Roach Killer 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Roach Killer

Roaches have become real trouble in today’s life. They can be found anywhere on the planet. They access everything in your home and cause serious health issues to you. Not only they look hideous and unpleasant, but they also litter around the house and damage your goods. These creatures move around the house, spreading bacteria and diseases that can cause serious health problems to people living in the house. They can fill your toothbrush and food items with germs. Getting rid of this nuisance can be a tough job as an adult cockroach can produce 200-300 babies in its lifetime. These creatures spread exponentially. If you ignore them, soon they will fill your home with their nest and will invade your house completely. You’ll need some products that will exterminate them with brute-force.

Fortunately, various electric insect repellants claim to be powerful enough to clear your house of roaches, but choosing a wrong product may lead to an uncomfortable lifestyle. Roach killing is the best way to get rid of the infestation. Not only it makes all insects disappear, but it also makes sure that there is no future breeding. There are so many brands and products available to kill roaches that anyone without proper knowledge can get confused. It is challenging to get the right product for your situation. In this list, we will cover reviews to top 10 roach killing products that are available in the market. We will also provide you with the necessary knowledge to understand your situation and get yourself the most suitable product from the market.

Types of Roach Killers

All traps, baits, and other methods of killing roaches are based on the following types of roach killers.

  • Aerosol: It can be directly applied in the roach. Its salts cause dehydration to the cockroach, and chemicals like D-limonene shut down the insect’s respiratory system. Other chemicals like pyrethrin affect the nervous system.
  • Gel: The gel-based baits contain an active poison that kills the roach. Attractants are mixed in the gel to attract a high number of cockroaches. Consumption of this gel by insects causes their death. The amount that has to be used depends on the scale of infestation.
  • Powder: It is one of the most popular methods of killing roaches. The powder acts as a poison for cockroaches. It dehydrates the insects. It also has a secondary kill feature, which means if a roach comes in contact with a dead cockroach, then the other roach will also die.

This is an excellent option for clearing out heavy infestations.

Best Roach killer

10 Best Roach Killers Reviews

1. Advion Cockroach Gel Bait

The Advion gel bait can handle a different number of roach species along with those species which are specific to certain countries and climates. It is manufactured in such a way that it attracts as many cockroaches as a bait can. It can also attract roaches of bait-averse type. This gel-based bait can affect large as well as small insects with equal efficiency. Along with all its effectiveness, it can stay up to 2 years, so no new insect can come to your house until it completely vanishes.

Along with 0.6% indoxacarb, this industrial-grade roach killer gel can be used in single or multi-family apartments and residential buildings, schools, industries. It can be used in commercial areas like apartments, supermarkets, hotels, and hospitals. It is highly effective in transportation equipment also. This gel can take down heavy roach infestation in a week or two. There are lots of users who used this product on places filled with roaches, and now they are living without any infestation of cockroaches. It completely clears the house of bugs and makes sure they don’t repopulate.

The Advion Cockroach Gel Bait comes in a pack of 4 syringes filled with 30 grams of roach killing gel. For practical use, apply 1-3 drops of Advion gel per 10 feet. Each drop should be a quarter-inch diameter (about 5 grams). This gel can get rid of cockroaches in the house for a long time. This gel is very effective against a large number of cockroaches, especially when you don’t know about their type and species. The only drawback of this product is: it doesn’t come with any child protection.

This product may need some licenses or permits in some states to use it commercially. The manufacturer does not provide the consumer with any such permission.

advion 383920 4 Tubes and 4 Plungers Cockroach German Roach Pest Control Inse, Brown
  • The Package Length of the Product is 5.08 centimeters
  • The Package Height of the Product is 17.78 centimeters
  • The Package Width of the Product is 16.51 centimeters
  • Package Weight : 0.272 kilograms
  • Covers a wide variety of roach species.
  • It lasts for a long time.
  • Directly attracts the roaches
  • Simple application
  • It can be used almost everywhere.
  • It does not come with any child protection.

2. Hot Shot Ultra Liquid Roach Bait

The most unique feature about this roach killing bait is that not only it kills roaches, but it also destroys their eggs. So that they cannot reproduce later, it attracts cockroaches very well, all you have to do is mix it in food and water so that the roaches feed on it. Spreading it near their nest makes it more probable for them to fall for the bait and destroy entire nests.

