In today’s world, many important things have shifted to the online world, and Education is one of them.

Various websites provide Education online, and some of them are free of cost. If you are a college student, high school student, or Ph.D. holder, then you all know about these learning platforms.

In this article, we will discuss one of the best online educational platforms named Text sheet used by the students for their home assignments and project works.

We have also discussed some of the best alternatives to the Text sheet in detail. Let us have a look.

What is Textsheet

The text sheet is a website made mainly for the students, which assists them in finding answers to their queries.

The students must enter their queries in the search bar, and the website provides the answers to the related questions. It is considered a lifesaver for the students and gives them a better insight into the tricky question.

The text sheet is open-source software that is power-packed with various features, helping students in their project assignments and HomeWorks.

Is the Service Fee?

Textsheet provides all its services and features free of cost for the students. Thus, the text sheet was brought down as various online educational platforms filed lawsuits against the Text sheet company. In today’s time, a marvelous platform is not available online.

But there are various websites available on the internet which provide the same features as compared to the Textsheet website.

Top 8 Alternatives of Text sheet in 2020

1. Slader


Slader is one of the best platforms for college students, which provides an online homework assistance platform.

It offers all the necessary functions which are useful for the students at a significantly less cost. Some of the essential features of Slader is that it provides some of the essential textbook solutions and a step by step guide to most of the questions.

You can also scan your textbook barcodes using the website’s scanner application or use the search textbook feature to find your desired book.

The platform provides a massive database of study materials, including upper-level maths, lower level maths, etc. Slader is available both for android and iOS users, and it is also available for Windows PC.

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2. Course Hero

Course Hero

The course hero is one of the most effective websites as it provides more than 30 million student resources.

The resources provided by the Course hero is in the form of guides, research, videos, notes, etc. One of the best parts about this platform is that it covers all the main subjects like math, biology, English, etc.

It is also helpful for students who are preparing for exams. It lets you access self-test preparation and provides sample test papers, which helps the students understand the pattern of examination.

The best feature about this platform is its 24/7 Homework Help, and it provides personalized coaching for students from professional schoolteachers and college professors.

It comes with a monthly membership fee of $9.95. You can also opt for the Earn free access feature, which helps you study from your resources after uploading it on their server.

3. Chegg


It is considered one of the best alternatives for the Text sheet, and it has the most significant market share in the world and the greatest number of students in the US.

It provides a massive database for the students, such as resources and test preparation guides. Chegg is considered a strong reason which leads to the downfall of the textbook.

The pricing of Chegg’s membership starts from $14.95 per month. It also offers the trial version of its features for 30 minutes.

Some of the best features that Chegg offers:

  • It provides millions of answers to the question from all around the world.
  • It provides Some internships and jobs if you are skilled enough
  • It provides a rent feature which enables you to rent a book

Chegg also offers a seven-day trial period for the new students. The software is available both on Android and iOS systems, as well as on PC also.

4. Paper Help

Paper Help

Paper help is one of the students’ essential software, but it is somehow different from the textbook in terms of features. Students use this platform for research purposes mainly.

You will find all the custom papers for various subjects as the website is designed mainly for Ph.D. students. Paper help provides some writing service that helps you with long essays or other writing services at some cost.

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You only must enter the requirements, and the system itself calculates the cost you must pay for the work. It also offers a money-back policy, and if the customer is not satisfied with the work, Paperwork will return all the money to the user.

You can also call the custom executive and the support team if you are not happy with their services. The support team is available 24/7 for the customers to answer every query.

5. Crazy for Study

Crazy for Study

It is considered one of the best platforms for high school students. It offers some specific help in every subject. The platform provides a vast database of more than 50 million books and other study material on its server. It has a search option, making it easy for the students to search for their desired queries.

The platform also provides an online preparation test for various subjects such as higher maths, science, etc.

As it is a new website, it is offering various offers on new sign-ups. New users will be pleased by the great offers provided by the website on the study resources. One of the main disadvantages of this website is that it is only available for Australian students.

6. Studylib


Another great alternative to the textbook which provides a massive database of study material and learning resources for students. It is considered an excellent platform for the students as it answers most of the queries and complements assignments.

One of the best features of this website is its “Share” function, which enables you to share your notes and study material with other users. To use all the website functions, you must register on the website’s server and provide you with a login id and password.

It also comes with a “Flashcard explorer,” which helps students browse different subjects according to categories like maths, science, English, etc. All the services provided by Studylib are entirely free, and they do not ask a single penny from the user. You also get an online grammar checker and spell checker feature on the website, which saves your money, which you will invest in some writing software.

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7. SparkNotes


This platform focuses mainly on the English language and literature. It helps the students in creative writing and Arts.

It is the best platform for those students who need some help in writing guides and literature portions. All the plays by Shakespeare, Hemingway, and other best authors are available on this website in a literature guide.

The platform provides multiple test samples and quizzes that are helpful for the students preparing for the competitive examination.

SparkNotes is available both on Android and iOS platforms.

8. Coursera


Another fantastic website and the best alternative to the Text sheet. It was founded by two Stanford graduates who just wanted to make learning easy.

Now, the website has more than 20 million active users, with more than 4000 courses available.

Coursera is an excellent platform for researchers as it provides a massive database of study materials. It is considered an ideal website for the Ph. D students and helps them collect the resources and materials for their research.

Like the other platforms, Coursera is also available on both Android and iOS platforms. It is not a free platform to gain control over the website’s full services; you must pay a small amount of fee.

Final Words

We have provided you some of the best alternatives for the Textbook website. Some of them are free, and some are not. So, it is upon you to decide which one is best for you. It would help if you decided whether the fee you are paying to the website is worth it or not.

If you find this article useful, do not forget to share it once, and if you have any doubts/questions regarding the topic, do not forget to paste it in the comment section below. We will try our best to solve all your queries.

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