From children to elders, everyone loves watching cartoons. In our childhood, we used to watch cartoons on TV channels such as Cartoon Network, DisneyXD, Hungama, Pogo, etc., but as time passes, we are getting busy in our adult life.

By using sites like Kisscartoon, you can complete your cartoon series or Anime, which you left incomplete in your childhood. There are very high chances that anyone can miss their favorite cartoon show on TV because you need to watch it on time; otherwise, you can miss the episode. Kisscartoon gives you the freedom to watch your favorite cartoons or Anime anytime.

Currently, It is one of the most popular hubs to watch cartoon movies, animes, and series. And with a good internet connection, you can steam your favorite cartoon movies and shows from free cartoon streaming sites such as kiss cartoons without paying a penny.

What Is Kiss Cartoon?

Kiss Cartoon

Kisscartoon is one of the top-notch websites to watch cartoons, series, and Anime online. Not only kids, but adults can also watch their incomplete cartoon shows and their latest episodes for free. Kisscartoon is currently managed by KissAnime network, which also manages other popular sites that start with Kiss word in starting.

Users from all over the world visit Kisscartoon to watch cartoons online. Upon research, we found that 33% of traffic comes from the USA on Kisscartoon. The Website offers thousands of cartoon shows and animes to watch.

One of the unique features I found in Kisscartoon is that it comes with an Advance filter option, which allows you to filter content according to your need. You can filter it with type, genre, year, and status. It also shows that a particular series is ongoing or completed. Kisscartoon offers a variety of cartoon shows starting from the year 1926 to now.

In 2017 Kisscartoon went down due to multiple copyright infringement violations. However, a copyright strike is typical for these types of sites. Thanks to mirror sites and multiple domains and servers, users can access their favorite cartoons anytime.

Few of the Kisscartoon mirror sites are,,,,, Kisscartoon.Bz,, and much more. Accessing pirated content sites can be a punishable offense, but you can reduce the risk of getting caught by using a good VPN.

Top Kiss Cartoon Alternatives

For cartoons and anime lovers, only Kisscartoon’s Website is not enough. There are very high chances that your internet service provider might block Kisscartoon. You can use a VPN to access Kisscartoon at that time, but most of the VPN are paid, and free ones give only limited data to use. In this situation, you can use alternative websites such as Crazy cartoon, KissAnime, Toonova, etc. to watch cartoons and Anime show online.

If Kisscartoon is not opening or you are not able to access it for some reason, then these Kisscartoon alternative websites will do the job for you.

1. CartoonCrazy


CrazyCartoon is a perfect alternative to the Kisscartoon website. It is pretty the same as Kisscartoon in look and style. The User Interface is very user friendly and easy to use. Currently, CartoonCrazy gets 12 million+ monthly views from all over the world.

Here you can find dubbed animes and cartoons in multiple languages and subtitles. It comes with an inbuilt video player, and you can stream your favorite show on mobiles, laptops, and tablets as well. I suggest you to start using CartoonCrazy to watch animes such as Deathnote, Sword Art Online, etc.


2. Toonova


Toonova is an old and well-known anime website. The site contains only minimal collections of cartoon series and animes, but all the uploaded content on Toonova is of high quality.

The good thing is that Toonova uploads new cartoon episodes after they’re released. Die-hard fans like me who do not want to wait for months to watch the latest episode surely love Toonova.

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On the advanced side, Toonova offers multiple mirror links for every episode so that users can watch their favorite shows without any issues. Overall the user interface is straightforward and easy to navigate, and you will get minimum ads.



Top 7 Kiss Cartoon Alternatives for Streaming Free Cartoons Online allows you to watch your favorite cartoon show or series from the comfort of your couch without spending a single penny. No matter which device you are using, supports all the platforms.

The site contains all the latest and popular cartoon shows such as Transformers, Justice League, Ultimate Spiderman, The Simpsons, and many more. You can start using to spend your free time watching your favorite cartoon shows.

Apart from the Website, also offers an android app to its users. You can download the android app to watch cartoons directly on your smartphone.