It has a non-staining formula that prevents the liquid bait from leaving any marks on the floor. Also, it comes in special child protection capsule-like containers so that your young ones or pets don’t get harmed. The Hot Shot Ultra Liquid Roach Bait comes in a pack of 6 bait stations, and it is incredibly useful in attracting roaches. The bait is in liquid form, which makes it more effective at drawing the cockroaches out than regular solid bait. It is more active towards the more massive infestation of roaches than regular solid baits.

With the ability to kill roaches of almost all sizes and types, this roach killer is simple to use. It comes with bait stations that are easy to place and fill. No activation is required in the product, it is ready to use, and it does not drip, spill, or create any mess. All you have to do is pull a tab and place the bait station near the roach nest on the edges. It will attract roaches with combined food and water source and will deliver a lethal dose quickly.

Although it is highly effective against roaches and clears them in hours, it dries up really quickly. It did not even last days. It needs to be replaced every two days if the area is highly infested.

Hot Shot HG-95789 Roach Killer, 6-Count, Brown/a
  • KILLS ROACHES AND THE EGGS THEY CARRY: Quick-kill formula kills both large and small roaches where they breed.
  • ADVANCED LIQUID BAIT TECHNOLOGY: This bait is extremely attractive to roaches because it combines an attractive food source with the water source they need.
  • KILLS IN HOURS: Delivers a lethal dose quickly to roaches and the eggs they carry.
  • CONTAINS 6 BAIT STATIONS: Place ready-to-use bait stations on a flat surface in areas where roaches have been spotted.
  • MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE: Guaranteed to work or your money back – see product label for details.
  • Very good in luring roaches out.
  • It does not leave any stains.
  • Liquid bait is more effective than solid ones.
  • Children and pets are safe because of the bait stations.
  • Not suitable for large areas like industries.
  • Dries up quickly.

3. Combat Max Roach Killing Bait

This bait can take down roaches in bulk. Only a few baits can kill nests of insects in hours. Each bait piece can be thrown in front of a group of cockroaches or can be placed in areas where cockroaches are most probable. All you have to do is to wait for the bait to be taken to nest, and it will kill an entire swarm of roaches. The bait is manufactured in such a way that it can attract even the smallest of cockroaches. No effort is needed to make your house cockroach free. You don’t need to worry about a few surviving insects and repopulation of insects. This bait clears all of them.

The combat max roach killing bait comes in a pack of 18 baits, which are filled with a powerful insecticide. No extra chemicals or pesticides are needed to finish the job. This product comes with child-resistant bait stations to protect children from any harm. There are a few things to keep in mind before using this product. First, don’t use this bait without child-resistant stations. Using these bait openly may harm your children severely. And second, place the baits on all probable roach spots. Excess baits can be placed 1 ½ foot apart. Remember to set the bait on the edges of the room as roaches walk along walls.

It is an easy-to-use, hassle-free product that can get rid of all the roaches in your house entirely for you in weeks. Many users say that they got rid of cockroaches in 3-4 days. It does not require any activation and can be best used in areas under the sink, behind the toilet, and appliances.

Combat Max 12 Month Roach Killing Bait, Small Roach Bait Station, Child-Resistant, 18 Count
  • Start killing small roaches in hours and prevent them from returning for up to 12 months
  • Easy to use, no mess baits, do not require activation
  • Simply place them where roaches are found and relax while they kill non-stop day and night
  • Best used in areas like under sinks, behind toilets, and behind appliances, killing the ones you see and the ones you don't and destroys the nest
  • 18 child resistant bait stations are included; Place additional baits about 1½ feet away; Place baits carefully so they are touching the walls or corners
  • Strong Insecticides
  • Covered bait stations to protect children.
  • Attracts roaches of all sizes.
  • Kills roaches in bulk.
  • It doesn’t need any more insecticides to work with.
  • Expensive as compared to other products.
  • Roaches killed in compact areas are hard to find.
  • Not an industrial-grade product.

4. MDXconcepts Organic Pest Control Spray

This spray not only gets rid of roaches but can also work on a wide variety of household insects and their unwanted nests. This non-toxic spray based compound works really fast on insects. You can use it around children and pets as it is non-toxic in nature. It is so efficient in clearing out insect infestations that you don’t even need to empty the room before using it. It does not disturb your daily routine, and at the same time, it gets rid of roaches for you.

