How to Watch Gostream Risk-Free (6 Best Alternatives)

Is GoStream safe? How to watch Gostream Risk-Free (Alternatives)

GoStream, GoMovies, MeMovies, and 123Movies are a network of websites that are operated from Vietnam. They stream copyrighted content that is hosted on paid sites. The content is mostly movies and TV series. New episodes of most popular TV series are released quickly and are free.

The interface is so easy, and the content available is global. It is the ease of access, and an extensive menu that has made it popular within days, and now it is the most popular site that offers free streaming. It was hosted with the name of 123Movies, but when it got blocked, they changed.

The authorities are vigorously searching for the physical location of this site. It is labeled illegal because it streams copyrighted content without the rights and permissions to do so. It offers pirated movies and TV shows to the users for free and makes money through advertisements.

It is not just another illegal website that offers movies and TV shows, but it is a site that feels authentic with its dynamic interface. Its menu is simple but useful. The list has options to choose content by country, genre, series, movies, IMDB rating, and alphabetical order.

Content from 12 countries are available on GoStream, and that is the primary reason why it is globally admired. No matter how the authorities tried to make people aware of its illicit nature, its users grew in number rather than decreasing. It recorded 9.26 million unique visitors in 2016, and by now, the visitors would easily be in hundreds of millions.

Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) marked this site as the most illegal website ever. It is wanted by many authorities and is banned in many countries. After looking at all these legal and illegal dealings, it is not odd to doubt the safety of this website. Is it safe to access a site that got banned and the most illegal one? To know that, let us examine the reasons why it is banned in many countries.

Artistic Copyright and GeoBan

Any song, video, movie, or TV show has multiple artists working for it to complete. When they spend so much creative labor into the work, they own the right over that piece of art as it is the fruit of their labor. If they are to make money through that content, it is up to their will and choice. Artists or their producers who sponsor the content choose where and how to make money through it.

When you take movies and TV series as an example, the makers make money by either selling the series to a TV channel for them to air it or a digital streaming platform for a certain amount of money. As the makers own the right of where to stream it, it is illegal to stream the content in any site without their permission. If they choose to ask money for you to stream, you need to pay them up. But you do need to have the rights to stream their content.

Websites like GoStream stream movies and TV shows illegally without the right to stream. They record screens, bootleg, and download the data from TVs, Paid streaming websites, and cinemas. They upload the recorded/bootlegged file on to their websites and make them available to their users. Through advertisements, they earn money. So, these websites do provide the content for free, but that is just a lure.

You are paying something more valuable than money, and it is your time to view their website, even if it is ten seconds, it allows them to make a few bucks while you watch the ad they make you see before giving you the free content. Technically it is more than just one crime. They are streaming content without permission, and they are also making money through it.

Few websites also violate the policies of advertisements by allowing the ads to float everywhere on their sites. There are not one but many violations that make the authorities hunt them down. But nothing can be banned worldwide; few countries do not mind piracy as their privacy laws are different. They allow these websites to stream anything they want.


As we have come across the reasons why they are banned, we can deduce if we can understand if the sites are safe. Many hackers use GoStream clone sites to lure its visitors and upload malware in their devices. If there is something we need to be secure about, it is checking the authenticity of these proxy sites available in the name of GoStream.

They create a similar interface like the original GoStream and even put some movie/ TV series titles and posters. But if you click on the title and try to play the content, they automatically install the malware in your device so that they can steal your data and sell it to the advertising bodies in the net. To know if it is a working proxy, you need to see the ad placements, colors, and the way the site is arranged.

Even if the interface is the same, you will know when you click on movie titles that it is fake. It is because of movie duration that is faked on the fake player, or a phoney censor certificate played to fool you can spot the phoney proxy. If everything is reasonable and the movie you wanted to watch is playing, roll your seat back and enjoy your show!

It is safe to access GoStream if you can bear repetitive ads that open in new tabs. Just make sure you close the advertisement tabs because GoStream cannot control the advertisements that are displayed; they only run random ads. These advertisements can be 18+ content and might be annoying when you are watching a movie or TV series with family.

So, it is advised to close these new tabs whenever they open. The only risk you are exposed to is getting tracked by the authorities. As the governments are trying to destroy the roots of such illegal streaming sites, it is not a wonder if they track people who are trying to reach the websites. Because it is forbidden to try and access something illegal, in India, you can go to jail for viewing banned sites.

A few risk-free ways to access GoStream


Where there is a risk, there is prevention! As people always say, it is better to prevent than cure. To not be paranoid of government trackers, you can make sure no-one tracks your internet at all. This can be made sure if you use a VPN (Virtual Private Networks). VPNs allow you to have a private network that can never be tracked by anyone.

This private network is not associated with any other server but your virtual one. It created a new identity that is anonymous and only for you. There are many plug-ins for browsers, where you can install them and create a VPN. These plug-in like HolaVPN create a VPN, and it makes sure that your IP address cannot be traced back to you. One of the safe and best ways to use a VPN is to download the TOR browser.


The Onion Browser, that is, TOR, is an open-source anonymity project that helps conceal the virtual identity of their users. Tor users cannot be tracked as their IP addresses and channels of connection change rapidly and unnoticeably. You cannot possibly monitor the internet activity of a TOR user. But you can know if a person uses TOR.

But even if authorities knew that you use TOR, they cannot track what you have been doing in TOR. It keeps your activity away from anyone to monitor and gives you complete anonymity. Using TOR is the best way if you want to use GoStream. The browser does not need any complicated set-ups. You just need to install it, open the browser, and it only opens like any other browser.

You will not feel anything being done, despite the changes being done in your network connection. You can type any banned website like GoStream and thoroughly enjoy it like it was never banned, and you have never watched it. It does not make the user confused, and it is just like any other browser. But like any different browser, the advertisements are still placed and open in new tabs. Go TOR and GoStream!


If you feel you are not into VPNs and anonymous activity concealers, you can simply choose to use the proxy or clone sites of GoStream that have the same interface and all the content. As the parent website of GoStream is 123Movies, you need to type ‘123Movies’ proxies in Google or any search engine that you use. It is advised to use the search engine, DuckDuckGo, which does not monitor your searches.

Many sites offer you the list of proxies for GoStream available, and that is now working. These links are updated occasionally and completely trustworthy. 123Movies themselves make a few of these clone sites, but imposters and copycats make most of them. Regardless of the hosting, they do work and have the same interface and content. Using a proxy link is risk-free because if the site is open and not blocked yet, it was not noticed by the authorities, however.

That means for the given time, and you are still watching something that is not technically illegal yet. If the proxy link you have opened pops up an error page or a page that says the authorities blocked it, it means that they were caught. However, there are many proxy sites available on the net for almost any famous site, let alone free streaming websites. Few proxy links for GoStream/ 123Movies are mentioned below.


Alternative sites

If you feel uncomfortable using something that is banned or a clone of something forbidden, there is only one way left. Alternative websites to GoStream might not be similar in the interface but almost similar in content. It is accurate and natural to find an alternative because there are hundreds of thousands of video streaming websites that allow you to watch movies and TV series for free.

There are also legal alternatives that might not be as wider in content as GoStream but might still stream some accessible content. Here are a few famous sites that can work as alternatives to GoStream. It is to be noted that if these sites are illegal too, it is natural for them to get blocked too. Maybe not today, not tomorrow, but someday they will get banned from the issue of copyrights and other violations.



Fmovies always tops the list of alternatives for any streaming service. It is because of the fame and content it wears as an honor. Fmovies has a unique interface and updates new episodes for on-going TV Series too.

123Movies Proxies


Any proxy or alternative sites of 123Movies is the best alternative for GoStream, too, because the parent website of GoStream is 123Movies.



WatchFree is like GoStream, but the difference is it still has not gathered the eyes of authorities. It still lives under the radar and is not banned yet. Stream your favorite titles before it gets banned too.



FlixTor, too like GoStream and WatchFree, has excellent content, and the interface is even more straightforward, to be honest. It is not banned for now, and like any other illegal site, it has the chance to get banned.



Cmovies was banned long ago, but this proxy site with different domains has remained without getting blocked. If this one gets blocked, CMovies redirect their visitors to their new website through older links.



LookMovie gives an authentic feel, and it even has a generic logo. But unlike the other alternatives, this is a legal one. This might not have content as comprehensive as GoStream, but it does have some decent content.

GoStream in the end

In the end, GoStream and its legacy will remain through visitors from TOR, proxies, and countries where it is legal. Even if its physical servers are cut, there is no chance that the name stops ringing in our ears. Its clone sites will double, fans will make other sites in its name.

The case of 123Movies/ GoStream is even on Wikipedia. It is a historical record for an illegal movie streaming website. Just like MegaUpload, ThePirateBay, and many popular websites that got blocked and shut down, GoStream remains one of the best free movie sites with its interface and content.

TheWatchSeries Alternatives: Watch TV Series Online in 2021

10 TheWatchSeries Alternatives to Watch TV Series Online in 2020

Anyone who is addicted to binge-watching foreign-language TV series and does not use paid OTT services knows “TheWatchSeries.To” website. It was a website where there were almost every popular series. There was also a request panel where you can request the admins to upload some content.

It became popular too quickly and also had unfortunately attracted the unwanted attention of authorities. The site got popular as it was one of the rare sites that were ad-free and yet not a paid service. TheWatchSeries still runs appropriately, but it is placed under geo-ban by many countries and regions.

Authorities of certain areas do Geo-bans to block their citizens from viewing particular websites. Although many Countries do not consider piracy as illegal, some do. So, viewers from the areas of no-ban can access the sites with no problem, but it is the viewers from banned areas that are suffering.

If you belong to the population who can not access TheWatchSeries, then this post is for You! You can still access the site using mirror links that are different sites with the same content but different URLs. Fans of the admins themselves use mirror links for the users who can’t access the leading site.

Mirror sites are exact duplicates, and you can’t even find a single difference. The interface, content, and sometimes even the ad placement is the same. These mirrors are also called PROXY sites. One of such mirror links is:

10 Alternatives to TheWatch Series:

As mirrors/proxies are hard to find and are filled with multiple links and ads, it is best to use alternate sites that look similar to TheWatchSeries. There are many such sites available to watch many TV series online.

But many sites dup you into believing that they provide you with free streaming, but are risky and try to make you install some malware. That is the reason why you need to know the difference between authentic websites and unsafe websites. But, let us help you with finding a few genuine alternatives to TheWatchSeries.

1. TubiTv


TubiTV is a USA based website that offers you to stream movies and TV series of multiple genres for free. It is considered to be one of the best free movie and Tv series streaming websites that is available after TheWatchSeries. Its interface and access give the feel of viewing an authentic OTT.

It is the perfect alternative you can find at TheWatchSeries. But unlike TheWatchSeries, TubiTV is ad-supported. Hence, it airs unskippable ads, and because of those ads, the site is still running. To find the availability of your favorite movie or TV series, you just need to open the website and type what you want in the search box.

You also have many facilities for browsing and searching for new movies and Tv series to watch. You can also view the content without the need to create an account. But it is suggested to create an account so that you will be updated about new content that’s added.

