Animated movies and videos, also known as cartoons, have come a long way since Walt Disney made them famous in the early 20th century.

From using multiple drawings on a paper flashed back to back one after the other to create an illusion of moving images to use computers to create beautiful 3D animations without actually having to draw anything on paper physically, modern animations have come a long way.

Modern cartoons are becoming popular amongst all the age groups, unlike earlier when only small kids enjoyed cartoons. People who grew up watching cartoons are still very much attached to them and watch them regularly.

These factors have made the animation industry popular, and animated movies regularly cross their contemporaries in gross ticket sales. Even adults like revisiting the cartoons they used to watch as kids and still enjoy them.

This has spawned a whole new industry in online streaming catering specifically to the audience looking to stream or download cartoons.

What is Kiss Cartoon?

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One of the most popular streaming websites for cartoons is Kiss Cartoon. It provides free streaming for thousands of cartoon titles, both old as well as new: US cartoons, animated movies, and some anime form most of the library of the website.

It has most of the popular titles of movies and series, old and new alike, available to stream for free. Kiss cartoon has more than 5000 titles, including modern titles like Family Guy, Gravity Falls, etc. along with old classics like Scooby-Doo and Pink Panther series.

With the sudden rise in popularity of smartphones and mobile apps and them, Kiss cartoon also launched their mobile app, which was a huge success. It made all the titles available to stream, just like Netflix, but without paying anything for them.

Since they provide everything for free, the costs are recovered by using aggressive advertising, which can be a bit intrusive sometimes. So, it is usually recommended to use an adblocker service before visiting the website.

The website has multiple domains through which it can be accessed, and this is done to prevent authorities from taking down the website by blocking one domain. But even after this, the website gets banned regularly in many regions and countries, and many users search for an excellent alternative to the website. In this article, we will be discussing some of the alternatives to Kiss Cartoon, which have a similar library of content and features.

Top 7 Alternatives of Kiss Cartoon

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KissAnime can be considered a sister website of Kiss Cartoon specializing in anime content. The website is one of the most popular websites used by Anime lovers around the globe. The layout and user interface of the website is like Kiss Cartoon.

Like Kiss Cartoon, this website also is heavily supported by advertisements, and it is usually advised to use an adblocker before visiting the service. The user interface is intuitive with all the popular content on the homepage itself. The trending and upcoming titles are present on the homepage.

The website also provides a discord function that allows users and anime lovers to discuss their favorite shows. These community-building features have made KissAnime one of the best websites to visit for any anime fan. Manga comics are also available for reading and discussing on the website, and hence, for all the things related to the Japanese cartoon industry, Kiss Anime is a got website.

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There is an option to sign up to the website and once a user is signed up, many other features can be unlocked. These features include the ability to Bookmark any anime series, get notifications when a new episode for a user-chosen show comes online and many other personalization settings. Such features are the reason behind the repeated members and the popularity that the website enjoys.

Kim Cartoon

Kim Cartoons is simply one of the best websites to visit if you want to watch cartoons of any type and genre. No list of Kiss Cartoon alternatives can be complete without the mention of Kim Cartoon. It is one of the most polished alternatives to Kiss Cartoon. The user interface is easy to use, and all the titles are neatly divided into various categories.

The search function on the homepage works well to pull up any title the user has searched for. The advanced search feature can fine-tune the search by filtering through the genres or author names. The cartoons can also be browsed through, and the list can be sorted based on popularity, name, last updated, in either ascending or descending manner.

The same assortment can be done based on the types of files, depending on whether the file is a movie or a series. There is also an option to submit new manga chapters for budding writers, and users can also read manga on the website. Regular users can register on the website and get access to a host of features, which makes it easier to view and read content regularly without having to search for the same content again and again.

Cartoon Extra

Cartoon Extra is one of the best-looking alternatives to Kiss Cartoon, and the user interface is easy to use. The polished website has a sizable collection of cartoon series and movies. All the new, ongoing, and popular cartoon series and movies can be streamed or downloaded from the website at no extra cost.

Famous cartoons like SpongeBob SquarePants, Dora The Explorer, Regular Show, and many others can be easily streamed on the website. They also have some non-cartoon but kid-friendly shows like power rangers available for streaming.

The homepage contains options like Full movies and daily shows, making it easy to keep track of all the new movies and shows being released on a daildailysodes of all the popular shows can also be streamed easily.