Instead of using any chemical compound for killing insects, ti uses an organic mixture of essential oils of different types along with vinegar. This makes it a harmless solution against everything other than insects. As it selectively kills insects, only you don’t have to think about the spray mixing and reacting with water and other cleaning chemicals and agents. This spray is a safe option to selectively kill insects only. It is best for the users who have pets and small kids moving in the house. Also, it does not need the room to be quarantined, so it does not cause any trouble to the busy workers.

Along with working as a pest control spray, it has a characteristic fragrance. It is straightforward to use. All you have to do is shake and spray. You have to spray if on the edges of the floor where roaches move and dear their nests. It clears out bugs very quickly. Also, every purchase of this spray promotes a healthier, toxin-free environment. The manufacturer claims to give 10% of the profit to environmental defense fund and also provides a money-back guarantee on unsatisfactory results.

mdxconcepts Organic Home Pest Control Spray - Peppermint Oil - MADE IN USA - Kills Ants, Roaches, Spiders, and Other Pests Guaranteed - All Natural - Pet Safe - Indoor/Outdoor Spray - 16oz
  • ELIMINATES HOME PESTS - Naturally Kills Home Invading Pests Including: House Roach, Spiders, Ants, Fleas, Earwigs, Stink Bugs, Mites, Scorpion, Silverfish, and other common household pests.
  • NATURAL - Made with Natural and non-toxic ingredients, MDXconcepts Pest Spray is the perfect solution for those looking to keep their homes free of pests and insects without the dangers of artificial sprays, baits, commonly found on the market.
  • FAST ACTING – MDXconcepts is not only Fast Acting but also Long Lasting. Kills Fast and helps Keeps them out.
  • SAFE – Safe to use all around your home. Mdx Concepts is a Natural Non Toxic Alternative to chemical based Pest Control Products. No worries of harmful fumes or dangerous poisons & chemicals coming in contact with you and your family.
  • MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - Formulated by professional we guarantee Mdx Concepts Home Pest Control Spray is effective to work. Try 100% Risk-Free for 60 days and If you are not completely satisfied we will refund your purchase, no questions asked.
  • Toxin-free, organic.
  • It does not react with other chemicals.
  • Safe around children and pets.
  • Works on other insects other than roaches too.
  • Can be used on hard to reach areas.
  • Not effective against heavy infestations.
  • It does not attract roaches.

5. Rockwell Invict German Roach Gel Bait

This quick killing gel-based bait kills roaches in just half-hour after they consume it. It is manufactured in such a way that it spreads itself among the population of the nest of cockroaches. Each roach that dies because of this bait leaves sets of droppings which further kill other insects.

The Rockwell Invict German Roach Gel Bait is made in such a way that it attracts roaches much faster as compared to other baits. Also, it does not cause any irritation or discomfort to people in the room once the bait is set. It is an easy-to-use bait. The gel form spreads quickly and does not affect the daily routine. It is a “fire and forget” option to get rid of the roaches.

This roach killing gel comes in a pack of 4 tubes, each filled with 35 grams of gel. The manufacturer claims it to be formulated without the use of 8 most common food allergens. So, it can be used in schools, childcare, healthcare, and other sensitive areas. It is highly recommended for areas with a heavy roach infestation. The secondary kill mechanism can clear out nests of roaches using roaches itself. It uses exposure to the carcass of dead insects along with droppings to kill other roaches. It can control roach infestation in your home at lightning speed.

We used it on german roach infestation. The roaches previously used to enjoy all the baits we threw at them. They kind of gained an immunity towards the baits. But with the use of this product, we saw some serious results. Where all raid bug barrier, ortho home defense, and other brands failed, the Rockwell gel bait did miracles. We saw dead roaches in a couple of days, and the whole infestation was cleared within a week. This product is most suitable for severe to kill breeds of insects.

Rockwell Labs - Invict Gold - Cockroach Gel - 4 Tubes, 4 35-Gram Tubes
  • Roaches begin dying in as little as 20 minutes after eating the bait
  • Proven secondary kill when roaches are exposed to carcasses and droppings of roaches that ate the bait
  • Unique food grade attractants are intentionally different from other popular baits, making InVict Gold the ideal choice for bait rotation to prevent bait aversion
  • Formulated without the eight most common food allergens for sensitive applications such as food plants, schools, child care and health care facilities
  • It can quickly spread throughout the roach population.
  • It does not cause any allergies to people nearby.
  • Secondary kill action.
  • Quickly kills roaches.
  • Simple application using tubes.
  • It does not attract a number of species of roaches.
  • It does not come with any child and pet protection bait stations.