Link to TubiTV:

2. SideReel


SideReel is not similar to TheWatchSeries, but it is as good as it. SideReel not only has live-action movies and series but also offers anime. Anime is the new trend that is going on since the 90s, and it is still trendy. The number of anime fans is higher in number. SideReel grew its popularity in the US and now can be used to stream many popular movies and series for free.

As it is a trend in the US, the content that is present is more of American dramas. It is not much similar to TheWatchSeries in the form of look and feel, but it has its authenticity. It provides you with the option of captions. Through captions, you can watch your favorite series or movies in English subtitles.

The content present on the website is just blockbusters and highly popular dramas. You can also get notified for new episodes, mark seen episodes and search for similar shows. Its popularity has crossed 1 million users per day recently.

Link to SideReel:

3. TVMuse


Viewers of TVMuse claim that it is the best available alternative for TheWatchSeries. It has a simple interface with no confusion. All the series and movies are laid out on the right side of the side category-wise. You can browse through categories and browse new and similar stuff. You can search for your favorite movie and series in the search bar.

The great thing about this website is that even further and on-going series are uploaded quickly, also when they are being streamed on big OTT platforms. You can even find popular TV shows of the 90s, and few are even of the late 80s. It is a database of movies, series, cartoons, anime, and even documentaries.

It is highly probable to find your favorite show because the content is uploaded every 4 to 5 days. You can watch trailers before hitting the play button, and the great thing is they even add a short synopsis of the shows. The summary gives you a whole idea of what and how the plot goes on.

Link to TVMuse:

4. Fmovies


Fmovies is already famous and has already been banned by many regions. But it can still be accessed through VPN, and some data carriers and service providers did not yet ban the site. This ignorance of the ban causes few users who live in the forbidden region to access the site too.

Fmovies is popular because of its wide range of series and shows. On-going series are uploaded too quickly and sometimes on the same day that new episodes are released. It has been popular since the gaga of Game of thrones. Game of thrones had popular throughout the world, but not everyone had access to HBO originals. HBO originals were not even functioning in many countries.

Fmovies were the refuge to fans of GOT, as the new episodes were added by night, and they caught up with paid users, escaping the wrath of spoilers. Estimation says that Fmovies has 70+ million viewers across the globe. It is a popular alternative and also the best rival to TheWatchSeries.

Proxy to Fmovies:

5. 123Movies


It is one of the most-known free streaming sites like TheWatchSeries and Fmovies. It is hosted by a series of networks by Vietnam. It is run by the network that runs GoStream services. It is popular because it offers content more full than Fmovies and TheWatchSeries. It recognizes Indian content and many foreign countries that are not usually hosted online.

All the movies from Bollywood, Tollywood, Bengali, Kollywood, Korean, Japan, Vietnamese, and many European countries are streamed online. Regardless of its great content, the website is straightforward and easily accessible to anyone. The domain of this website changes every day, but when you access any older domain, the page redirects to the new one.

Authorities try to pull it out every time, but it just keeps on changing domains, and it is now evident that it can’t be removed. It was started in 2015, and since then, it has gained a lot of popularity. It is also one of the effective alternatives and an equal rival to TheWatchSeries website.

Proxy to 123Movies:

6. Putlocker


Putlocker is a site that hosts video streaming, particularly movies and TV shows, based on the UK. This website was launched in 2011 and saw a rise in viewers after the block of Megaupload. Similar to the database of TheWatchSeries, Putlocker has almost every movie and Tv Series.

Not just contemporary, but you can even find noir classics as old as the 60s. They also provide a download option that allows users to download videos up to the original 4K HD! You can create a free account at their site and get notified of new releases and updates about their domains.

Alexa lists Putlocker is one of the top 250 most visited websites in the entire world. It’s fame even brought authorities to block it. Still, there were many alternative servers for Putlocker, and now there are many duplicate sites with the same name, interface, and database.

Many sites mirrored Putlocker and their database with different domains. Few have changed the entire URL but have kept the same interface and database to keep the authorities away. There is no specific URL for Putlocker now; you just need to google the world and search what is genuine in the heap of thousands of copies of Putlockers.

Proxy to Putlocker:

7. ShareTV


ShareTv, unlike all the other alternatives, is a legal app like Slidereel. To be honest, this is a rival and similar website to Slidereel. Even the content hosted is American Dramas. Just as Slidereel, even ShareTV is USA based and has a considerable following there.

They have stepped up the Game with Slidereel and have partnered with HULU, a big OTT giant. This move spiked up their popularity a bit and brought a few worldwide users too. It has a wide range of American movies and TV shows.

They have also started distributing web series with some production houses and spread their market across. Their market gave them the right and access to air, many mainstream on-going series on their website. If compared to Sidereel, this is better and a step ahead because of the updated episode history.

ShareTV is proudly associated with many TV channels that let them air famous cartoons like Digimon and One piece on their website. There are web pages set-up on the site for each TV Show. Those pages have a summary, reviews, photos, and even discussion words. ShareTV depends on contribution and does not force a paid membership. It makes the site a popular legal streaming website, just like Sidereel, but much better.

Link for ShareTV:

8. MovieRulez


MovieRulez is an Indian based website that started with regional content streaming. But it has its roots dug deep into different content and even updates episodes that are released the same day. MovieRulez also hosts bootleg recorded content that has been recorded on secret cameras in cinemas.

MovieRulez seemingly grew through piracy of newly released movies and had slowly grown in terms of popularity and also the clarity of content. From South-Indian regional languages to he had started hosting content from all over India. Now Movierulez also airs newly released Netflix, Prime videos in FULL HD. Even a few Russian films that had global release were uploaded in Movierulez.

They even offer adult content, and all of these facilities have made the site popular all over India. Even though it was blocked in a few months, just like the other sites, it changes its domain every day. It has proxy servers in different regions that make MovieRulez untraceable and un-erasable.

It got so famous that many duplicate sites now host the same name with different domains. It is also a not-bad alternative to TheWatchSeries. Also, its content is mainly focused on India; still, it does air many foreign movies and series.

Link for MovieRulez:

9. SolarMovies


This website is a perfect alternative to TheWatchSeries in terms of ads. Not that it is free of ads, but it has strict ad policies. Ads are not placed everywhere, like other free video streaming sites. The advertisements only appear after 5 minutes of viewing time and do not disturb the viewing experience as much as other streaming sites do. It is a vast database that offers different language content.

It has US, Japan, Korean, Indian, and also European movies and Tv shows in its database. The interface is as simple as TheWatchSeries, and you can just search your favorite movie or series in the search bar. This website also offers subtitles in languages other than English, and that makes it one of the coolest free video streaming sites.

Link to SolarMovies:

10. Coke and Popcorn

Coke and Popcorn

Although blocked like other famous free streaming sites, CokeAndPopcorn still has many proxies and duplicates that do the job as well as the actual site. Coke and Popcorn air all the new episodes of mainstream and popular TV shows. With an interface that’s straightforward and plain, it is easily usable.

They also have an in-built search bar, unlike the google plugin provided in other streaming websites. CokeAndPopcorn is less confusing because it has fewer options, and whatever there is, it is just open for you to dig out. It became popular during the gaga of the Game of Thrones, just like many other free video streaming websites.

Proxy of CokeAndPopCorn:

Top 12 KissCartoon Alternatives for Streaming Free Cartoons Online

Top 12 Kiss Cartoon Alternatives for Streaming Free Cartoons Online

From children to elders, everyone loves watching cartoons. In our childhood, we used to watch cartoons on TV channels such as Cartoon Network, DisneyXD, Hungama, Pogo, etc., but as time passes, we are getting busy in our adult life.

By using sites like Kisscartoon, you can complete your cartoon series or Anime, which you left incomplete in your childhood. There are very high chances that anyone can miss their favorite cartoon show on TV because you need to watch it on time; otherwise, you can miss the episode. Kisscartoon gives you the freedom to watch your favorite cartoons or Anime anytime.

Currently, It is one of the most popular hubs to watch cartoon movies, animes, and series. And with a good internet connection, you can steam your favorite cartoon movies and shows from free cartoon streaming sites such as kiss cartoons without paying a penny.

What Is Kiss Cartoon?

Kiss Cartoon

Kisscartoon is one of the top-notch websites to watch cartoons, series, and Anime online. Not only kids, but adults can also watch their incomplete cartoon shows and their latest episodes for free. Kisscartoon is currently managed by KissAnime network, which also manages other popular sites that start with Kiss word in starting.

Users from all over the world visit Kisscartoon to watch cartoons online. Upon research, we found that 33% of traffic comes from the USA on Kisscartoon. The Website offers thousands of cartoon shows and animes to watch.

One of the unique features I found in Kisscartoon is that it comes with an Advance filter option, which allows you to filter content according to your need. You can filter it with type, genre, year, and status. It also shows that a particular series is ongoing or completed. Kisscartoon offers a variety of cartoon shows starting from the year 1926 to now.

In 2017 Kisscartoon went down due to multiple copyright infringement violations. However, a copyright strike is typical for these types of sites. Thanks to mirror sites and multiple domains and servers, users can access their favorite cartoons anytime.

Few of the Kisscartoon mirror sites are,,,,, Kisscartoon.Bz,, and much more. Accessing pirated content sites can be a punishable offense, but you can reduce the risk of getting caught by using a good VPN.

Top Kiss Cartoon Alternatives

For cartoons and anime lovers, only Kisscartoon’s Website is not enough. There are very high chances that your internet service provider might block Kisscartoon. You can use a VPN to access Kisscartoon at that time, but most of the VPN are paid, and free ones give only limited data to use. In this situation, you can use alternative websites such as Crazy cartoon, KissAnime, Toonova, etc. to watch cartoons and Anime show online.

If Kisscartoon is not opening or you are not able to access it for some reason, then these Kisscartoon alternative websites will do the job for you.

1. CartoonCrazy


CrazyCartoon is a perfect alternative to the Kisscartoon website. It is pretty the same as Kisscartoon in look and style. The User Interface is very user friendly and easy to use. Currently, CartoonCrazy gets 12 million+ monthly views from all over the world.

Here you can find dubbed animes and cartoons in multiple languages and subtitles. It comes with an inbuilt video player, and you can stream your favorite show on mobiles, laptops, and tablets as well. I suggest you to start using CartoonCrazy to watch animes such as Deathnote, Sword Art Online, etc.


2. Toonova


Toonova is an old and well-known anime website. The site contains only minimal collections of cartoon series and animes, but all the uploaded content on Toonova is of high quality.

The good thing is that Toonova uploads new cartoon episodes after they’re released. Die-hard fans like me who do not want to wait for months to watch the latest episode surely love Toonova.

On the advanced side, Toonova offers multiple mirror links for every episode so that users can watch their favorite shows without any issues. Overall the user interface is straightforward and easy to navigate, and you will get minimum ads.



Top 7 Kiss Cartoon Alternatives for Streaming Free Cartoons Online allows you to watch your favorite cartoon show or series from the comfort of your couch without spending a single penny. No matter which device you are using, supports all the platforms.

The site contains all the latest and popular cartoon shows such as Transformers, Justice League, Ultimate Spiderman, The Simpsons, and many more. You can start using to spend your free time watching your favorite cartoon shows.

Apart from the Website, also offers an android app to its users. You can download the android app to watch cartoons directly on your smartphone.

However, the app is available only for android users, and if you have an iOS device, then we advise you to use the Safari browser and bookmark the for easy access.


