Do you often dream of escaping to beach houses and lounging in a coastal living room? Listening to the crashing sea waves, feeling the bright sunlight all over your face, feeling the coarse sand under your feet.

Sounds like a perfect escape fantasy, doesn’t it? However, if you cannot always run to the sea, why not bring it home?

Coastal living room interiors will teleport you to a dreamy beach house within a flash.

Sky-high ceilings, big windows, airy rooms, and shades of sea blue and sandy beige-inspired interiors are all that you need.

Whether you live in a beach house or call it home a thousand miles away from the sea, beach-inspired living rooms are therapeutic.

Here are the top thirty coastal living room ideas that will add a refreshing and welcoming vibe to your living space.

Refreshing Coastal Living Room Interiors Designs

Coastal interior design for your living room sounds great fun. However, it is important to know which colors, fabrics, and furniture will help bring your vision to life.

Rest assured, and your dream living room interior is coming to life soon! Here is a list of 30 unique coastal living room ideas for you to get started.

1. Sea Green Sensation

Sea Green Sensation

What is the first thing that comes to mind when we think about coastal living rooms? It is a seaside color palette of green, blue, and white shades.

Aqua green fabrics used for the furniture layout, with an ivory white couch, remind us of the calming sea waves and white sand.

Using natural materials like wood and rattan for the chair adds the warmth of earthy tones. Matching long curtains for the windows amplifies the vibe of the coastal-style living room.

A live green plant completes the beach house look by adding life to your interior.

2. Calming Oceanic Color Play

Calming Oceanic Color Play

How to escape to the fantasy world of the deep oceans? Throw some oceanic blue on your couch and add a white rug that mimics the white sandy beaches.

Paint the walls sandy white and allow natural sunlight to brighten up your days. If you live in an apartment, mount large mirror frames on the wall.

The mirrors will create the illusion of a bigger living space and reflect ample natural light.

Use shades of grey for your cushions and coffee table to break the monotony of white and add layers of elegance to your coastal living room.

3. The Magic Strips

The Magic Strips

Whether it is your love for elegant interiors or your fancy for a beach day out, blue is the color of the coast! However, if you intend to experiment further, try the stripes.

From deeper shades of blue slowly fading to shades of white, your coastal living room will stand out for the details.

It is easy to incorporate strips of fabric into your furniture. A vase of fresh blue flowers will complete the look perfectly.

4. Coral Color Play

Coral Color Play

If you want to keep the coastal-style living room interior more colorful, seek inspiration from corals. The depths of ocean water are a whole new world.

It has vibrant red, pink, and yellow corals. On top of the blue and sea green fabrics on your furniture, add a hint of pink, orange, purple, and yellow.

Use props like paintings, geometric chandeliers, cushion covers, and fresh flowers for the coral color play.

5. Moody Minimalist

Moody Minimalist

Do you love the deeper shades of ocean green and blue? Well, let your coastal-style living room reflect your mood.

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Paint the main wall of your living room the preferred color that reminds you of the sea and leave the rest sandy white. Add the minimalist modern décor of your choice and leave the rest to natural light.

6. Include Warm Tones

Include Warm Tones

For you, it is more about sunbathing after a calming spa session. Lying down on the warm sand, feeling the sunlight all over your body, and watching the birds fly.

If that is your inspiration, ditch the blue and go all earthy. Sandy beige, rattan furnishings, neutral fabrics, and ivory white curtains will enrich your living room interior with a modern beach house vibe.

7. Contemporary Creations

Contemporary Creations

Modern living is stylish and space-efficient at the same time. People are becoming more aware of living in smaller spaces without compromising their interior styles.

Seek inspiration from the contemporary style of coastal living. Hang lights, add textures, and play with wallpaper and floor tiles to make your space look brighter and remind you of the sea.

8. Extend It to Outdoor

Extend It to Outdoor

Your beach house is a 20-minute walk from the sea. But you have an extended pool area adjoining the living room! Well, take your living space outdoors in the sun by the poolside.

Can your coastal-style living room get any better? Add rattan chairs and a fine rattan center table to rest all your refreshing mocktails on.