6. Harris Boric Acid Roach Killer Powder

Boric acid is one of the most efficient solutions towards the roach infestation problem. It is strong enough to take down entire nests of roaches. The harris boric acid roach and silverfish killer powder can quickly kill insects and get rid of all pests and roach infestation in a week. It is made in such a way that it is able to lure out hidden insects or bait-averse insects. It also spreads out to the nests before killing the individual insect. It takes a three-days time to kill the roach after coming in contact with it. In these three days’ time, it spreads to all the cockroaches in the nest, and in a week’s time, it clears out the whole house of roaches.

This power is simple to use all you have to do is spread it in places where you most often see roaches. It is advised to spread it along the edges of the room as cockroaches tend to move along the walls of the room. You can also sprinkle it behind objects and below sinks as those are the most probable spots for roach infestation. The roaches will attach the powder to themselves, and soon your house will be cockroach free.

It comes in a 16 oz—puffer bottle with an extended straw which eases the sprinkling easy in hard to reach areas. There are a few precautions while using this product. It must be kept dry. Also, it is highly toxic in nature, so it must be kept away from the reach of children and pets. You may need to quarantine the room before using it. Based on its user reviews, it is very effective against heavy infestation and can get rid of almost any species of roach and bugs.

HARRIS Boric Acid Roach and Silverfish Killer Powder w/Lure, 16oz
  • Long Lasting - Continues to kill roaches, palmetto bugs, water bugs and silverfish for weeks after application as long as it's kept dry
  • Fast Acting - Insects coming into contact with the powder will die within 72 hours after initial contact
  • Easy Application - The puffer bottle with extended straw makes application quick and simple for difficult to reach areas
  • Contains Irresistible Lure - Harris food grade lure attracts roaches from their hiding places
  • EPA Registered - Made in the USA & Registered with the Environmental Protection Agency (No. 3-10) for use in homes with people and pets
  • Works quickly.
  • Spreads among nests very quickly.
  • It can draw out insects quickly.
  • Can be used in hard to reach areas.
  • It does not come with any child or pet protection.
  • Highly toxic nature can affect humans also.

7. Raid Roach Killer Insecticide Spray

This spray provides you with the ability to kill roaches instantly. This contact-based roach killing spray instantly kills insects, so you don’t have to wait for the poison to act. And its residual action keeps killing the roaches on contact with the carcass for up to 2 weeks. It can stay on unwashed surfaces for a maximum time of 4 weeks, which prevents the cockroaches from settling in that spot again. It comes in an easy-to-use spray can that can be used in tight spaces effectively. The spraying mechanism provides a flood of poison to the roaches.

This spray has a no odor formula, so it does not leave any chemical odor. Instead of that, it leaves a light lemon fragrance that can help to keep a record of the areas where you used it in a soothing way. It contains conventional insecticides that are well known and suitable for killing roaches and pests that wander in your home. It has a significant drawback that it does not attract bugs, and therefore it is not ideal for large infestations. It is a general roach killing spray that can be used to kill occasional siting of roaches.

It can be used along the edges of the room, behind the cupboard and other furniture. The raid ant and roach killing spray are effective against a wide range of insects that can invade your home like waterbugs, silverfish, spiders, etc. It can be sprayed on both insects and the floor. It acts very fast and can quickly get rid of small infestations in days. Its simple application and affordable price make it one of the most user-friendly products in our top 10 list.

Raid Ant and Roach Killer Fragrance Free, 17.5 OZ (Pack - 2)
  • Kills on contact.
  • Residual kill of ants and roaches works for up to four weeks.
  • Leaves behind no lingering chemical odor.
  • Has an Outdoor Fresh scent.
  • Use with other Raid Defense System products to work smarter, not harder, to fight bugs.
  • No odor or chemical smell.
  • Acts really fast on roaches.
  • Lasts long on unwashed surfaces.
  • Easy to use on awkward corners.
  • It can prevent roaches on the spot for up to 4 weeks.
  • Not a good option for large infestations.
  • It does not attract roaches.