4. KissAnime


Another free cartoon streaming website on the list. KissAnime is almost the same as Kisscartoon but offers more features. One of the unique features I found in KissAnime is that you can request any cartoon show, series, or Anime if it is not available on KissAnime. To request uploading, you can contact them on the official KissAnime Facebook page.

KissAnime covers all the popular categories such as horror, romance, comedy, fighting, journey, etc. If you are a Japanese anime series lover, then it has a particular category only for Japanese animations and hand-drawn characters. It has a section of the anime list where users can find animes in alphabetical order, which I found pretty interesting.

Currently, Kissanime does not work with a mini browser such as UC mini and Opera Mini, so use browsers such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox to access the KissAnime website.


5. Cartoon Extra

Cartoon Extra

Cartoon Extra is one of the best cartoon watching websites among youngsters. It contains all the popular cartoon movies and comic shows. Some of them are SpongeBob SquarePants, The Loud House, Adventure Time, Dora The Explorer, and Regular Show, etc. are available on Cartoon Extra. Not only cartoon shows but you can watch the latest cartoon movies too, such as The Grich, Henchmen, and many more.

Apart from cartoon shows and movies, Cartoon Extra offers comics as well, which is like the cherry on the cake.


6. Watch Cartoon Online

Watch Cartoon Online

Watch Cartoon Online is pretty the same as Kisscartoon. The appealing yet straightforward user interface is very easily browsable by children that makes it a decent website to watch cartoons online.

The navigation bar on this Website is highlighted, which helps you search your favorite cartoons and animes with ease. Interestingly the ads are kids friendly, which makes it safe for children. Even the name itself is very delightful.


7. Crunchyroll


Crunchyroll is another social website for cartoons, high-quality animated videos, and animes as well. It is an American based website which offers thousand of cartoon shows and series.

You can not only be able to stream the content online but also download the content to watch them later. Currently, CrunchyRoll has a wide range of Manga choices as well that will change your boring time into a fun time.

It was launched in 2006, and it receives 50 million+ monthly traffic, and 40% of traffic comes from the USA. Now you can assume how popular it is. Overall it’s a perfect alternative to the Kisscartoon website.

On the downside where Kisscartoon and other cartoon streaming websites are free, Crunchyroll is paid. You need to purchase a monthly subscription to watch the content. However, Crunchyroll offers 30 days trial for its users, and you can take the trial before buying their monthly plan.

The good thing is that Crunchyroll is 100% legal to watch because you are paying for the content. It has over 14000+ hours of Anime and movies that is enough to fulfill your desire. Your data and privacy are safe when using Crunchyroll.


8. AnimeToon


AnimeToon is another Kisscartoon alternative website to watch cartoons online. AnimeToon has its android app, too, but you will not be able to download it from Google Play Store. You can visit the AnimeToon website to download their android app to start watching cartoons online.

Here you can watch dubbed Anime and cartoon series, movies along with Korean drama and comics, which can be found at the top of the animation website. The user interface is easy to use and very user friendly.


9. 9Anime


9Anime is another most popular website for watching Anime and cartoons online. It contains almost all of the anime shows and movies. 9Anime also uploads the latest content as soon as it gets released. Currently, it receives over 27 million traffic per month, and a large number of users are from the United States of America.

You will find most of the Anime in the Japanese language with English subtitles, but they also have English dubbed Anime as well. If you didn’t find your favorite Anime, then it has a request section where you can request for your favorite anime series or movie.

The user interface of 9Anime is appealing yet straightforward and I’m pretty sure you will fall in love with the awesome UI. 9Anime is optimized for PC and mobile as well, so you will get the same speed on both platforms.


10. GogoAnime


GogoAnime is also the best option to watch anime series online. It is similar to 9Anime. Most of the anime website uses pop-up adult ads on websites, but GogoAnime does not promote any pop-up ads for the users.

Gogoanime provides the latest content daily. All of the new content posted on the dashboard. The majority of the content is Japanese, but you can also find English dubbed shows and movies as well. The interface of Gogoanime is clean, and it contains all of the anime shows.


11. Disney Junior

Disney Junior

How can someone forgets Disney when it comes to cartoons. There is hardly anyone who doesn’t know about Disney. Disney shows are an integral part of our childhood. For decades Disney has the best, and popular animated movies and cartoons show such as Mickey Mouse and the clubhouse, Donald Duck, etc.

Disney Junior is an official website specially made for kids to binge-watch cartoons online. It doesn’t contain any adult ads; that’s why it is super kids friendly.

The User Interface is also very kids friendly, and kids can easily use the Website without your help. Disney uses a lot of colors on the Website which attract kids, and it has a massive library of cartoons produced by Disney.


12. Cartoon Network

Cartoon Network

There was a time when I watch cartoons the whole day on Cartoon Network. Some of them are Ben10, Tom and Jerry, Oggy and the Cockroaches, Generator Rex, and many more. Apart from their TV channel Cartoon Network has its Website where users can watch their favorite cartoon shows, which were produced by Cartoon Network.

Not only Cartoons, but you can also play addictive games on their platform with your favorite Cartoon Network Character such as Ben 10, Adventure Time, Regular Show, Gumball, etc.

It has a very kid’s friendly user interface and an inbuilt player, Which is almost the same as a Youtube player. Cartoon Network doesn’t contain any annoying pop-up ads on their excellent platform. Apart from this, Cartoon Network has its app, too, for both Android and iPhone.


Is KissCartoon Safe to watch Cartoons?

Kiss Cartoon logo

No site is secure that provides copyright content for free. There is no doubt that Kisscartoon is a fantastic website to watch all types of cartoons and animes online, but it comes with loads of ads and viruses.

Most of people might find the ads too annoying. If you are a person who loves their privacy and internet security, then it will be the wrong decision to watch cartoons on Kisscartoons.

However, some people still prefer Kisscartoon to watch cartoons online because almost every Website shows ads that offer pirated or copyright content. To be on the safe side, you can open KissCartoon on a device that doesn’t contain your data.

Safeguard Your Privacy While Watching Content Online

There are very high chances that your internet service provider might block the Website mentioned above. However, there is a solution to everything. To watch cartoons from any blocked website you can simply use any good VPN which unblocks the Website as well as safeguard your data and privacy too.

  • Download any good VPN such as NordVPN or ExpressVPN.
  • Create an account and buy the subscription pack, or you can take the trial before actually buying a VPN.
  • Change your location to any other country and access the Website.
  • That’s it! Enjoy watching your favorite cartoon show without any issues.

Note: You can use VPN to access the Kisscartoon website, too, as well as its alternatives websites.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I Stream Cartoons for Free?

You can access any of the above websites to watch cartoons online. All the mentioned Website contains all the latest and most popular cartoon and animes. You can watch any of them from the comfort of your couch.

Is KissCartoon legal?

No Kisscartoon is not legal because it contains copyright content.

What Can I use instead of KissAnime?

You can use other mentioned websites instead of KissAnime. Alternatively, you can use VPN to access KissAnime if it blocked by your ISP.

Can KissCartoon Give you a Virus?

Yes, Kisscartoon can give you a virus. They use a lot of pop-up ads and malware on their Website to generate revenue. You should use a device that doesn’t contain any of your personal and essential data to safeguard yourself from viruses.

Final Verdict

So it was the list of best Kisscartoon alternative websites for streaming free cartoons online. You can try any of them to watch your favorite cartoon show anytime, anywhere. No matter it is cartoon, Anime, animated movies, or series, you will get all of them on the above websites.

We are working hours and hours to find the latest and working websites to watch free cartoons online. It will be appreciated if you share this post with your cartoon lover friends and colleagues. Remember Sharing is Caring


Meta: If you are looking for Kisscartoon alternative websites, then this post is just for you. Here we have mentioned some of the best Kisscartoon alternative websites to watch free cartoons online.

Torrent9 Alternatives: 10+ Best Torrent9 Alternatives in 2021

Torrent9 Alternatives: 12 Best Torrent9 Alternatives in 2020

Torrent is an easy and fast way to download your favorite movies and TV shows in just one click. Many of us who cannot afford Netflix or Hotstar resolve to free sites like Torrent9 for entertainment and time pass. Several websites provide free video download services.

Not only movies and TV shows, but most of the BitTorrent sites also have games, software, and ebooks available for easy and free download. Some of these sites also have verified content and provide secure download links. Magnet links are provided by websites like The Pirate Bay that allow you to connect directly to the seeders and eliminates the middleman.

To use these Torrent sites is extremely easy. For example, on the Torrent9 site, there is a search bar for finding movies and series by their names. Also, on the home page, there are quick links to the latest tv shows that gained immense popularity and good reviews.

Torrent9 is one of the leading sites that has gained a lot of traffic and popularity in recent years. This website features a trustworthy and user-friendly interface that will allow anyone to operate it, even without much technical knowledge. It has an enormous collection of movies and series, including the latest ones.

But recently, there have been complaints emerging through users that they are unable to open the site by using its main domain, i.e., So, to battle this difficulty, we are going to give you a list of Torrent9 proxy and also some mirror websites. Only a few sites match the customer satisfaction level of Torrent9, but we are going to mention the best ones.

Torrent9 Proxy and Mirror Sites

Torrent9 Alternatives

There are different domains for visiting the same site on the server. These URLs are not official but are replicas of the Primary Torrent9 site. Despite having variable domains, these mirror sites will lead you to the same content as the official website.

So, if you are not able to access the leading site due to restrictions imposed by your Government or ISP or due to any other reason, you can try your way through one of the URLs listed below.

These clone sites are as good in quality and quantity as the primary URL ( They’ll operate at equal speed, will deliver the same content, and also updates like the official website.

Torrent9 Proxy

  • Proxy URL 1:
  • Proxy URL 2:
  • Proxy URL 3:
  • Proxy URL 4:
  • Proxy URL 5:
  • Proxy URL 6:
  • Proxy URL 7:
  • Proxy URL 8:
  • Proxy URL 9:
  • Proxy URL 10:

How to unblock Torrent9?

If the Torrent9 website is blocked, then you can also try unblocking the site using a VPN or a Tor Browser.

VPN – Virtual Private Network gives you anonymity over a public network by connecting you directly to the private network. You get a secure and encrypted connection, even to inaccessible or blocked sites.

TOR Browser – TOR browser is a security-based software that provides encryption and anonymity to its users along with accessibility to blocked sites.

Best 12 Torrent9 Alternatives

There are innumerable options for downloading Torrent files online. But there are multiple risks and hazards of choosing the wrong ones. Not all of them are verified and secure.

Here is a list of some of the most popular BitTorrent sites that are frequently visited by a large number of torrents. You can use any one of them according to the accessibility in your region and the availability of the content you are looking for.

The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay (TPB)

The number one on our list is a top-rated Bittorrent site that has a humongous database and yet effortless operation. However, this website is banned in many countries and regions but still has a broad reach. This is due to some unique features like peer to peer file sharing and different sections for different type of content. The site also supports magnet links and thus has the option of Magnet Download.

The site is very user friendly with a search bar on top and a list of top 100 torrents. So, if Torrent9 is not working, The Pirate Bay is your best alternative.



