To supply power to most of the necessary tools, many industries depend on compressed air. Air compressors offer the punch significant to operate drills, impactors, and other tools on assembly lines. Hence, there is a need to know that these are operating well by delivering top-notch performance. And also, it is a great way to cut down the maintenance costs for air compressors. What are some essential tips for using an air compressor? How can I save my money on the maintenance costs of my air compressor? How can I improve the functioning of my portable air compressor? You must be thinking of all these questions. You must have spent a lot of money on it, and now you want it to keep on operating for several years.

Well, there are some tricks and tips that you need to know if you possess an air compressor. In this article, you will get the fantastic essential tips for your portable air compressors so that you can get the most out of it. Follow these eight essential tips, and you can enjoy the hassle-free services and benefits provided by your portable air compressors. Apart from the fact that the portable air compressors possess inherent inefficiency, however, it acts as an ideal source of energy for intensive instruments. To generate one horsepower worth of compressed air, the majority of the air compressors need 4 to 8 times the same horsepower in electricity. So, some points make these air compressors inefficient with time and lacking appropriate maintenance, incorporating –

  • Humidity
  • Hot Air
  • Impure Air

What are some tips for using an air compressor?

Well, in this modern world, portable air compressors play an essential role in every field because they provide an efficient and trustworthy power source. It is significant to acknowledge how to correctly take care of your air compressors as these directly influence the functioning of your plant. Well, in this article, you’ll get to know all the essential tips while using an air compressor and get the most out of it.

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Look after the essentials

When you begin, you have to ensure that all the parts of the equipment are adequately maintained in a perfect state.Assume a scenario; for instance – the costs of operating will increase if air gets leaked from any section of the air system. As a result, the air compressor will compress excess or air than required. You can make use of ultrasonic leak detectors to detect the air leaks.

Well, if you want to solve this issue rapidly, then you need to perform the frequent check for air leaks.In addition to this, if your portable air compressor is vibrating while functioning, then it may be due to loose bolts, nuts, or screws. Hence, ensure that you have a frequent check on these parts and make sure they are tightly fastened.

Proper temperature for operation

Air compressors function well in environments having high-temperatures. But in some cases, excess of temperatures may lead to explosion or fire.So, ensure to keep the temperature of water at 10o F above the inlet air temperature. This will assist in reducing the temperature issues.Further, an outlet for cooling water need not be approx. 49o C or no more than 120o F. When the cooling water flows, don’t ever power on a compressor to make sure that there are appropriate temperatures for functioning.Also, cleaning and inspection of water jackets assist in regulating the temperature.

Reduce unnecessary moisture

You may have to spend 5 percent of the maintenance costs to tackle the harmful effects of unnecessary moisture in air compressors. So, here comes the role of dryers to get rid of this moisture.To perform at ideal efficiency, air pressure less than 90 psi is quite less for air devices. So, regular inspections and dryers assist in eliminating this situation.

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Make sure to use ideal lubricants

You need to make use of lubricants having qualities perfect for your service conditions if you want your portable air compressors to function correctly. With the assistance of a balanced formulation technique, you can make use of the best lubricants. It implies that this can cater to the particular requirements of portable air compressors by making use of a tailored additive package and optimal base stocks.Well, it is significant to make use of a lubricant that is designed explicitly with additives and base oils to eliminate corrosion and rust.

Use of an ideal air filter

Air filter performs a significant function by providing clean and fresh air. It would help if you inspected for excessive restriction or leakage by taking readings from the installed instrumentation. This will let you know whether the air filters are clean or not, and you can also recognize any problems with the filter.Well, the above mentioned are the essential tips for using an air compressor. However, there are some other tips also that you need to consider. Have a look –

Follow complete guidelines

You can have a small-time investment by going through all the guidelines on the manual for your portable air compressor. You will get to know all the operating instructions and maintenance schedules for your air compressor. Well, it will cut the cost of maintenance as this will result in providing more life to your tool and reducing downtime.

Replace the separator component

There is a requirement for the replacement of the separator element after every 2000 – 8000 hours of usage. Keep a note in mind that it entirely relies on the make and model of your portable air compressor. This also eliminates the usage of more oil.

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Monitor the oil levels daily

If your compressor makes use of oil, then it is necessary to check oil before any utilization. If you don’t check the oil levels daily, then this will result in severe damage to your air compressor if it operates with inadequate oil.

Final words

Well, it is highly suggested that you should work with the supplier of your lubricant to determine the existing maintenance program. You can also get to know more chances for improved functioning.It is not an easy job to maintain a portable air compressor. However, if you go ahead with an ideal technique for your maintenance program, then this will make sure that your device is functioning at its perfection.

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