You can also plant a few vibrant flowering plants by the poolside to add a spring-summer vibe.

9. Focus on The Flooring

Focus on The Flooring

Flooring can make or break the interior design of a living space. Warm wooden floors undoubtedly look beautiful.

However, to up-level your coastal living room, use sand-colored floor paper. You can add rugs with swirly designs to remind you of the ocean.

10. Keep It Creative and Clean

Keep It Creative and Clean

Every house is unique in its style and textures. However, irrespective of the style, a clean and proper living space always feels welcoming.

Perfect flooring, coasting living room color palette, live plants, ample white. All these creative interior décor ideas only get better with cleanliness.

11. Electric Blue Interiors

Electric Blue Interiors

The limitations of the coastal color palette can sometimes feel monotonous. The sandy beige and white are constants. What makes a big difference is the sprinkle of electric blue!

Very different from the usual coastal blue, this electric shade creates a surge of freshness and reminds you of the speedy water current and loud waves.

12. Large Window and Wider View

Large Window and Wider View

When talking about coastal living rooms, big window panes are a must. Let the bright summer sun make its presence felt.

Big reflector window panes, starting from the footing of the floor and reaching the high ceiling, create the illusion of a larger and brighter living area.

Welcome nature into your space and let the magic happen. Close your eyes and ask Alexa to play the sound of sea waves. You escaped to sea in a blink of an eye.

13. On a Lighter Note

On a Lighter Note

Natural wooden furniture, when covered with soft grey fabrics in contrast to sandy beige flooring, creates the laid-back vibe of a coastal living room.

Utilizing geometric patterns for wall decor in the living area will amplify the relaxing aura of your space.

14. Orange It Up

Orange It Up

Don’t be afraid to try a splash of new color in your coastal living room. Orange is most people’s favorite color.

Orange stands for vibrancy. Inspired by the second chakra in our body, orange signifies creative energy.

A peppery orange couch stands out in contrast to the sea blues, green, and sandy beige. The color transforms your living space into an innovative space.

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15. Santorini Saga

Santorini Saga

Let’s take a break from the typical interior designs of a coastal living room and journey to Santorini. Stoney lanes, arches, domes, and electric blue and green doors are our new inspiration.

Add round wooden tables, arch doors, blue-green floor tiles, rustic lampshades, and patterned fabrics into your living space. These props will take your coastal-style living room to the beaches of Santorini.

16. Sandy Beige

_Sandy Beige

Till now, we have used enough blue and green from the sea. It is time to sprinkle some sand in your living space. White sand or beige? The choice is yours.

As shown in the above coastal living space, shades of white sand are used for the ceiling and floor. The sandy beige fabric on the furniture adds elegance to the interior set-up.

17. Shades of Blue

Shades of Blue

You can never have enough blue while considering coastal living room interiors. Inky blue cushions, electric blue sofa cover, sky blue lamp shade, muted minimalist blues, navy blue flower vase, cool blue patterns—the list runs on.

Layer your living space with the different shades of this magnetic color. Use patterns to create a magical and marine coastal-inspired living room.

18. Nature Prints

Nature Prints

What comes to mind when you think about Hawaiian beaches? Exotic drinks, dance, flowers, and palm trees. Isn’t it?

If you like the vibe of Hawaii, this is your sign to seek inspiration from its coastal life. Dedicate a wall in your living area to natural prints inspired by palm leaves.

To make it more dynamic, add a zing of yellow, orange, or red that reminds you of the colorful sea sides in Hawaii.

19. Wooden and Woven

Wooden and Woven

Wooden and rattan furniture are essentials for creating an elegant coastal living room interior. Wood helps maintain the earthy monotony of the coastal color palette.

The right furnishings create a welcoming atmosphere. Woven or knitted fabrics for seating, couch covers, or knitted rugs convey further warmth to the interior.

20. A Flush of Pink

A Flush of Pink

So you have successfully incorporated wooden furniture and the beige and white colors in your living area. Now, it is time to sprinkle some magic with proper lighting.