This is one of the new sites to become a hub for torrents. It has become quite popular due to its agility and tip-top features. The interface provides smooth operation and easy one-click download. Not just free movies and Tv shows, the site also has the right amount of games, ebooks, and software in demand. And the good news is that all the content available is verified. The site also displays torrent size and its upload time.

The official URL is, which has been directed to recently. There are rumors that this is because of pressure from DCMA. Nonetheless, the site is accessible in most of the countries except Australia, France, and the United Kingdom.



The widely accessible 1337x is a favorite place of many circadian torrent site users. It has a clean User Interface with a variety of content compartmentalized in different sections. You can get a plethora of movies, TV shows, games, software, and even music on the site and download them using Torrent or the Magnet links provided. The site is accessible in most places except Australia, Ireland, Austria, and the United Kingdom.



Katcr stands for Kickass Torrents. The website is made by the original KickassTorrent staff members and is relatively accessible. The site does not have nifty features but provides you with the right quantity of content. The main thing that is responsible for the traffic on the website is its clean and straightforward user interface.

The search bar has categories, subcategories, and intervals as well to give you precisely what you want. The site is not at all messy and will provide you with a good browsing experience. Katcr.Co is ISP targeted. Internet Service Provider is a company that gives you access to the internet.



If you are a fan of watching movies on high definition and can’t bear to miss on the details, then YTS is made for you. This site gives you information on the movies you are going to download, like the synopsis, trailers, and also the casting information.

One can download these movies in 720p and 1080p and 3D as well. Shows, music, and other media are not available on this site. The searching process is also quite simple, and browsing is easy. YTS is accessible worldwide except Ireland.



This site does not have a large aggregate of the video content but focuses mainly on the software and games. It is a hub for gamers who are looking for new games online for free. The site is quite popular and gives you an excellent user experience. One can find almost every software and game on the site. It also has a list of the latest torrents on the homepage. It is the best alternative for Torrent9 to download video games.



TorLock is a treasure box for people looking for entertainment media. It has Movies, TV shows, Games, Music, and whatnot. The cherry on the cake is that all the content of the website is verified—no risk of viruses and no need to use a VPN for security. Just head to the site without much thought and download your favorite movies and shows. The most popular and exclusive content is displayed on the homepage.

The only downside is the continuous popping of ads on the site, which can irritate you sometimes; otherwise, the site is pure gold. TorLock is available in all the countries and regions except Australia, India, and the United Kingdom.



This is one of the oldest websites on our list. This site was initially named Meganova and then changed to SeedPeer. The site is a decade old and is very well developed with advanced filtering options. Browsing on the website is relatively simple as the website has segregated the content according to the genre and also displays the content update in the last 48 hours on the homepage.

SeedPeer also displays the seeds and peers of the torrent file (hence the name) along with the age, size, and health of the file. This site gives the most variable media content like movies, tv shows, ebooks, music, games, software applications, anime, and adult content as well. The accessibility of the website depends on your Internet Service Provider as the site is ISP targeted.



Driven by community users, this site also has a variety of databases for visitors to choose from. Though the website is unstable and keeps on changing its extension from time to time, the daily consumers keep track of the updates and alternations happening on the website. The site provides movies, tv shows, games, and software to download for free. It is one of the best alternatives to Torrent9.



RARBG is a reasonably accessible website that provides high definition movies and other content for free download. The site, much like YTS, has movies available in 720p, 1080p, and even in 3D. But unlike YTS, it has other content available as well, like games, shows, ebooks, etc.

The best part about the website is that all the content is verified, and the download links are secure. Also, the data of the RARBG site is segregated into different sections to make the site easy to navigate. It also provides magnet links along with torrent links. The website is accessible in all countries except Ireland.



The only website available in the entire world without exception holds the title of “Anywhere, Everywhere.” It is accessible in all countries and regions. Zooqle has over 1300 TV shows and 30,000 movies available for free download. But no games, ebooks, software, or music is supported by the website.

The User Interface is the best among all the others and is very well developed. No advertisements or pop-ups will come to disturb you in your happy browsing. Zooqle also displays information on the movies like cast names, directors, and synopsis. Other than that, it also shows release dates and the latest torrents on the homepage. This website is an excellent alternative to Torrent9 in terms of movies and tv series.



Last on our list is the EZTV website that gives access to thousands of multimedia files to the visitors. It has a plethora of movies and exclusive TV shows to choose from. Though the UI seems a bit outdated, it is still one of the best out there.

The website also has a separate section for the latest news on Torrent. There are no ads or pop-ups to ruin your experience. This website is accessible in all the countries and regions except Ireland, Australia, and the United Kingdom.


Torrent is the best way to download and watch movies and shows on your smartphones and laptops without spending money. Torrent9 is one of the many websites that provide you with free entertainment stuff. But if Torrent9 is not working or is blocked, there are a plethora of equally good alternatives.

Some of the best ones are The Pirate Bay, LimeTorrents, and 1337x. If you want to download games, then IsoHunt should be your first choice. And if you want movies in high definition or 3D, then go for YTS or RARBG. Also, you can try accessing Torrent9 from Torrent Proxy and Mirror sites. If the site is still blocked, then use a VPN or TOR browser to get secure access to the Torrent9 website.

Best Aternatives for M4UFree: Watch Movies and TV Shows Online


What is better than the ability to watch your favorite movies and TV shows whenever you feel like using a simple application like Netflix? Well, the answer to that question will be the ability to watch them for FREE! Yes, you read that right. You can view all your favorite movies and shows on-demand and without spending even a single penny. How? It’s simple using a website that goes by the name “m4ufree”.

M4ufree is a website that allows its users to stream the latest content, completely free of cost and without any hassles like signing up or providing credit card details. This has made it exceedingly famous among people who come to the internet searching for free content.

M4ufree has seen massive growth in its user base in recent times due to the attractive features it provides. But, as pleasing the idea of free content may look, there are still downsides to it. But some of those downsides can be avoided by using different websites that provide the same service as m4ufree.

After all, there is no shortage of such sites on the internet. And so that you don’t have to do the hard work, we researched for you. We have curated a list of websites that might be the right choice as an alternative to m4ufree if you don’t particularly want to use the latter. But, before that, let us take a look at what are the features that m4ufree provides to its users.

What are the Features Provided by M4ufree


When it comes to features that make m4ufree a desirable choice to watch free movies and TV shows, the one that stands out is the ease of use. The website makes sure that its users get a hassle-free experience while surfing the site.

The home page of the website is pretty clean, with the latest titles laid out for you in a simple manner. There is also a search bar at the upper right corner of the home page for you to easily search for the movie or TV show you wish to watch. Once you open a movie page, you get the option to watch the movie online or download it for watching it later.

The same goes for TV shows as well. The titles are also curated in different categories like “New Movies” or “2018”. All these features make surfing the website a pretty easy thing to do.

Also, what makes this experience even better is the fact that you do not need to sign up or give any email id to use the website. You also do not need to get any sort of subscription plan or provide any card details, since everything is completely free.

Another feature that has drawn so many users to the website is its extensive database of content that is updated regularly. With m4ufree, you can be sure that you will be able to find the latest content on the website. And you can find this content in HD quality. Awesome, right?

All these features make the user experience a smooth one and make you thank the creator of the internet. But, as the saying goes, “Nothing good comes without a cost.” So is the case with this one.

There is a cost you pay, not with money but with privacy. Yes, you guessed it right; you are at risk while using such sites. And the reason for that risk is the legality of the website. Let me explain everything in detail.

Best Alternatives for M4ufree



Putlocker is a website remarkably similar to m4ufree. It is tough to distinguish between the home pages of m4ufree and Putlocker. But they don’t just look alike. They offer the same features as well. This is why Putlocker is a good alternative for m4ufree. You can find the latest movies and TV shows in Putlocker quickly as well.



Solarmovies is another good option. You might want to consider if m4ufree movies do not satisfy your needs. It has a more modern layout compared to m4ufree, although the working is pretty much the same.

Your search for movies using the search bar and get the option to download or watch them online. However, solarmovies just contain movies and won’t able to cater to your TV show needs. But you can be sure that you will find all the latest movies here.

Watch Free Movies

Watch Free Movies

This website is another good option but again has only movies. Although it is relatively easy to use and has fewer ads. This makes things more straightforward as there are fewer redirects and less hassle.

You also get news articles related to the latest happenings in the movie industry, which is a great additional feature. You also get movies from all over the world and not just English movies, which make it an even better option.



Primewire is an option you can consider, which will not let you down in case everyone else does. It has a massive library of movies and TV shows, and the collection is updated frequently.

Primewire has a bit different interface compared to the ones mentioned so far, but it is not at all complicated. Primewire also allows you to comment on the movie’s page, which is an excellent source of information for someone who doesn’t know how to use the website or download a movie.



Vumoo is a viral free movie streaming website. Almost everyone who has ever searched the internet for sites like m4ufree must have come across Vumoo as well. And the reason for it being so famous is its simple to use interface with minimal ad policy.

Also, it is one of those websites which provides new content at the earliest. And you can be sure that every movie in Vumoo will be available in high-definition. All these features make Vumoo an extremely desirable choice as an alternative for m4ufree.



Go movies is another website you can try in place of m4ufree. It is similar to all the sites mentioned so far in every aspect but one. It is entirely ad-free. Yes, that’s right. While Vumoo might have a fewer ads policy, Go movies has a no-ad one.

This a significant advantage Go movies have over others since ads can be pretty annoying at times. Not to mention the fact that you’re getting everything for free. After all, that is the most important thing. Although it also has just movies and not TV shows like Solar movies and Watch Free Movies.



Reqzone is a website that works a bit differently from the one mentioned so far, but it gets the job done. Reqzone, instead of giving you an option for directly downloading the movie, directs you to a third-party website where the download link is present.

This also makes Reqzone a legal site, which means it won’t be taken down, and you will not have to look for a new option now and then. As for the user interface, it is straightforward. You just have to search for your desired movie or show, and you will be provided with options to get download links in every quality, from 360p to 1080p.

Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time

Popcorn time is the most different and the best alternative to m4ufree movies on this list. It is not a website but an app whose setup you can download from the official Popcorn Time website. The app is extremely simple and straightforward to use and has all the movies and TV shows you could ever ask for.

What’s more, is that it comes with an in-built video player that has extremely user-friendly controls. Also, there are zero ads inside the app, which make the user experience precisely like a paid service like Netflix or Hulu. Popcorn Time is the ultimate free movie streaming option available out there.

Is M4ufree Legal? Risks with M4ufree

M4ufree Logo

Well, short answer, No. If you think about it, it should not be possible for you to get your hands on the latest content without paying any money for it when the sole purpose it was created for was to earn money. But, it is made possible by piracy, which is illegal.

And so are these websites. But, are you are at risk or not is something that depends on where you live, as every country has its own rules regarding the consumption of pirated content. While in some countries, only the distributor of pirated content is the culprit, in others, even the consumers are.

There are other risks as well with such websites that put your personal information at stake. To understand those risks better first, let me explain to you how these websites run.

Just like everything else, you need revenue to run a website. That revenue is generated by displaying ads on websites. These ads are often displayed on the left or right side of a webpage, are also embedded on the buttons in some cases, which upon being clicked, take you to another website. So when you click on a button, for example, the search button, you are redirected to another irrelevant webpage.