8. Black Flag Roach Trap

If you do not like dead roaches lying here and there and do not like to apply any spray or set up any bait, this is the best product for you. The Black Flag Roach Motel is a trap for roaches; it is a sanitary approach to get rid of roach infestations. This product comes in a pack of 12 traps that are perfect for small-scale roach invasions. This trap consists of a potent attractant for roaches that cannot be resisted by insects. It has a strong adhesive, which gets a grip on the roach, and as the cockroach tries to get itself out, it injures itself more and more. It is a brutal yet very effective method to kill cockroaches.

Different from baits and sprays, you don’t have to find insect corpses and clean the room thoroughly. This trap holds the roaches in it, and you can throw the trap itself to get rid of the insects. The most effective way to use it is to place the trap near the roach nest at night and throw the trap in the morning. We used it and were amazed to see that not only it catches cockroaches but can also trap rats in it. This easy-to-use product can be placed behind the furniture, below the sinks, or in the garage or basement where it is dark. The traps can be left for some time, and you will find the traps full of dead roaches within a few days.

These traps are adhesive based, so these are safe for both children as well as pets. The Black Flag Motel Trap can trap a number of insects, including bugs, spiders, and mice.

Black Flag 11020 511086 Roach Motel Insect Trap, 2 Count
  • EFFECTIVE CONTROL: Traps roaches, waterbugs, Palmetto bugs, spiders, crickets and scorpions
  • HIDES DEAD BUGS: Conceals dead insects – just throw trap away when full
  • ATTRACTS ROACHES: Special lure attracts roaches into the trap, where they become stuck to the glue surface
  • GUARANTEED: Guaranteed to work or your money back – see product label for details
  • Sanitary approach towards roach elimination.
  • Economical price.
  • It can attract roaches very easily and quickly.
  • Pets and children are safe.
  • Not ideal for large-scale infestation.
  • Trap catches mice too that make noise at night.

9. Ortho Home Defence Max Spray

If your house suffers from frequent insect and roach invasion and you do not want to call any pest exterminator and spend your hard-earned cash, then this product is made for you. The Ortho Home Defence Insect Killing Spray consists of a 24-ounce spray bottle which is very compact in size and can be used in tight spaces and hard-to-reach corners very quickly. The powerful combination of Bifenthrin and Zeta-Cypermethrin is deadly for roaches. This fast-acting compound does not leave any stain or odor. Along with this, this product is entirely safe for kids. All you have to do is wait for it to get dry, and then it is safe to walk on it.

This product is highly effective against even the toughest of roach species. We tested it on german cockroaches and got desirable results. This insect spray can kill a wide variety of insects, including centipedes, millipedes, scorpions, silverfish, etc. if you want to protect your house against insect invasions, then you should use this product inside as well as outside your house premises. However, there are a few precautions while using this product. You should not use this product on porous surfaces as it reduces the efficiency of the spray. Also, if there are pets in your house, it is recommended not to use this product as pets can develop acute sickness on the consumption of this product.

This product can control the invasion of pests and insects for up to 12 months. All you have to do is apply a 12-inch barrier spray outside, and a 4-inch barrier sprays inside your home. This coating needs to be renewed every three months, and it can protect you from insects for a long, long period of time.

No products found.

  • Very affordable as compared to pest exterminators.
  • It can kill a wide range of insects.
  • Safe for children to walk.
  • Non-staining and odor-free.
  • It can be used indoors as well as outdoors.
  • Gets washed off during the rainy season.
  • Needs to be reapplied every three months.
  • Not safe for pets as they lick around.

10. Alazco Glue Traps

It is one of the most pocket-friendly ways of getting rid of all the insects that roam around in your house. This non-toxic product is quite simple. In the pack, you’ll six cardboard traps covered with glue. These traps are small in the area: 4.5*6.5 inches. There is no chemical drama, no hassle, no need to take extra care for children and pets. You can use this trap folded and flat on the surface. The manufacturer claims a mild chocolate smell to attract insects to the trap. But the attractant is quite faint.