Yellow bulbs, geometric chandeliers, and fairy lights will add a flush of pink to your earthy interior at dusk. Grab a refreshing mocktail and enjoy a romantic evening with your partner.

21. Nature Element

Nature Element

Live green plants and fresh flowers are crucial parts of completing an interior. Placing a big pot of beautiful indoor plants by your teal couch or near the wide window completes your coastal living room.

You can also experiment with woven jute flower vases and fresh flowers contrasting to your living room wall. Nature comes home!

22. Coastal Corner

Coastal Corner

As shown in the image, a corner couch in navy blue breaks the monotony of the white-washed wall and high ceiling.

However, the main attraction of this corner sitting is the oversized beach portrait. This one reminds you of the fantasy of a smooth sailing boat amidst the glistening ocean waves.

23. Center of Attraction

_Center of Attraction

Modern geometric center tables will help amp up your coastal-style living area. Shades of teal and aqua green complement the white couch and beige flooring.

The best idea is to customize a center table that compliments the color play of your living area. A perfect blend of contemporary furnishings and warm earthy interiors.

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24. Coastal Cottage

Coastal Cottage

The creative energy of the vibrant orange cushions, patterned rug, and white curtains complement each other. The inviting and cozy vibe of this cottage-style coastal living room is warm and authentic.

This particular style reminds me of a cloudy day. You can read a book while listening to the crashing tides of the sea.

25. Conversations Over Coffee

Conversations Over Coffee

Navy blue and white sand-inspired seating around a rustic wooden center builds a big open space for family gatherings. The striped rugs used beneath remind us of the sand.

The white ceiling reflects the natural sunlight, encouraging conversations over cold coffee or iced tea.

26. Wall Décor

Wall Décor

If you think wisely, inspirations are never-ending to recreate a modern coastal living space. Wall décor and accessories inspired by beach life will add coastal flair to any generic living area.

Woven wall hangings, palm leaf paintings, coral and seashell portraits, turtles, and starfish-inspired knitted wall mounts are a few props one can use.

27. Clean White Furnishing

Clean White Furnishing

Whitewash everything in your living area, starting from the dining table, wooden chairs, window panes, and ceiling. Do not miss the sandy white rug for your floor.

The only color will be the navy blue wall cabinets. A unique color play and coastal-inspired interior design to teleport you to a beachy home.

28. Oceanic Walls

Oceanic Walls

Similar to the previous idea of white-washed sitting, this coastal living room area has an electric blue-printed sofa to break the monotony of white.

The use of green plants as a centerpiece carries life to the room. However, the wall in this coastal living room is more oceanic due to the unique ocean illustration framed by the blue-painted walls.

29. Natural Fabrics

Natural Fabrics

Even though we love the summer sun’s warm, bright rays, natural textiles are a must-have to keep your coastal-inspired living room cool.

Cotton and linen fabrics are comfortable, skin-friendly, and light. Use these natural fabrics for cushion covers, curtains, and seating.

30. Loud Navy Blues

Loud Navy Blues

Want a blue coastal living room that screams luxury? Use the rich navy blue inspired by the depths of the ocean and splash the color all over.

The richness of this blue shade is electrifying and elegant. The touch of white only acts in favor of the navy blue to magnify its darkness and create the illusion of a deep sea.

If clean and crisp luxury is your style, this interior home décor is a must-try.


All in all, the coastal-inspired living room is a well-designed portal to escape into the fantasy of beach life.

Big, wide windows, natural light fabrics, and a limited color palette of blue, green, white, and beige blend together to create your dream living space.

Architecture and interiors inspired by the islands of Greece and Hawaii elevate modern beach home interiors.

Wooden furnishing, rattan lampshades, and woven jute décor are earthy items to help you bring home the beach. Play with patterns and lighting.

Mix and match with different textures to curate the most beautiful seaside-inspired living room. So why wait? Find out which coastal living room style appeals to you the most.

Choose any one from the plethora of interior décor ideas listed above and convert your living space into a modern beach house.

Let your home reflect your spirit.

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