And these websites you are redirected to can often contain harmful content, like malware or a virus that can corrupt your PC. It can also be an adult website that would not be suitable in case your child is using m4ufree or any other such site. These websites can even trick you into entering your credit card details and loot you of your money.

All these reasons make it vitally essential that you use websites like m4ufree with proper precautions and knowledge. Below are some things you can keep in mind to be safe.

How to Stay Safe While Using M4ufree


The fact that you’re using an illegal website makes it extremely important that you hide your identity before doing so. The best and only way to do it on the internet is through a VPN. VPN is software that changes the IP Address (Unique address given to every computer for using the internet) of your PC for the time they are activated. This prevents your computer and in turn you from being tracked down while you surf websites like m4ufree.

Use Antivirus Software

Ads that redirect you to another website can sometimes also take you to a site that may trick you into downloading software. This can be done in many ways; the most common is, asking you to download a flash tool to watch the movie you were looking for.

While you may need to download such software at times, you should never do it from any website other than the official website of the software. These redirected websites mostly download malware into your computer, thus putting your privacy at risk. Therefore, it becomes essential for you to have active antivirus software protecting your PC at all times before entering any such websites.

Beware of phishing

Websites like m4ufree never require you to enter any sort of personal details before giving access to their content. If you are, however, asked to do so, you should immediately leave the website before even thinking twice. Such sites that ask you to enter any personal details are all phishing websites, and you should be extremely aware of not falling in their trap.

Keep an Eye on your Child

Some ads on websites like m4ufree may contain content that is not appropriate for an under-aged child. This may include adult content as well. Therefore, you must keep an eye on your children and make sure that they do not visit such websites.

To prevent this from happening, you can always use incognito browsing while visiting m4ufree. Using these simple methods, you can browse torrent websites with peace of mind. But, you may not find everything you want in m4ufree. In that case, we have made a list of sites where you can look for your desired piece of content.

Is Mangastream Dead? 5 Best Alternatives to Read Manga Instantly

Is Mangastream Dead? 5 Alternatives to read Manga Instantly

Your childhood was excellent if you had lived in the era when comics used to be the primary source of entertainment. Most of us must have had our first favorite superhero from the comics itself, and if you have been a hardcore comics lover, then you must have stepped into the world of Manga. Manga is a collective name for Japanese graphic-based comics and novels which were developed in the late nineteenth century and gained followers of every age. The art of Manga has touched almost every genre, including action, adventure, comedy, drama, business, science fiction, sports, and a lot more. Comic books play an essential part in people’s lives.

The popularity of Manga:

The fast digitizing world made the Manga go digital as well, and in recent years the digital Manga has gained quite a popularity. Being available online, the reach of Manga to avid readers has increased a lot as people can enjoy reading their favorite Manga on the go as well. mangastream was one such website that had the best collection of Manga, but the website is now not active. In this article, we will analyze in-depth whether the website is dead and what all are the other alternatives for Mangastream.


Mangastream is one of the most popular websites which allowed you to read Manga for free. It has been around for a decade and has gained a lot of popularity with ever-increasing web traffic. Let us take a look at the features that Mangastream provides for the manga lovers:

  1. First of all, Mangastream is free for all. Yes! You heard it right. You do not have to pay for reading your favorite Manga on Mangastream.
  2. Mangastream is a perfect place for its lovers as they get the Manga of all genres collected in one place.
  3. It has got a straightforward website layout, which makes it a lot more accessible.
  4. Mangastream comes with a comprehensive search and filter option using which you can find your favorite Manga very easily.
  5. Mangastream has its mobile application also, which makes accessibility to a whole another level. You can read your favorite Manga directly using the app and no matter where you are.
  6. The best part about Mangastream is its vast libraries of Manga, and you can find all of your favorite ones at a single place.
  7. The website is updated regularly so that you do not have to wait for the sequels and the latest releases.

Why is Mangastream being Considered Dead?


The shutting down of Mangastream is not officially announced, but there are chances that the owners were asked to do so under certain circumstances. However, no one knows the actual reasons behind the closing of Mangastream, but we have come with alternative websites to get regular updates about Manga. But recently, the official Mangastream website stopped working, and rumors had the opinion that it is permanently dead. Well, if that is the case, then what must be the reason?

Most likely, the Mangastream was pressurized by the original Manga publishers to stop the piracy of their original content as Mangastream was illegally allowing the users to read all the Manga for free and that too for almost a decade now. This might be the cause of why Mangastream is not working and being considered dead. We have also not heard from the officials of Mangastream regarding the comeback of the website, so there is still doubt regarding the future of Mangastream.

Top 5 Alternatives of Mangastream to Read Manga Instantly:

1. MangaDex


MangaDex is our first choice as the alternative of Mangastream. MangaDex provides manga comics in all versions to its users. Some of the notable features of MangaDex are:

  • MangaDex has a vast library of contents, and you can find almost all of your favorite Mangas.
  • It is free to use and does not require you to complete any registration or age verification process for simple readings.

  • It has a straightforward web layout that comes with a search function, which makes your life easy.
  • MangaDex has a community also where you can make your groups, follow other groups, and share your fan theories regarding your favorite Manga series.
  • MangaDex comes with multiple theme settings, which are eye-soothing, and it also comes in multiple languages.
  • The website does not contain ads and pop-ups, which is the best thing about it.

2. MangaFox


MangaFox is another popular alternative to Mangastream. The original MangaFox website runs by the name of fanfox. Let us look at some of the features of MangaFox:

  • The website looks colorful, yet it has a straightforward layout.

  • It has a well updated and a huge library for all the manga lovers.
  • It is also free to read the website and does not explicitly require any registration.
  • It features a very elaborative genre filter along with a search bar, which helps you to find any particular manga very easily.
  • MangaFox also has a ranking system that ranks Manga based on its popularity, and this is why you will never miss the most famous Manga
  • MangaFox has now launched its official mobile application also so that you can keep reading even on the go.
  • It has a negligible number of ads. So, you will not get distracted while browsing MangaFox.

3. MangaOwl


MangaOwl has gained so much popularity because it regularly releases episodes even before its official release, and this makes it one of the best alternatives of MangaStream. It is a popular website, and there are so many fake websites also, so you need to be careful to find the correct website.

  • MangaOwl website provides a friendly and easy interface for its reader so that readers do not face any difficulty while reading the comic.
  • It offers a Discussion Forum where you can talk, discuss anything, or any of your views regarding the characters or comics with different people all over the world.
  • This website has more than 50 genres, so you can be sure that the Manga you are looking for will be in their library.
  • It also has a sorting option using which you can sort the contents by genre.
  • MangaOwl uniquely ranks its users based on the number of Manga they have read. Sounds exciting? If you are a true manga lover, you will want to get featured on the top of the list.

4. MangaPark


MangaPark is one of the other alternatives when you are searching for a website which gives manga comic to read for free. It has a huge fan base because it delivers the best quality comics and covers every corner of it.

  • It has a simple and attractive look which attracts users to read the comic on this website.
  • It is a free website as well, which does not require any subscription charges for reading Manga.
  • It covers the fan-made endings, official sayings, crossovers, and many other things.
  • It is one of the most talked-about websites because of its regular and to the point of correct updates.
  • MangaPark has an extensive library with a broader genre coverage, which is updated regularly.

  • MangaPark also has a lot of different and customizable read modes in which you can set the website to dark or light mode, change the way recommendations should look, and much more.

5. MangaTown


MangaTown is another alternative for Mangastream users. Out of all the alternatives, it has got the most colorful website layout; however, it looks very confusing.

  • MangaTown has a useful homepage featuring all the hot releases, new mangas, featured mangas, and a lot more.
  • The website has a decent library, which seems to be updated regularly.
  • MangaTown is free to read, and there is no need to register yourself or to verify your age.
  • MangaTown, also like another website mentioned above, has an outstanding search feature and different filters using which mangas can be sorted genre-wise, popularity-wise, etc.

So far, we have discussed Mangastream and its alternatives, but you should always keep in mind that all these websites contain illegal materials because they do not have any publishing rights of these mangas. Due to this reason, they might get banned for some specific reasons or sometimes even globally, like in the case of Mangastream. In this case, either you can browse proxy links, which are a copy of these websites, or you can use the VPN server to unblock them.

How to Unblock Blocked Manga Websites in Your Region?

It might happen very often that your favorite manga website will not open, or it will show that the website has been blocked in your region. No doubt it is an action taken by the authorities for the collective good, but still, you can access these websites using a few simple steps that are given below:

  1. Download a VPN software or a VPN extension for your web browser. A VPN software makes your internet connection pretend that it belongs to some other region, and also it protects your identity, privacy, and safety.
  2. Once the software is downloaded, you can buy its premium version for faster speed. However, you can also use the free version as it works fine.
  3. Activate the VPN software or the extension.
  4. Once the VPN is activated, try opening the website again, and you will be able to access it.
  5. If you are still not able to access the link, then try to connect the VPN via another region.

How to Differentiate Between Legit and Fake Manga Websites?

While browsing websites like Mangastream, its similar websites, or their proxy links, the challenge is to keep yourself away from the fake websites. The fake websites are like traps. They look the same as the original website but can land you into serious trouble. Differentiating between the original and fake websites is not rocket science, and you can do it by keeping in mind a few things:

  1. Always check the URL of the website you are trying to access. Most of the fake websites keep their website’s name similar to the original website by changing or adding just one or two letters in their URL address.
  2. In most cases, there will be numerous ads on the fake websites, and they will be loaded with a ton of pop-ups, redirecting you to some other fake pages.
  3. Most of the original websites like Mangastream and others are free to use and do not require registration or signup. However, the fake websites will ask you to register.
  4. As the original websites are free for all, they do not require any card details of yours for age verification. However, the fake websites will ask for your card details in the name of age verification.
  5. Fake websites also show various pop-ups, e.g., your system is infected and needs cleaning, some exciting offers like getting an iPhone 11 for just $10, etc. that might confuse you in the first place, but you have to beware of these fake things.

Using the methods described above, you can still visit different websites even if they are banned in your area. However, if the website has been completely removed worldwide, then you are left with alternative websites and proxy links. While using the proxy links, you should always be aware of the threats that we have already discussed, and you should avoid sharing your details like debit or credit card number, CVV, etc. with these proxy links.

Time to Go Clean!

At last, we would suggest that you should prefer only the legit websites which do have the publishing rights to feature the mangas online. Most of them offer you great content at a low price, but they are legal, and this will stop piracy and DMCA violations.

Apart from all these things, the people who spend hours creating these mangas should also get rewarded. If you buy the Manga to read, the revenue goes to the people behind the fantastic artwork showing a gesture of appreciation.

Stream2watch Alternative: Watch Live Sports Free Online

Watch Live Sports with Top 8 Alternative Websites to Stream2watch

We are living in an era where everything is available on the internet, whether it is a song or movie or sport you can stream everything on the internet. Sports fans are also using the internet to stream their favorite sport online from anywhere, and there is nothing more enjoyable than a live sport for a sports fan.

This is the main reason that several online streaming websites offer high definition live streaming sports. Some of these sites are free, and some need a subscription, but not everyone can afford a paid subscription.

But there are several free streaming sites also available. One of the best examples of this type of site is Stream2Watch that provides live sports and events for anyone.

What is Stream2watch?