This glue-based trap is quite simple to use. All you have to do is take a trap and remove its peel to expose the glue. Then you have to place it at a spot that is close to an insect nest. Placing it flat or folded is your choice, depending on what insect you need to catch. For roaches, it is recommended to be placed flat on the surface. You may also need to destroy the nest manually to lure the insects out. You can also use some food bits to draw out roaches and insets to the trap. It is very easy-to-use as compared to other glue-based traps. And it is a great option to use in garages, sheds, and warehouses.

There are a few precautions while using this trap. The customers are recommended to set up the trap carefully, so they don’t stick their finger to the glue board. Also, pets and kids may attach it to their hairs and body parts. To remove it, use warm water or oil. This product is only suitable for areas where insects are seen occasionally.

ALAZCO 24 Glue Traps - Excellent Quality Glue Boards Mouse Trap Bugs Insects Spiders, Brown Recluse, Crickets Cockroaches Lizard Scorpion Mice Trap & Monitor Non-Toxic Made in USA
  • Great Non-toxic way of catching all types of Rodents and insects including Mice, Insects, Spiders, Lizards, Spiders, Snakes, Cricket, Silverfish, Gecko, Bugs, Cockroaches, Fruit Flies, Crickets, Grain Moth and others.
  • The glue covered surface measures 6.5"x 4.5" (the whole board is 7.75'' x 5.25")
  • Can be used as flat or folded and placed where rodent or other target pests activities have been observed.
  • Set of 24 Trap Boards - ALAZCO Glue traps are PROUDLY MADE IN USA
  • NON-TOXIC Perfect Pest control for places where pesticide can not be used.
  • Non-chemical, Non-toxic.
  • Safe for children and pets.
  • Pocket-friendly price.
  • Not suitable for more massive infestation.
  • Attractants are not strong enough.

Roach Killer Buying Guide

Buying a roach killer can be a tough job. And this job gets even tougher when you don’t know what you are looking for. In this buying guide, we will provide you the knowledge that you will need to get yourself the best roach killer according to your needs.


If you own a pet or have kids in the home, then you need a roach killer that comes with a safety station so that your kids or pets don’t get any harm. These poisonous materials can make your loved ones sick or in extreme cases cause death. You must check all labels and ensure all the safety features that you need before buying any roach killer.

Some compounds are safe to touch but not safe to eat. Users must be familiar with all the properties of the product before using it. Using a product without proper knowledge can lead to disasters.

Deterrence and Killing

Sometimes causing some hustle among insect nests and deterring them can be more effective than killing them. Combining both killing and deterrence can do the job. Many products are able to draw out roaches from their nests. Using these products with roach killers can lead to excellent outcomes.

Also, deterrents can be used to create a barrier to ensure no roach invades your home again. An ideal way of protection would be utilizing a roach killer to clear the house of any cockroach and then using a deterrent to create a protective barrier.

Baits and Poison

Sometimes a planned approach can clear out the whole army of roaches. Instead of a direct killing approach, sometimes we can use a poisoned roach as a trojan to clear out the other insects in the nest. Baits attract cockroaches, and then it applies poison to them, which kills them as well as the roaches in the nest which are in contact with the cockroach.

This planned approach is slow but adequate for large-scale infestations. If there are a couple of roaches in your home, then a direct attack with a poison spray will do the job quickly.

Working of roach killer

The compounds which are used in roach killers have different approaches to kill the insects. Choosing the correct plan to clear your house is a crucial decision. If your home has hidden nests and heavy infestation, then a roach killer with a secondary kill mechanism is desirable. Otherwise, a fast-acting killing spray or trap can do the job efficiently.

One expert advice is to use the baits near water. As the roaches cannot swim, attracting them to corners where they cannot climb back and effectively drown is an excellent way to get rid of a small-scale infestation.

Frequently Asked Questions About Roach Killer

How is electronic roach killer effective?

First of all, there is no such thing as an electronic roach killer. The electronic devices in the market are to REPEL the insects NOT KILL them. These adapter-like devices emit sounds that are only hearable by insects. This sound cannot be heard by humans, and it scares insects off. They are quite unreliable as compared to insect killers. Certain species of insects can tolerate this sound, and these gadgets are ineffective against them. Hidden insects may still breed and stay in your house, so these devices are of no use unless it is a quite powerful one that can move insects out of your home.

Can roach poison kill my dog or cat?