However, the app is available only for android users, and if you have an iOS device, then we advise you to use the Safari browser and bookmark the for easy access.


4. KissAnime


Another free cartoon streaming website on the list. KissAnime is almost the same as Kisscartoon but offers more features. One of the unique features I found in KissAnime is that you can request any cartoon show, series, or Anime if it is not available on KissAnime. To request uploading, you can contact them on the official KissAnime Facebook page.

KissAnime covers all the popular categories such as horror, romance, comedy, fighting, journey, etc. If you are a Japanese anime series lover, then it has a particular category only for Japanese animations and hand-drawn characters. It has a section of the anime list where users can find animes in alphabetical order, which I found pretty interesting.

Currently, Kissanime does not work with a mini browser such as UC mini and Opera Mini, so use browsers such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox to access the KissAnime website.


5. Cartoon Extra

Cartoon Extra

Cartoon Extra is one of the best cartoon watching websites among youngsters. It contains all the popular cartoon movies and comic shows. Some of them are SpongeBob SquarePants, The Loud House, Adventure Time, Dora The Explorer, and Regular Show, etc. are available on Cartoon Extra. Not only cartoon shows but you can watch the latest cartoon movies too, such as The Grich, Henchmen, and many more.

Apart from cartoon shows and movies, Cartoon Extra offers comics as well, which is like the cherry on the cake.


6. Watch Cartoon Online

Watch Cartoon Online

Watch Cartoon Online is pretty the same as Kisscartoon. The appealing yet straightforward user interface is very easily browsable by children that makes it a decent website to watch cartoons online.

The navigation bar on this Website is highlighted, which helps you search your favorite cartoons and animes with ease. Interestingly the ads are kids friendly, which makes it safe for children. Even the name itself is very delightful.


7. Crunchyroll


Crunchyroll is another social website for cartoons, high-quality animated videos, and animes as well. It is an American based website which offers thousand of cartoon shows and series.

You can not only be able to stream the content online but also download the content to watch them later. Currently, CrunchyRoll has a wide range of Manga choices as well that will change your boring time into a fun time.

It was launched in 2006, and it receives 50 million+ monthly traffic, and 40% of traffic comes from the USA. Now you can assume how popular it is. Overall it’s a perfect alternative to the Kisscartoon website.

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On the downside where Kisscartoon and other cartoon streaming websites are free, Crunchyroll is paid. You need to purchase a monthly subscription to watch the content. However, Crunchyroll offers 30 days trial for its users, and you can take the trial before buying their monthly plan.

The good thing is that Crunchyroll is 100% legal to watch because you are paying for the content. It has over 14000+ hours of Anime and movies that is enough to fulfill your desire. Your data and privacy are safe when using Crunchyroll.


8. AnimeToon


AnimeToon is another Kisscartoon alternative website to watch cartoons online. AnimeToon has its android app, too, but you will not be able to download it from Google Play Store. You can visit the AnimeToon website to download their android app to start watching cartoons online.

Here you can watch dubbed Anime and cartoon series, movies along with Korean drama and comics, which can be found at the top of the animation website. The user interface is easy to use and very user friendly.


9. 9Anime


9Anime is another most popular website for watching Anime and cartoons online. It contains almost all of the anime shows and movies. 9Anime also uploads the latest content as soon as it gets released. Currently, it receives over 27 million traffic per month, and a large number of users are from the United States of America.

You will find most of the Anime in the Japanese language with English subtitles, but they also have English dubbed Anime as well. If you didn’t find your favorite Anime, then it has a request section where you can request for your favorite anime series or movie.

The user interface of 9Anime is appealing yet straightforward and I’m pretty sure you will fall in love with the awesome UI. 9Anime is optimized for PC and mobile as well, so you will get the same speed on both platforms.


10. GogoAnime


GogoAnime is also the best option to watch anime series online. It is similar to 9Anime. Most of the anime website uses pop-up adult ads on websites, but GogoAnime does not promote any pop-up ads for the users.