There are several websites available to stream online sports, but stream2 watch is a popular one that provides a range of sports channels if you want to watch your favorite sport, whether it’s golf, hockey, football, or any other stream2watch has you covered. Stream2watch provides two options. First, one is a live sport, and the second is life TV.

The best thing about this website is that it is compatible with mobile and desktop, and it is also free. Stream two watch is embedded with various web-based channels, and it redirects these channels to the user so that they can stream quickly without any interruptions. stream2watch itself does not host any website.

Features of Stream2watch

There are several online sport streaming sites available on the internet, but to rise above all that, a website should have some unique feature. And stream2watch has some specific special characteristics that users will not find anywhere else. We are enlisting some of these site features below:

· This site has various major sports channels under the live tv option, which users can find easily.

  • The interface of this site is user friendly. Navigating through the site is an easy job.
  • It is free, so users do not have to pay any charges to watch their favorite sport.
  • Video quality is excellent, which enhances the overall experience for users.>
  • This site is compatible with smartphones, whether it is an android or an IOS.
  • Sites servers are very efficient, which makes streaming lag and buffer-free.

Legalities and security issues

Watching sports and another entertainment on such video streaming platforms is enjoyable and comfortable. But sometimes there are some possible consequences while using these free streaming websites.

We all know that piracy is illegal, and most of the contents which are available on these sites are pirated. Also, these types of websites had so many ads, and pop-up even device which user is using to access these sites can be infected by virus or malware, so some security precautions are necessary before visiting these sites.

Top 8 Alternatives to Stream2watch for streaming Live Sports

No online platform is perfect, and online streaming websites are no different. There is a possibility that you will not find your favorite sport on a platform.

It is also possible that due to some technical errors, the site would not be accessible. In these types of scenarios, there is always a good thing that you know some alternative rather than depending on a single platform.

In this article, I am providing the top 8 alternatives to stream2watch, which are also popular.

1. First Row Sports

First Row Sports

If you are a soccer or a football lover, this site is made for you, one of the best alternatives to stream2watch Soccer is First Row Sport. This site is mainly focused on Soccer and football and designed accordingly for that, but this also provides service for games like baseball, rugby hockey, etc.

A simple user-interface helps this site to load faster and makes it user-friendly. The best feature of this website is that you can check scores without playing a video of sports matches and tournaments. This site also provides popular sports channels and does not charge anything for this service.

High-quality streaming is another advantage of this site; the only thing you should keep in mind that this site needs an adobe flash player to stream videos, so you should have a supported web browser with adobe flash player installed before streaming any content.

2. Batman Stream

Batman Stream

If you want a range of content, you should indeed check Batman Stream. Where a lot of sport streaming websites focus on major sports and events, the Batman Stream website has a great deal of variety and selection.

Users can also enjoy fewer common games like volleyball, formula one racing, NFL, etc. on this platform. To view a sporting event on this platform, all you must do is go to the page, check for the sporting event you want to see, and click on the option you want. And streaming will start immediately.

3. Live TV

Live TV

Live TV is certainly a well-run competitor to the Stream2watch website. Just like stream2 watch, this site does not host anything itself and uses the channels by third party hosts and streaming providers.

So, if you want to watch something, this site will redirect you to your respective websites. This is a free online stream portal for sports, and you do not have to buy a subscription, register, or sign in to watch the content.

High definition streaming quality is another plus point of this website, and users can also control the resolution if they want. This website provides an option to reduce the resolution. which is very helpful if the internet connection is slow?

This site also provides highlights of the sports matches or events, so if you miss the live stream of any sport or event, then you can look at the highlights on this website.

This website also has a section of upcoming games and events that will help you to plan your viewing. It will also inform you of the games which already live with a red marker next to its name.

4. CricHD


Cricket is one of the biggest sports in the world. In India, this sport is so famous that people have an emotional attachment to this game, and they follow it like it is a religion.

India has more than 1 billion population, and many people love cricket more than any other sports, it is hard to move cricket fans from the screen when there is a cricket match going on.

Keeping in mind that cricket is this much popular, cricHD mainly focuses on this sport. All the different tournaments which are happening around the world can be seen on this website, no doubt that this platform primarily focuses on cricket. Still, you can also watch hockey, soccer, baseball, basketball, etc. on this platform.

Well organized and clean User interface gives this platform a good appearance. There is an option for multiple audios on this platform so that the user can choose their preferred audio and enjoy streaming

5. Witzig


Registration free process and free of cost contents are what make Witzig another good alternative to stream2watch. Users do not have to go through the registration process to watch content on this platform. This platform provides sports and sports events along with many sports channels.

Now you ask many platforms offer this, so why Witzig is different, well because Witzig’s most outstanding feature is its live radio. You can also enjoy live radio broadcasting from various countries across the world on this platform and what makes this platform different from others.



ATDHE is another platform that is on the list of top 8 alternatives to stream2watch. The UI design of this platform is not so attractive, but users can easily navigate through the site because of its simple interface.

The simple interface also helps users to get the search result more quickly. It provides HD quality streaming. But the best thing about this site is fewer advertisements and pop-ups. And it is the biggest reason that you should check out this site.

Here you can find many links to different sports and games which are played across the globe. Sometimes you can find multiple streaming links in case other links are not working

7. Cricfree TV

Cricfree TV

Cricfree is another good online sports streaming platform. This site is mainly focused on cricket, so if you are a cricket lover, this is for you. This site is focused on cricket, but it also offers other games streaming. This site has more than 12 categories of sport to enjoy. Each class is dedicated to a separate sport.

The most famous part of this website is its chat section. Where you can interact with different sports lovers across the world, this site is entirely free, but it uses third party hosting to provide you content so it will redirect users to other sources.

There is only one downside with this site that it contains lots of advertisement and pop-up which will irritate you, but you can use an ad blocker to block these pop-ups and advertisements.

8. Feed2All


If stream2watch is not accessible and you need to watch your favorite sport, you can visit feed2all and enjoy your favorite sport. The most appealing thing about this site is that by default, it has the most popular dark mode look.

An individual icon for every game to indicate national or international league is the best thing you will find on this site because of this. It is easier to navigate to the sport you like.

Feed2all has collaborated with many other online streaming websites. Navigating through the site is very easy because of its clean and straightforward user interface. This site also has a time zone preference.

9. Laola1


Laola1 is an Australia based free streaming platform. This site has a vast range of sports channels and Highlight Clips. Laola is an Australia found the online platform, so it also provides Us region Based sports like handball, snooker, which are not accessible by everyone. Furthermore, this website is free to stream on-demand lists of the sport matches being played across the globe.

Apart from these 8 top alternatives, there are more, which are worth mentioning I am providing some extra names below just in case you want to check them out.

  • Ultra-Sports
  • Live soccer Tv
  • Fox Sports Go
  • New Soccer
  • WatchESPN
  • From hot

Visiting Stream2watch Using NordVpn

Internet service providers do not like streaming online sites like Stream2watch too much, because these sites generate a lot of traffic. Also, the legal status of these sites is questionable.

Online streaming is explicitly permitted in some countries, but most governments still must decide whether online streaming comes under internet piracy or not. A lot of internet service providers have agreed to restrict access to video streaming services like Stream2watch to shield themselves from being held accountable.

NordVPN has developed itself as one of the most reliable and stable VPN service providers. Nord is operating a vast global network that has 5200 servers in 60 countries across the globe. The strict no-log policy of Nord protects users’ anonymity.

So how can we watch stream2watch using NordVpn?

Let us answer this question now

  • First, go to the NordVpn website

  • You will see a red button their purchase a discounted subscription plan by clicking on that
  • Choose a plan which is suitable for you
  • Now create an account that will only ask for your email address
  • Choose your payment method from different types of payment methods.
  • After that, download the NordVpn client according to your operating system.
  • Run the setup and install it.
  • After installation is complete run the program and log in
  • Finally, check for a successful, secure Vpn connection to any Nordvpn server and, after that, enjoy stream2watch.

Veopartidos Alternatives – 12 Best Veopartidos Alternatives in 2021

Veopartidos Alternatives – 12 Best Veopartidos Alternatives in 2020

We understand that Veopartidos has been suspended, and it no longer works. But do not worry, we have come with 12 best Veopartidos alternatives so you can watch Football online without any intervention. The Santander League, the Champions League, and every other thing related to Football, you will watch on these pages. So, let us have a look at these alternatives to Veopartidos. Also, the pages that we are going to mention are some of the trusted sources.

Best Things about Veopartidos

Veopartidos has a simple and basic layout design that makes searching easier for anyone, even if it is not a regular visitor of Veopartidos.

Veopartidos provides you a platform to watch football games online to watch any champion league, Santander league, and many other leagues without any hesitation.

They have a comfortable and attractive interface that can be used by any visitor, and the interface is relatively simple and friendly for everyone.

It also has an advanced searching option that will let you search for a match using a few keywords. So, all you need is to enter the correct keyword, and then you can watch the match.

At last, Veopartidos had made it simple for every person to watch any football game from home or wherever you are.

Bad Things about Veopartidos

Like many other websites that provide free content of watching football games, cricket matches, movies, and videos, this Website also is illegal, and thus, provides pirated content.

The Website has its host server that contains matches and leagues that you want to watch online. So, you cannot trust the Website if it has malware.

It violates Intellectual Property Law as well as Broadcasting rights, and so, it is banned from telecasting anything.

The Website cannot be trusted to provide intellectual football videos. It is certainly possible that it contains malware and viruses that can damage your system.

Are there alternatives to Veopartidos?


The answer to this question is yes. There are many alternatives to Veopartidos that contain contents that are very much similar to what Veopartidos used to contain. Veopartidos got banned because it violated Intellectual Property Law and Broadcasting Rights. There are still some websites that can provide you the same content so that you do not miss anything.

12 Alternatives of Veopartidos

In this guide, we will discuss alternatives that can be used in the place of Veopartidos. Still, we strongly recommend not to watch anything from any website that is violating the Intellectual Property Law and Broadcasting Rights. More so, we are not encouraging any websites that are violating the guidelines.


This page is very similar to Veopartidos. Besides, the page has the same layout and appearance as that of Veopartidos. Not only this but also it relatively matches RojaDirecta.

You can watch live football matches, live Champions league, live Santander league from Latin American countries. The countries include Chile, Mexico, and Argentina.

Moreover, it would be best if you were careful with links, download buttons, and ads. These links, download buttons, and ads contain malware and viruses that can damage your system.

However, the content offered by Intergoles is relatively similar to what Veopartidos used to offer. So, you can find any online football game only if you know how to use keywords to find them


Kodi is not the old traditional Website that offers everything like movies, soccer, and leagues. It is an application that is compatible with Android, iOS, Mac OS, and Windows.

The layout and design of this Kodi application are fundamental and straightforward. One needs to add channels that they want to watch, and they can find everything on those channels.

It will also show all the live matches and leagues while broadcasting on their live channel. Not only this but also the quality of the video is HD and Full HD.

It also does not contain any advertisements or external sources that contain ads or malware or viruses.

Wise Play

Wise Play is very similar to the Kodi application. It has the same layout and design as that of Kodi. Also, the quality of streaming video is almost similar to the Kodi application.

Wise Play is a kind of online television with different channels to add to your library or save to your profile.

