We understand that Veopartidos has been suspended, and it no longer works. But do not worry, we have come with 12 best Veopartidos alternatives so you can watch Football online without any intervention. The Santander League, the Champions League, and every other thing related to Football, you will watch on these pages. So, let us have a look at these alternatives to Veopartidos. Also, the pages that we are going to mention are some of the trusted sources.

Best Things about Veopartidos

Veopartidos has a simple and basic layout design that makes searching easier for anyone, even if it is not a regular visitor of Veopartidos.

Veopartidos provides you a platform to watch football games online to watch any champion league, Santander league, and many other leagues without any hesitation.

They have a comfortable and attractive interface that can be used by any visitor, and the interface is relatively simple and friendly for everyone.

It also has an advanced searching option that will let you search for a match using a few keywords. So, all you need is to enter the correct keyword, and then you can watch the match.

At last, Veopartidos had made it simple for every person to watch any football game from home or wherever you are.

Bad Things about Veopartidos

Like many other websites that provide free content of watching football games, cricket matches, movies, and videos, this Website also is illegal, and thus, provides pirated content.

The Website has its host server that contains matches and leagues that you want to watch online. So, you cannot trust the Website if it has malware.

It violates Intellectual Property Law as well as Broadcasting rights, and so, it is banned from telecasting anything.

The Website cannot be trusted to provide intellectual football videos. It is certainly possible that it contains malware and viruses that can damage your system.

Are there alternatives to Veopartidos?


The answer to this question is yes. There are many alternatives to Veopartidos that contain contents that are very much similar to what Veopartidos used to contain. Veopartidos got banned because it violated Intellectual Property Law and Broadcasting Rights. There are still some websites that can provide you the same content so that you do not miss anything.

12 Alternatives of Veopartidos

In this guide, we will discuss alternatives that can be used in the place of Veopartidos. Still, we strongly recommend not to watch anything from any website that is violating the Intellectual Property Law and Broadcasting Rights. More so, we are not encouraging any websites that are violating the guidelines.


This page is very similar to Veopartidos. Besides, the page has the same layout and appearance as that of Veopartidos. Not only this but also it relatively matches RojaDirecta.

You can watch live football matches, live Champions league, live Santander league from Latin American countries. The countries include Chile, Mexico, and Argentina.

Moreover, it would be best if you were careful with links, download buttons, and ads. These links, download buttons, and ads contain malware and viruses that can damage your system.

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However, the content offered by Intergoles is relatively similar to what Veopartidos used to offer. So, you can find any online football game only if you know how to use keywords to find them


Kodi is not the old traditional Website that offers everything like movies, soccer, and leagues. It is an application that is compatible with Android, iOS, Mac OS, and Windows.

The layout and design of this Kodi application are fundamental and straightforward. One needs to add channels that they want to watch, and they can find everything on those channels.

It will also show all the live matches and leagues while broadcasting on their live channel. Not only this but also the quality of the video is HD and Full HD.

It also does not contain any advertisements or external sources that contain ads or malware or viruses.

Wise Play

Wise Play is very similar to the Kodi application. It has the same layout and design as that of Kodi. Also, the quality of streaming video is almost similar to the Kodi application.

Wise Play is a kind of online television with different channels to add to your library or save to your profile.

After this, you will only be showed videos that are available on these channels only. More so, Wise Play does not contain any content that violates

Another good thing is, the quality of videos that stream on this Wise Play application is much better and higher than that of those available videos.

Also, you can watch videos, leagues, and matches without any intervention of advertisements or pop-ups.


Verliga does not provide direct broadcasting of football matches and Champions league, unlike other websites and applications.

It mainly launches different channels on is a platform that lets the channels broadcast live matches or leagues.

Because it does not broadcast anything on its own, there are no advertisements and pop-ups to create any mess.

It has countless channels that show different types of matches, games, and online streaming of live videos. You can choose many channels and add them up in your library. It will help you to organize your likes.


This Website is so much similar to VerLiga and contains everything that VerLiga contains. You can be ensured that the quality that RapiFootball provides is much better than the traditional streaming videos.

More so, the Website does not contain advertisements and pop-ups that can interfere in between watching any match or league.

The layout and design of this Website are relatively similar to VerLiga, and the design is simple and basic. It has a friendly interface that can let anyone search for anything without having any problem.