Gogoanime provides the latest content daily. All of the new content posted on the dashboard. The majority of the content is Japanese, but you can also find English dubbed shows and movies as well. The interface of Gogoanime is clean, and it contains all of the anime shows.


11. Disney Junior

Disney Junior

How can someone forgets Disney when it comes to cartoons. There is hardly anyone who doesn’t know about Disney. Disney shows are an integral part of our childhood. For decades Disney has the best, and popular animated movies and cartoons show such as Mickey Mouse and the clubhouse, Donald Duck, etc.

Disney Junior is an official website specially made for kids to binge-watch cartoons online. It doesn’t contain any adult ads; that’s why it is super kids friendly.

The User Interface is also very kids friendly, and kids can easily use the Website without your help. Disney uses a lot of colors on the Website which attract kids, and it has a massive library of cartoons produced by Disney.


12. Cartoon Network

Cartoon Network

There was a time when I watch cartoons the whole day on Cartoon Network. Some of them are Ben10, Tom and Jerry, Oggy and the Cockroaches, Generator Rex, and many more. Apart from their TV channel Cartoon Network has its Website where users can watch their favorite cartoon shows, which were produced by Cartoon Network.

Not only Cartoons, but you can also play addictive games on their platform with your favorite Cartoon Network Character such as Ben 10, Adventure Time, Regular Show, Gumball, etc.

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It has a very kid’s friendly user interface and an inbuilt player, Which is almost the same as a Youtube player. Cartoon Network doesn’t contain any annoying pop-up ads on their excellent platform. Apart from this, Cartoon Network has its app, too, for both Android and iPhone.


Is KissCartoon Safe to watch Cartoons?

Kiss Cartoon logo

No site is secure that provides copyright content for free. There is no doubt that Kisscartoon is a fantastic website to watch all types of cartoons and animes online, but it comes with loads of ads and viruses.

Most of people might find the ads too annoying. If you are a person who loves their privacy and internet security, then it will be the wrong decision to watch cartoons on Kisscartoons.

However, some people still prefer Kisscartoon to watch cartoons online because almost every Website shows ads that offer pirated or copyright content. To be on the safe side, you can open KissCartoon on a device that doesn’t contain your data.

Safeguard Your Privacy While Watching Content Online

There are very high chances that your internet service provider might block the Website mentioned above. However, there is a solution to everything. To watch cartoons from any blocked website you can simply use any good VPN which unblocks the Website as well as safeguard your data and privacy too.

  • Download any good VPN such as NordVPN or ExpressVPN.
  • Create an account and buy the subscription pack, or you can take the trial before actually buying a VPN.
  • Change your location to any other country and access the Website.
  • That’s it! Enjoy watching your favorite cartoon show without any issues.

Note: You can use VPN to access the Kisscartoon website, too, as well as its alternatives websites.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I Stream Cartoons for Free?

You can access any of the above websites to watch cartoons online. All the mentioned Website contains all the latest and most popular cartoon and animes. You can watch any of them from the comfort of your couch.

Is KissCartoon legal?

No Kisscartoon is not legal because it contains copyright content.

What Can I use instead of KissAnime?

You can use other mentioned websites instead of KissAnime. Alternatively, you can use VPN to access KissAnime if it blocked by your ISP.

Can KissCartoon Give you a Virus?

Yes, Kisscartoon can give you a virus. They use a lot of pop-up ads and malware on their Website to generate revenue. You should use a device that doesn’t contain any of your personal and essential data to safeguard yourself from viruses.

Final Verdict

So it was the list of best Kisscartoon alternative websites for streaming free cartoons online. You can try any of them to watch your favorite cartoon show anytime, anywhere. No matter it is cartoon, Anime, animated movies, or series, you will get all of them on the above websites.

We are working hours and hours to find the latest and working websites to watch free cartoons online. It will be appreciated if you share this post with your cartoon lover friends and colleagues. Remember Sharing is Caring


Meta: If you are looking for Kisscartoon alternative websites, then this post is just for you. Here we have mentioned some of the best Kisscartoon alternative websites to watch free cartoons online.

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