Like all the other websites in the list, cartoon extra also provides an option to read comics. Still, unlike other websites that usually provide the manga comics, this website provides other American comics. The cartoons on the website can also be browsed according to the genre, making it easier to search for cartoons based on the user’s mood. All these features together make it a worthy alternative to the Kiss cartoon.

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Toonova is one of the most popular free services for people looking to watch the latest animated series or movies. Toonova also has an app like Kiss Cartoon and works seamlessly with almost all android devices.

The website is famous for uploading any new episode as soon as it releases, and this is the reason behind its popularity amongst the fans of the ongoing cartoon series. They also provide more than one mirror link for each episode uploaded, making it easier for people to stream without any hassles or congestion.

The design of the website homepage is simple, and all the ongoing series are visible on the homepage along with the number of episodes available on the website. The search option works flawlessly. Users can also choose to browse through popular movies and cartoon series by sorting them according to new, recent, ongoing, and completed series in ascending or descending order.

Users can also view all the titles in alphabetical order making it easier to browse through the titles. Different genres can also be used for browsing, which makes discovering new shows and movies to watch easily on the website. All these features, combined with a vast library of content, make Toonova an excellent alternative to Kiss Cartoon.

Watch Cartoons Online

Watch Cartoons Online is one of the most popular services for watching cartoons online by thousands of users. Because of its popularity, it has always been hunted by the authorities, which makes it difficult for them to remain active on one domain and makes it difficult for users to find the working domain of the website.

The user interface of the website is simple, with all the popular titles on the homepage. Hovering the cursor over the titles on the homepage brings up the description of the series or movie and a play button that can be used to stream the content. The search function works fine on its own, but there are no advanced search options available.

Clicking on the menu button brings up all the categories according to which the content can be sorted and browsed. The website also has its android application making it easier for users to stream content on their mobile phones.

Registered users having an account on the website can bookmark their favorite shows and add them to their favorites.  Such features and regularly updated content libraries make the website an excellent alternative to Kiss Cartoon.


For those who want to watch Anime as soon as they air on television for the first time, this is their go-to service. AnimeToon’s USP is the speed with which they upload content and make it available for streaming. The website recently got an android app that can be downloaded from their website.

The app is not available on the play store to download. As the name suggests, it has a good collection of both Anime and cartoons and caters to a broad audience. The content library is vast, and the website is easy to use. The homepage contains all the latest episodes along with the dates on which they were released.

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The search function is essential, but the options to browse through the vast library are excellent and intuitive. The service also provides dubbed anime series as a different option so that purist anime fans do not download dubbed versions to watch. Most of the ongoing and famous cartoons and Anime can be easily found and streamed on the website.

But it is advised to use an adblocker before using the website. All these features and the amount of content available makes Anime Toon even better than Kiss Cartoon for streaming cartoons and hence a great alternative.

Watch Series

Unlike other websites on the list, Watch Series does not provide only cartoons to stream. All types of content, like movies, TV series, Cartoons, and Anime, are available on the website. The content library of Watch Series related to Anime and cartoons is excellent and is more significant than many dedicated websites providing cartoons to stream.

The website is more polished than the ones mentioned above, and searching through content is a breeze. The search functionality works flawlessly and provides relevant results in no time. On the left-hand side of the homepage, different categories like Series, Drama, Anime, Popular Movies, and web series guides are available, making it easy to browse through the massive content library and find relevant content.

In the anime section, all the recently added episodes are available and the number of episodes in that series. Users can also choose to register on the website to use additional features like adding the movies and series to favorites or bookmarking them.

The website also remembers where you last left and continues from there when the same video is played again. Such features, which are available for free, and the massive content library containing not only Anime but also other content, is one reason behind the popularity of the website.


Unlike the widespread belief that Anime and cartoons are viewed only by kids, the reality is very different. Most of the cartoon movies and series are earning more or equal to regular live-action movies proving the point that even adults like cartoons as much as kids.

All the animation studios are coming up with new cartoons and anime series to cater to adult audiences, mostly, and the experiment has been successful worldwide. Services like Kiss cartoon cater to such an audience and have been providing cartoon movies and shows to stream online for many years.

But because of authorities blocking such websites for promoting piracy, Kiss cartoon is not available everywhere. In this article, we have mentioned the seven best alternatives to Kiss cartoons and explained various features available to decide which service to use.

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