catering to the different needs of tasks performed by the user.

In this article, you will get details regarding every kind of portable air compressor with its working. Every kind of portable air compressor is specially designed for different use.You must be aware of the fact that the utilization of air compressors is not just restricted to industries. However, these are also utilized in welding, power plants, constructions, manufacturing, painting shops, automobile plants, and ships. So, it must be true that a single portable air compressor can’t fulfill the needs of all the jobs mentioned above. So, there comes a variety of air compressors that are utilized mainly to serve the tasks mentioned above.

Go ahead to know which one suits your needs.

What are the different types of Air compressors?

Kinds of Air Compressors

Well, there are different ways in which the classification of air compressors depends. The most prominent one depends on the operating principle. These include –

  • Positive Displacement
  • Roto-Dynamic Compressors

Well, the Positive Displacement compressors are additionally classified into two more compressors. These are –

Reciprocating compressors – These further include

  1. In-Line Compressors
  2. V-Shaped Compressors
  3. Tandem Piston Compressors
  4. Single-Acting Compressors
  5. Double-Acting Compressors
  6. Diaphragm Compressors

Rotary compressors – These further include

  1. Screw Compressors
  2. Vane type compressors
  3. Lobe and Scroll Compressors
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The Roto-dynamic compressors are also divided into further parts. These include

  1. Centrifugal Compressors
  2. Axial flow Compressors

Go ahead to read all of them in detail.

Reciprocating In-Line Compressors

Well, in-line compressors are the most common ones having varying ranges for pressure. Having very little automation, these are quite uncomplicated in style. If you observe from the top, you’ll discover that the cylinders of different stages are appropriately arranged in a straight line. Diesel engines or electric motors smoothly and straightly operate these kinds of portable air compressors.

V-Shaped Compressors

Concentric valves are placed on the head unit of every cylinder in V-Shaped Compressors. It has various units that are shifted mostly by 90 degrees. And this is possible that it may or may not attach to the identical crankpin on the crankshaft. The V-shaped compressors having higher capacity are water-cooled. If you displace the units by some specific angle, then the air compressor can get better balance and torque.

Single-Acting Compressors

As the name suggests, these sorts of portable air compressors have piston operating on the air in a single direction. And on the other hand, its other end is mostly open or free and doesn’t do any task. In this sort of reciprocating compressor, the piston’s bottom is open or free to the crankcase and isn’t used for the air compression. However, the compression of air is performed just on the upper or top portion of the piston.

Double-Acting Compressors

As the name suggests, the double-acting compressors possess two sets of intake or suction. It also offers valves for delivery on the two sides of the piston. Both two sides of it get utilized in the air compression as it moves upwards and downwards. The delivery and the intake valves work parallel to the compressor’s stroke. If you want to compare it with a single-acting air compressor, then its air compression delivery is relatively continuous. As a result, the two sides of the piston are usefully utilized in air compression.

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Rotary Compressors

Rotary Compressors don’t possess any crankshaft and pistons; hence these are not like reciprocating ones. However, these include scrolls, vanes, screws, and other tools which revolve and, as a result, compressed air.

So, these sorts of compressors are divided into scroll type, vane type, lobe type, screw type, and many others.

Scroll Compressors

These sorts of compressors possess scrolls that are operated by the prime mover. The air moves from the outside to the inside as the scrolls rotate. As a result, air compression takes place because of the decrease in the region. Hence, air compression is done to the delivery airline via the central space of the scroll.

Vane Compressors

To hold the sliding plates, these sorts of compressors possess a rotating rotor disc and a fixed casing. The disc keeps on rotating when the rotor rotates. As the inner material of the fixed casing is eccentric, so it permits the slide of the sliding plates. As a result, vast quantities of air will get hold as the sliding plates rotate apart from the center. So, the compression of air takes place when the plates converge.

Lobe Compressors

Lobe Air Compressors don’t have any problematic rotating parts, so these sorts of air compressors are quite more accessible and more straightforward. A prime mover is there that operates the drive shift, which is connected with one or two lobes. These lobes can be placed in a position of 90 degrees. Hence, if one of these is displaced in a vertical position, the other one will be in a horizontal position. Hence, these lobes trap the air, and when they rotate, compression of air takes place and is provided to the line of the delivery.

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Screw Compressors

These sorts of compressors are perfect in air pressure having fewer needs. Screw compressors trap air in the compressor casing and screws, which rotate by meshing with each other. The delivery of air compression is uninterrupted and calm in function as compared to a reciprocating one.

Roto-dynamic Compressors

Centrifugal Compressors

It possesses a simple element for a rotation that is placed onto the shaft and is mostly attached straight to the primary mover.

Axial Flow Compressors

Apart from the airflow direction, these sorts of air compressors are identical to the centrifugal ones. The air gets trapped into the compressors when the shaft moves at a higher pace.

Final Words

No doubt, there are various approaches to compress the gas, and distinct kinds of compressors come into existence over many years. These have inventive styles having different qualities that permit an approach to pressurize atmospheric air that suits your needs.

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