Not only this but also it has an advanced search option that will let you search for anything with the help of focus keywords. You must know some keywords that are widely used for searching.

It has different dedicated columns that will help you to search for anything in their specific columns.

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BatmanStream has changed its domain name many times because of Website blocking in Spain and other countries.

BatmanStream is one of the leading websites among online football match broadcasting websites. It contains not only older telecasts but also the live leagues and games.

It has a massive collection of channels for different sports such as Football, Cricket, Hockey, Volleyball, Tennis, and many other sports.

More so, it does broadcast videos and games from different countries as there are no restrictions on the countries.

The website layout is beautiful and friendly. Anyone can use the Website for searching for anything without having any issue. The interface is relatively more straightforward and appealing.


StreamSports is a website relatively similar to the websites that we have mentioned above. It contains different sports such as Football, Cricket, Hockey, Boxing, and many more.

The Website has an attractive layout and a simple and basic design that will help you to look for everything that you want.

It has different columns for different channels, making it easy for a user to search for anything. Also, the Website is free of cost, so that you can watch anything free of cost.

However, you have to be quite careful from download links and buttons that can lead you to install malware and viruses.


PirloTV is very similar to RojaDirecta. So, it contains almost everything related to Football. Also, the quality of streaming in HD or Full HD.

The Website has a direct and straightforward layout, and it lists every game that it contains. You can find every game on the top of the list, and the older games are listed below in the list.

It focuses only on Football, and so we cannot find any other game or match. However, the Website does contain many ads and malware, so you have to be careful of all the download links and download buttons.

More so, the Website is trusted, so you can use it for downloading anything or searching for any games.


EliteGol has a simple website layout listing everything in a particular column to make it easier for searching and downloading.

The Website does not have its host server, so it does not contain any ads and pop-ups of its own. However, it is certainly possible that the hosting server may contain different ads and pop-ups.

It does not contain many sports so that you can watch only the videos it contains, mainly Football. Also, the Website is trusted, and you can watch anything on it.

It has made it simple for its users to search using their advanced search option that will help you to search for anything that you like quickly.

The Website is pretty much similar to those websites that we have listed above and provided the same video quality that these websites provide.


Another alternative to Veopartidos is Sports365Live, as it contains everything that Veopartidos use to contain the same quality.

The quality that Veopartidos used to provide to its users is similar to what Sports365Live provides these days.

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Also, it has an attractive scrollable option that you can make use of while searching for games and leagues.

Another advantage of this Website is that it offers the same content in many other languages, such as Spanish, French, English, and many other languages.

So, even if you belong to another country and wish to check this Website, it can offer you the content in your language.  


One of the best-known alternatives to Veopartidos is RojaDirecta. It has a beautiful and attractive layout and website design. It also has a structured collection of matches and leagues of different sports.

It has a separated and dedicated column for every sport. So, if you are looking for a particular sport, it will be better and comfortable for you to search in that particular column instead of searching the whole Website.

Also, the Website has its file hosting server that is regularly maintained, and thus it contains no ads and pop-ups. More so, it does not contain malware and viruses and hence, can be trusted for searching.

The Website has a vast library regularly maintained to keep the most recent searches at the top and others below. You can find every video related to sport only if you can search.

At last, RojaDirecta does not contain any pirated content and a legitimate website that can be trusted for your searching and downloading.


Now, we have come to our last Website that can be used as an alternative to Veopartidos. This feed2all Website has a vast library with many columns that offer things that you might want.

Although it has a vast library, the searching option is relatively more straightforward. It contains a smart searching option through which you can search for anything with the perfect keyword.

The Website has pure content, and it offers good downloading speed if you need to download them. Otherwise, you can see them online.

The video quality of the feed2all Website is very high and full HD. So, you do not need to worry about the quality that is offered by feed2all.

More so, this Website is free from ads and pop-ups that provide another ease to their regular visitors.

In the end

Although we have provided you enough alternatives to Veopartidos website, we strongly recommend watching only those websites that are legitimate and do not contain any pirated content. Some of the websites usually get banned because they violate the Intellectual Property of Law and Broadcasting Rights. So, we encourage you not to watch these websites.

However, if you want alternatives to Veopartidos websites, we have listed you twelve top websites that can replace Veopartidos. All these websites contain the same content that you might want.

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