After this, you will only be showed videos that are available on these channels only. More so, Wise Play does not contain any content that violates

Another good thing is, the quality of videos that stream on this Wise Play application is much better and higher than that of those available videos.

Also, you can watch videos, leagues, and matches without any intervention of advertisements or pop-ups.

Verliga does not provide direct broadcasting of football matches and Champions league, unlike other websites and applications.

It mainly launches different channels on is a platform that lets the channels broadcast live matches or leagues.

Because it does not broadcast anything on its own, there are no advertisements and pop-ups to create any mess.

It has countless channels that show different types of matches, games, and online streaming of live videos. You can choose many channels and add them up in your library. It will help you to organize your likes.


This Website is so much similar to VerLiga and contains everything that VerLiga contains. You can be ensured that the quality that RapiFootball provides is much better than the traditional streaming videos.

More so, the Website does not contain advertisements and pop-ups that can interfere in between watching any match or league.

The layout and design of this Website are relatively similar to VerLiga, and the design is simple and basic. It has a friendly interface that can let anyone search for anything without having any problem.

Not only this but also it has an advanced search option that will let you search for anything with the help of focus keywords. You must know some keywords that are widely used for searching.

It has different dedicated columns that will help you to search for anything in their specific columns.


BatmanStream has changed its domain name many times because of Website blocking in Spain and other countries.

BatmanStream is one of the leading websites among online football match broadcasting websites. It contains not only older telecasts but also the live leagues and games.

It has a massive collection of channels for different sports such as Football, Cricket, Hockey, Volleyball, Tennis, and many other sports.

More so, it does broadcast videos and games from different countries as there are no restrictions on the countries.

The website layout is beautiful and friendly. Anyone can use the Website for searching for anything without having any issue. The interface is relatively more straightforward and appealing.


StreamSports is a website relatively similar to the websites that we have mentioned above. It contains different sports such as Football, Cricket, Hockey, Boxing, and many more.

The Website has an attractive layout and a simple and basic design that will help you to look for everything that you want.

It has different columns for different channels, making it easy for a user to search for anything. Also, the Website is free of cost, so that you can watch anything free of cost.

However, you have to be quite careful from download links and buttons that can lead you to install malware and viruses.


PirloTV is very similar to RojaDirecta. So, it contains almost everything related to Football. Also, the quality of streaming in HD or Full HD.

The Website has a direct and straightforward layout, and it lists every game that it contains. You can find every game on the top of the list, and the older games are listed below in the list.

It focuses only on Football, and so we cannot find any other game or match. However, the Website does contain many ads and malware, so you have to be careful of all the download links and download buttons.

More so, the Website is trusted, so you can use it for downloading anything or searching for any games.


EliteGol has a simple website layout listing everything in a particular column to make it easier for searching and downloading.

The Website does not have its host server, so it does not contain any ads and pop-ups of its own. However, it is certainly possible that the hosting server may contain different ads and pop-ups.

It does not contain many sports so that you can watch only the videos it contains, mainly Football. Also, the Website is trusted, and you can watch anything on it.

It has made it simple for its users to search using their advanced search option that will help you to search for anything that you like quickly.

The Website is pretty much similar to those websites that we have listed above and provided the same video quality that these websites provide.


Another alternative to Veopartidos is Sports365Live, as it contains everything that Veopartidos use to contain the same quality.

The quality that Veopartidos used to provide to its users is similar to what Sports365Live provides these days.

Also, it has an attractive scrollable option that you can make use of while searching for games and leagues.

Another advantage of this Website is that it offers the same content in many other languages, such as Spanish, French, English, and many other languages.

So, even if you belong to another country and wish to check this Website, it can offer you the content in your language.  


One of the best-known alternatives to Veopartidos is RojaDirecta. It has a beautiful and attractive layout and website design. It also has a structured collection of matches and leagues of different sports.

It has a separated and dedicated column for every sport. So, if you are looking for a particular sport, it will be better and comfortable for you to search in that particular column instead of searching the whole Website.

Also, the Website has its file hosting server that is regularly maintained, and thus it contains no ads and pop-ups. More so, it does not contain malware and viruses and hence, can be trusted for searching.

The Website has a vast library regularly maintained to keep the most recent searches at the top and others below. You can find every video related to sport only if you can search.

At last, RojaDirecta does not contain any pirated content and a legitimate website that can be trusted for your searching and downloading.


Now, we have come to our last Website that can be used as an alternative to Veopartidos. This feed2all Website has a vast library with many columns that offer things that you might want.

Although it has a vast library, the searching option is relatively more straightforward. It contains a smart searching option through which you can search for anything with the perfect keyword.

The Website has pure content, and it offers good downloading speed if you need to download them. Otherwise, you can see them online.

The video quality of the feed2all Website is very high and full HD. So, you do not need to worry about the quality that is offered by feed2all.

More so, this Website is free from ads and pop-ups that provide another ease to their regular visitors.

In the end

Although we have provided you enough alternatives to Veopartidos website, we strongly recommend watching only those websites that are legitimate and do not contain any pirated content. Some of the websites usually get banned because they violate the Intellectual Property of Law and Broadcasting Rights. So, we encourage you not to watch these websites.

However, if you want alternatives to Veopartidos websites, we have listed you twelve top websites that can replace Veopartidos. All these websites contain the same content that you might want.

Kiss Cartoon Alternatives for Streaming Free Cartoons Online

Kiss Cartoon

Animated movies and videos, also known as cartoons, have come a long way since Walt Disney made them famous in the early 20th century.

From using multiple drawings on a paper flashed back to back one after the other to create an illusion of moving images to use computers to create beautiful 3D animations without actually having to draw anything on paper physically, modern animations have come a long way.

Modern cartoons are becoming popular amongst all the age groups, unlike earlier when only small kids enjoyed cartoons. People who grew up watching cartoons are still very much attached to them and watch them regularly.

These factors have made the animation industry popular, and animated movies regularly cross their contemporaries in gross ticket sales. Even adults like revisiting the cartoons they used to watch as kids and still enjoy them.

This has spawned a whole new industry in online streaming catering specifically to the audience looking to stream or download cartoons.

What is Kiss Cartoon?

Kiss Cartoon logo

One of the most popular streaming websites for cartoons is Kiss Cartoon. It provides free streaming for thousands of cartoon titles, both old as well as new: US cartoons, animated movies, and some anime form most of the library of the website.

It has most of the popular titles of movies and series, old and new alike, available to stream for free. Kiss cartoon has more than 5000 titles, including modern titles like Family Guy, Gravity Falls, etc. along with old classics like Scooby-Doo and Pink Panther series.

With the sudden rise in popularity of smartphones and mobile apps and them, Kiss cartoon also launched their mobile app, which was a huge success. It made all the titles available to stream, just like Netflix, but without paying anything for them.

Since they provide everything for free, the costs are recovered by using aggressive advertising, which can be a bit intrusive sometimes. So, it is usually recommended to use an adblocker service before visiting the website.

The website has multiple domains through which it can be accessed, and this is done to prevent authorities from taking down the website by blocking one domain. But even after this, the website gets banned regularly in many regions and countries, and many users search for an excellent alternative to the website. In this article, we will be discussing some of the alternatives to Kiss Cartoon, which have a similar library of content and features.

Top 7 Alternatives of Kiss Cartoon

Kiss Cartoon new


KissAnime can be considered a sister website of Kiss Cartoon specializing in anime content. The website is one of the most popular websites used by Anime lovers around the globe. The layout and user interface of the website is like Kiss Cartoon.

Like Kiss Cartoon, this website also is heavily supported by advertisements, and it is usually advised to use an adblocker before visiting the service. The user interface is intuitive with all the popular content on the homepage itself. The trending and upcoming titles are present on the homepage.

The website also provides a discord function that allows users and anime lovers to discuss their favorite shows. These community-building features have made KissAnime one of the best websites to visit for any anime fan. Manga comics are also available for reading and discussing on the website, and hence, for all the things related to the Japanese cartoon industry, Kiss Anime is a got website.

There is an option to sign up to the website and once a user is signed up, many other features can be unlocked. These features include the ability to Bookmark any anime series, get notifications when a new episode for a user-chosen show comes online and many other personalization settings. Such features are the reason behind the repeated members and the popularity that the website enjoys.

Kim Cartoon

Kim Cartoons is simply one of the best websites to visit if you want to watch cartoons of any type and genre. No list of Kiss Cartoon alternatives can be complete without the mention of Kim Cartoon. It is one of the most polished alternatives to Kiss Cartoon. The user interface is easy to use, and all the titles are neatly divided into various categories.

The search function on the homepage works well to pull up any title the user has searched for. The advanced search feature can fine-tune the search by filtering through the genres or author names. The cartoons can also be browsed through, and the list can be sorted based on popularity, name, last updated, in either ascending or descending manner.

The same assortment can be done based on the types of files, depending on whether the file is a movie or a series. There is also an option to submit new manga chapters for budding writers, and users can also read manga on the website. Regular users can register on the website and get access to a host of features, which makes it easier to view and read content regularly without having to search for the same content again and again.

Cartoon Extra

Cartoon Extra is one of the best-looking alternatives to Kiss Cartoon, and the user interface is easy to use. The polished website has a sizable collection of cartoon series and movies. All the new, ongoing, and popular cartoon series and movies can be streamed or downloaded from the website at no extra cost.

Famous cartoons like SpongeBob SquarePants, Dora The Explorer, Regular Show, and many others can be easily streamed on the website. They also have some non-cartoon but kid-friendly shows like power rangers available for streaming.

The homepage contains options like Full movies and daily shows, making it easy to keep track of all the new movies and shows being released on a daildailysodes of all the popular shows can also be streamed easily.

Like all the other websites in the list, cartoon extra also provides an option to read comics. Still, unlike other websites that usually provide the manga comics, this website provides other American comics. The cartoons on the website can also be browsed according to the genre, making it easier to search for cartoons based on the user’s mood. All these features together make it a worthy alternative to the Kiss cartoon.


Toonova is one of the most popular free services for people looking to watch the latest animated series or movies. Toonova also has an app like Kiss Cartoon and works seamlessly with almost all android devices.

The website is famous for uploading any new episode as soon as it releases, and this is the reason behind its popularity amongst the fans of the ongoing cartoon series. They also provide more than one mirror link for each episode uploaded, making it easier for people to stream without any hassles or congestion.

The design of the website homepage is simple, and all the ongoing series are visible on the homepage along with the number of episodes available on the website. The search option works flawlessly. Users can also choose to browse through popular movies and cartoon series by sorting them according to new, recent, ongoing, and completed series in ascending or descending order.

Users can also view all the titles in alphabetical order making it easier to browse through the titles. Different genres can also be used for browsing, which makes discovering new shows and movies to watch easily on the website. All these features, combined with a vast library of content, make Toonova an excellent alternative to Kiss Cartoon.

Watch Cartoons Online

Watch Cartoons Online is one of the most popular services for watching cartoons online by thousands of users. Because of its popularity, it has always been hunted by the authorities, which makes it difficult for them to remain active on one domain and makes it difficult for users to find the working domain of the website.

The user interface of the website is simple, with all the popular titles on the homepage. Hovering the cursor over the titles on the homepage brings up the description of the series or movie and a play button that can be used to stream the content. The search function works fine on its own, but there are no advanced search options available.