Poison in baits or sprays is very less in quantity to kill an animal like a dog or cat. Still, it is advised to take extra caution when there is a pet in the house. Even this small amount of poison can make your pet seriously ill. And if your pet is allergic to any of the ingredients or takes the poison in a significant amount, it can be lethal for your pet.

To make sure your pet stays safe, make sure that you place the bait where your pet cannot reach.

Should I hire an insect exterminator?

Insect Exterminators are serious professionals. They can get rid of all kinds of infestations for you. But they charge heavily for it. If you have a small or medium-scale infestation, I would suggest going on some excellent insect killer package. If your house is infested so much that there are insect nests everywhere, then you have no option but to spend some bucks and go for an exterminator. Still, you can try some products from the above list. Maybe you save some money and get a right product for yourself.

What can be suggested as a precaution to keep roaches away?

Roaches hate the smell of citrus fruits. You may love the fresh smell of fruits, but roaches hate them. So if there are no roaches in your house and you want to keep it that way, then you should use some cleaning agents with a citrus smell to keep cockroaches away. Other than that, you can use some spray that can be used outside your home to set a safety parameter against insects. In this list, ortho home defense max is one such product that can keep you safe from insects.

What harm do cockroaches cause?

Along with their scary and unpleasant appearance, they cause serious harm to the house. They damage book bindings and fill the cabinets with their feces. They also harm plants and leather items. With all this, they also carry dangerous disease-carrying bacteria, which can cause food poisoning, diarrhea, typhoid fever, etc. And during molting its scales mix with air and causes asthma. In short, cockroaches can cause some severe issues to the house as well as its residents.

What causes the roaches to breed in your house?

Unsanitary conditions and improper storage of items may lead to the appearance of cockroaches in your house. Undone dishes and overflowing garbage cans provide free access to food to cockroaches. In apartments, basements are the ideal spot for their breeding. It provides the environment to roaches that makes them multiply quickly. All the unhealthy things in your house are the perfect conditions for insect breeding.

Can I use glue-based roach traps for catching mice?

Yes, glue-based roach traps have a powerful adhesive. The more an insect tries to get out, the more it gets trapped. To lure a mouse, you can use any nut-based butter or merely a piece of bread. There are a few issues with catching a mouse with a roach trap. If a roach is trapped in the trap, then the mouse will not come near the trap. And if the mouse gets stuck, it makes a lot of noise and makes it uncomfortable to sleep at night.

Will the chemical-based roach killing sprays damage my wood flooring?

No, chemical-based roach killing sprays does no damage to wood. It is basically a poison, not any acid. I have used roach killing sprays on my wooden cupboard, and I did not find any damage to it. If you are still worried about the product, you can test it on a small piece before applying it to the whole floor.

Can we use these sprays on plants?

No! These sprays are full of toxins that can damage your plant or maybe even kill it. Whether its an indoor plant or an outdoor plant using roach killing sprays on it will destroy it. You can spray it behind the furniture or the pot in which the plant is. But you cannot use it on plants.

Can I use roach killing bait in my car?

I would not recommend using this in your vehicle. These baits must be kept dry all the time. Vehicles go for a wash, and it may spread the smell in the car. If your car is filled with roaches, I would recommend using a cockroach killing spray in it and then cleaning it thoroughly.

When should i replace the bait stations?

The bait stations must be replaced every three months. But if the roaches come sooner, then you can replace them more frequently. Unfortunately, all baits stations do not have the mechanism for the user to check whether the bait is remaining or not. There are products in the market where you can keep a check on the amount of bait remaining in the station.


Roaches have become a daily issue in the lives of urban people. Unhealthy ways of living and less cleanliness in the environment lead to the infestation of these insects.

On the basis of effectiveness, the Advion Cockroach gel-based bait is the best product in this list. Not only it kills a wide range of insects, but it is also long-lasting and directly attracts cockroaches. Its simple application makes it the best product in this top 10 list.

If we talk about value for money, then Hot Shot Ultra liquid-based roach bait is the best option as it attracts roaches very quickly and also destroys eggs without leaving any stains. It is a very much pocket-friendly product. It is ensured with child and pet safety. This feature makes it a reliable product for people who have kids or own pets in the house.

Finally, if we discuss the overall best product, we would say that the Combat Max roach killing bait is the choice as it has powerful insecticides, and it can destroy entire nests of roaches. It also has covered stations to protect pets and children from any harm.

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