Clicking on the menu button brings up all the categories according to which the content can be sorted and browsed. The website also has its android application making it easier for users to stream content on their mobile phones.

Registered users having an account on the website can bookmark their favorite shows and add them to their favorites.  Such features and regularly updated content libraries make the website an excellent alternative to Kiss Cartoon.


For those who want to watch Anime as soon as they air on television for the first time, this is their go-to service. AnimeToon’s USP is the speed with which they upload content and make it available for streaming. The website recently got an android app that can be downloaded from their website.

The app is not available on the play store to download. As the name suggests, it has a good collection of both Anime and cartoons and caters to a broad audience. The content library is vast, and the website is easy to use. The homepage contains all the latest episodes along with the dates on which they were released.

The search function is essential, but the options to browse through the vast library are excellent and intuitive. The service also provides dubbed anime series as a different option so that purist anime fans do not download dubbed versions to watch. Most of the ongoing and famous cartoons and Anime can be easily found and streamed on the website.

But it is advised to use an adblocker before using the website. All these features and the amount of content available makes Anime Toon even better than Kiss Cartoon for streaming cartoons and hence a great alternative.

Watch Series

Unlike other websites on the list, Watch Series does not provide only cartoons to stream. All types of content, like movies, TV series, Cartoons, and Anime, are available on the website. The content library of Watch Series related to Anime and cartoons is excellent and is more significant than many dedicated websites providing cartoons to stream.

The website is more polished than the ones mentioned above, and searching through content is a breeze. The search functionality works flawlessly and provides relevant results in no time. On the left-hand side of the homepage, different categories like Series, Drama, Anime, Popular Movies, and web series guides are available, making it easy to browse through the massive content library and find relevant content.

In the anime section, all the recently added episodes are available and the number of episodes in that series. Users can also choose to register on the website to use additional features like adding the movies and series to favorites or bookmarking them.

The website also remembers where you last left and continues from there when the same video is played again. Such features, which are available for free, and the massive content library containing not only Anime but also other content, is one reason behind the popularity of the website.


Unlike the widespread belief that Anime and cartoons are viewed only by kids, the reality is very different. Most of the cartoon movies and series are earning more or equal to regular live-action movies proving the point that even adults like cartoons as much as kids.

All the animation studios are coming up with new cartoons and anime series to cater to adult audiences, mostly, and the experiment has been successful worldwide. Services like Kiss cartoon cater to such an audience and have been providing cartoon movies and shows to stream online for many years.

But because of authorities blocking such websites for promoting piracy, Kiss cartoon is not available everywhere. In this article, we have mentioned the seven best alternatives to Kiss cartoons and explained various features available to decide which service to use.

Couchtuner – How safe is it and How to Watch Content Risk-Free?

Couchtuner- How safe is it and How to Watch Content Risk-Free?

Entertainment has always been one of the most basic needs of humans. The most popular forms of entertainment since the 20th century have been Movies and TV series. Millions and probably billions of people watch movies and TV shows every day to entertain themselves and spend some time with their loved ones.

This popularity of movies and TV shows is why media companies like Disney and Netflix have become vast corporate behemoths today. The Internet has brought with itself a massive surge in the consumption of content around the world.

As compared to a couple of decades back, when the only way of consuming content was to either watch the TV series at home, visit a movie theatre for movies or buy/ rent a DVD for any content and remember to return them on time. But with the availability of streaming services like Netflix, all this became easy, and people do not have to go through all these hassles anymore.

All the content you need or want is readily available on your fingertips without even having to leave the bedroom. But as was the case back in DVDs, piracy has become a significant problem in the Internet age.

Many services can be found on the Internet, which provides free content to people without copyright or permission for distributing such content. Authorities have been trying for years to shut down such websites and prevent the losses faced by all the major production houses and streaming companies.

What Is CouchTuner?


CouchTuner is one of the most popular online services providing TV shows and movies for free online streaming. The service was launched around 2010 and since then has become one of the most popular and well-known websites. The website has an enormous viewership around the globe.

The main reason behind this popularity is the fact that the website has a vast library of popular content in many different languages and also has a neat and very intuitive user interface, which makes streaming the content on the website a hassle-free experience.

But because of this massive and still rising popularity of the website, many movie producers and streaming companies have complained about such services, which cause a massive loss of revenue to the creators.

Thus, authorities in many countries have banned the website and blocked almost all the domains from being accessed. Still, many people are confused about the fact of whether the service is legal and safe to access or not. In this article, we will try to answer the question.

Is It Legal and Safe to Access CouchTuner?

In most countries, it is illegal to broadcast content having copyright without owning the content or without having permission from content owners to do so. In some countries, it is illegal even to access such content for personal use.

But such laws are not always enforced in all countries. Since CouchTuner is a website distributing pirated websites, it is technically illegal and has been banned in many countries. Accessing the website might be illegal in many countries and regions, but it is rarely enforced.

Another question that pops up regularly is whether CouchTuner is safe to use. Since it is an illegal website and earns most of its revenue from advertisements, it is not safe to use without an adblocker. The intrusive advertisements can easily expose the user to malware or tracking.

It is easy to click on ads unknowingly, and these ads can redirect you to shady websites or services, which can be a significant risk to the computer and the data stored on the computer.

Sensitive information like pictures stored on the computer, bank details, browser history, etc. can be accessed easily if the attacker is smart enough. Hence, it is usually recommended not to use such websites unless there is no other alternative.

How to Access CouchTuner?

How to Access CouchTuner

Even though CouchTuner and many such piracy websites are illegal and pose some serious security risks, many people still want to access them. The main reason behind this is that not everyone can afford to buy or rent all the movies and TV shows they want to watch.

Also, with so many players coming into the streaming industry and the content being evenly distributed amongst them, it becomes complicated for users to watch all the content they want since not everyone can afford to subscribe to all the streaming platforms together and pay for the fast Internet in addition to that.

This is where websites like CouchTuner come into play, and they become a lifesaver for such users. Also, many times, even if a user can afford to buy the movie or TV show, it is not available in their region, and thus, he/she must resort to using CouchTuner or any similar websites. In this article, we will explain how to access the CouchTuner from anywhere in the world, with as much safety as possible.

The best way to access CouchTuner from anywhere globally without being tracked is to use a good VPN service. Using a VPN will protect your data from being tracked or misused and make you anonymous while using any website.

VPN services achieve this by encrypting your data and passing it through remote servers and masking the original IP addresses. This way, the browsing sessions become anonymous, and it becomes difficult to trace them back to you.

The currently working domain extensions of CouchTuner are:

Follow the steps given below to get access to the CouchTuner website, even if it is blocked in your country.

Using VPN On A Desktop Computer

  • Most of the users prefer to use the Chrome browser on their Windows devices, and thus, these steps will apply to the chrome browser and be used for other chromium-based browsers like Microsoft Edge and Opera.
  • Setting Up a VPN on a desktop is slightly different from the process on mobile devices.
  • A reliable, high quality, and cheap VPN service is also required for this process.
  • We want to recommend the Tunnel Bear VPN service for this purpose. The service has secured and dedicated servers worldwide, and its free plan is better and faster than most of the other VPN service providers.
  • Now visit the official website and download the VPN extension for chrome or any other browser of your choice. Install the VPN extension and start it in the background.
  • While starting, please select a country manually which has not banned the CouchTuner website mentioned above and connect to it.
  • Now open the working link of CouchTuner, and it will open in the browser.
  • If it is still not opening, try changing the country in the VPN settings.

Using VPN On A Mobile Device

  • Downloading and installing a VPN application on a mobile device and tunneling the data of the whole device through it is easy as compared to a desktop.
  • First, we need to download the VPN application and install it on the device. The best and the most reliable way to do that is to visit the app store for IOS devices and the google play store for android devices.
  • Now search for VPN applications and choose any one of your preferred applications. Then install the app on the device.
  • Once the application is installed, open the app, and select the option of tunneling the whole device. You can also select the country of your choice from settings in most of the applications.
  • Once the device is tunneled, you can open the browser of your choice and use the links provided above to open CouchTuner.

Without Using VPN On Any Device

VPNs, because of the way they work, can sometimes be unsafe for use. Since the data is routed through remote servers in other countries and not all the VPN service providers can provide the same level of security while using a VPN, many users do not want to risk the data of their whole device by installing a VPN application or extensions.

Along with security risk, privacy risk is also there since a VPN service provider can technically monitor all our internet usages if they want to. Because of these reasons, not many people are comfortable with using a VPN application to hide their identity.

This is where online proxy websites come into the picture. Most of these websites are made by VPN application providers, but the advantage of using these websites is that whole data will not pass through the servers of the VPN service provider. Only the data related to the browsing on such proxy websites will pass through their servers.

There are many such websites available on the Internet, and here is a list of most popular ones.

Follow the steps mentioned below to use these VPN proxy websites to access the CouchTuner website:

  • Not all the websites mentioned above have the same procedure to follow but are similar.
  • First, visit any one of the websites mentioned above using the links given above.
  • Some of the links will directly take you to the website’s web page. The address can be entered to visit any website.
  • For others, go to Menu and click on Tools or Applications options wherever it is available.
  • Once the list of services is visible, choose the Free Proxy option from the list, and you will be redirected to the webpage containing an address bar.
  • Now enter the address of the website you want to visit, in this case, CouchTuner and Voila! You will be taken to the Couch Tuner website even if it is blocked in your country.

Using the methods mentioned above, users can easily access CouchTuner from any device and any country, even if the website is banned in their country, and enjoy free streaming of movies, TV shows, and series.

Alternatives to CouchTuner

As mentioned before in the article, many other websites, like CouchTuner, are available on the Internet, which can be used to stream content like movies and TV shows without any problems. In this section, we will discuss some other such websites, which can serve as an excellent alternative to CouchTuner.

Project Free TV

Project Free TV is one of the most popular websites globally on the online streaming of movies and TV shows. The website provides the ability to either stream content directly or downloads the free movies and TV shows available on the website.

The website is intuitive and easy to use for most users, and the content library available is comparable to the best of such websites on the Internet.

Discovering new content on the website is also easy with the plethora of options available for browsing through the titles available on the website. All these features together make the website an excellent alternative to CouchTuner.


Lunch Flix is one of the most popular websites used for streaming content for free online. The user interface is like Netflix and is intuitive, just like Netflix. The content library is massive, with the widespread content of all the streaming sites available on the website 

The website is also easy to use, and it is easy to find content or discover new content on LunchFlix compared to other similar services. But the downside of the website is that it is ad-supported, and there are many intrusive advertisements and pop-ups on the website which hampers the experience.

So, it is recommended to use an excellent ad-blocking service before visiting the website.


Movies and TV shows being a primary form of entertainment for many people who are consumed all around the world. But not many people can pay premiums for buying, renting movies, or for subscribing to all the streaming services which stream the content.

Also, some content is available only in some regions and cannot be accessed in other regions even after paying for it. CouchTuner is a website that solves the problem for such users. People can download or stream any content they want from anywhere in the world for free using CouchTuner.

But as with all good things, the service has its limitations and cannot be accessed everywhere. In this article, we have explained if the website is safe and legal to use and have also shown how to access the website in the regions where it is blocked.