Manga, as a form of entertainment, has increased in recent times. Many popular manga comics have even got their anime series with the more popular ones even being adopted into English TV series.

This popularity has been led by many manga fans online who have their communities and forums where they discuss the latest and ongoing manga series and even write and share their fan fiction about their favorite series.

This popularity has given rise to many online platforms providing free online comics for manga fans to read. Manga Stream is one such Website having one of the largest content libraries for Manga and had many unique features that made it one of the best websites for manga fans.

This made it one of the most popular websites for manga lovers in a short time. Many manga communities were formed on the Website, and it has one of the most extensive user base of manga lovers worldwide.

Is Manga Stream Working?

Manga Stream was launched around a decade ago and, since then, has built up a vast user base that depended on the Website for all the Manga comic-related things, including fan-made Manga. However, the Website was not legal.

Even though no one knows the real reason behind the shutdown of the Website, speculations say it was done under the pressure of authorities. The official twitter handle has also been shut down, and all the past tweets have been deleted from the Website.

A website using the URL is still active, but it has not been proved legitimate yet. The most likely scenario is that the Website is a knock-off of the original one with someone trying to make money out of it.

Why was Manga Stream Shut Down?

The biggest reason behind the shutdown of the Website is that it was illegal. The Website dealt with escalation. It made the fan-made scans of manga comics available to the public. The fans also did the translations available on the Website.

But scanning and distributing comics of any other media is illegal according to the laws of most countries, and hence the Website was deemed illegal. It came under the purview of anti-piracy laws. Since many publishers face massive losses because of such blatant copying, the authorities acted and shut down the Website.

19 Best Alternatives to Manga Stream

Since the Website was taken down, many users have lost their go to the Website for all their manga needs. In this article, we will be discussing all the other alternatives users have for reading Manga comics, which are like or better than Manga Stream.

Manga Here

Manga Here is one of the most popular websites providing manga comics to read for free. The Website has a collection of more than 10,000 comics, and it is growing every day. The Website is new as compared to some of its peers, but the content is equally significant. Due to regular complaints about the Website, the Website must keep changing its domain, and users would be advised to use a VPN before visiting the Website.

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MangaDex is one of the websites which can serve as a genuine alternative to Manga Stream. The Website is popular among the manga readers and provides not just all the popular manga comics to read, but also many different versions of the same comics, most of which are written by the fans.

They also have alternative fictions, crossovers, and many other categories, and the comics are available in around 20 different languages. Like Manga Stream, MangaDex also has a massive community of passionate fans, and it has many features to make the community grow.

Manga Fox

Manga Fox, in recent years, has grown by leaps and bounds in terms of popularity and has spawned several copycat websites. The most popular results on google are also one of them, and the Website is operating out of the domain address

The Website has a vast collection of manga comics and has a good android app that can be downloaded using the QR code on the Website.

Manga Owl

Manga Owl is famous because of its ability to release the comics on their websites fast, sometimes even before their official release. It has a massive library, and even with that size of the comics library, the user interface and the Website’s design are such that it makes finding the content you want or discovering new content accessible.

The genre section is massive, with about 50 odd genres. All the content can be neatly sorted and viewed using many filtering options available on the Website. All these factors together make it a worthy alternative to Manga Stream.

Manga Eden

For those users who want the websites they visit to look appealing and pleasing to the eyes, Manga Eden is not for them. But looks aside, the Website is easy to use, especially on a desktop.

The navigation is straightforward and intuitive. The manga comic library is massive, and most of the popular comics are available in two languages- English and Italian. The experience of reading the Manga is best on this Website, and apart from the resume reading function, which might be missed by some users, it provides all the essential features needed and some more.


ComiXology is the only wholly legal platform mentioned in the article. Amazon owns it, and it is not just limited to Manga. All types of comics can be bought on the Website for online or offline reading.

The mobile app is intuitive, and if the user is ready to pay for Manga, this is the best Website to read the comics on. There is a vast library of 100,000 plus comics available on the platform, with some being distributed for free. Comics are available in many different languages, including European and Asian languages.

Manga Reader

Based on looks, features, and content, Manga Reader is a website that resembles Manga Stream the most. It also has the “Surprise Me” button for those who cannot decide which comic to start next. The mobile version of the Website needs some work, but apart from that, the Website is a worthy alternative to Manga Stream.

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Manga Reborn

Manga Reborn is not a website for manga reading but more of a community for manga fans, trying to spread the comics worldwide. It has a news section and a forum where the manga readers can discuss things and interact with manga comic readers.

Users also can share their manga comics and discuss or take feedback from other manga readers about the quality of content. This level of engagement has made Manga Reborn one of the most active manga communities on the internet.

Kiss Manga

Kiss Manga is famous for its massive collection of manga comics. Their library has more than 100,000 manga comics available, and the user interface and website design are such that discovering new content or finding the content you need is easy. It is also famous for making the new comics available as soon as they are released. All these features make this Website one of the best alternatives to Manga Stream.

Manga Town

Manga town has a vast library of manga comics available with a fresh new user interface design compared to other similar websites. But even with the new design, the most impressive features like the ability to sort the lists based on filters like name, date, views, ratings, etc. All these features make reading comics a hassle-free experience on the Website.

Manga Panda

Manga Panda, in some ways, is an exact copy of Manga Stream in terms of user interface and has a massive library of manga comics available for free to read. It also has the famous “Surprise Me” feature from Manga Stream, and this makes it easy for users for Manga Stream to switch over to Manga Panda without having to go through a learning curve in the beginning.

Ten Manga

Ten Manga is one of the newest manga websites and has become popular in a short time. Being new, its usability is better than most of the older comics, and the content library is slowly catching up to the most significant websites in this business.

With features like the ability to continue where you left and a separate list of already read comics, it has become one of the most feature-rich alternatives to Manga Stream.

Manga Freak

Manga Freak is one of those rear hidden gems which exists with its more popular rivals. If you want to download Manga offline and then read it without an internet connection, this is the Website for you.

The content library is also massive, making it a popular service in areas with bad network connectivity. The high-quality manga scans, a vast content library, and a host of other features make it one of the best websites for manga readers.

Manga leno

With one of the biggest manga databases, manga leno is one Website that even some of the manga search engines refer to. With 40 plus genres and high-quality manga scans, this can be a one-stop-shop for manga lovers. The design is also intuitive, and the search function works flawlessly. These factors make it a suitable replacement for Manga Stream.

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Manga Park

Manga Park is one of the best and most popular Manga reading websites. With features like the ability to choose how many images can be loaded at once, it creates a seamless user experience not matched by any other manga website. These features, along with a massive content library, easy user interface, and sound design, make it a worthy alternative to Manga Stream.

Viz Media

Viz media is one of the most popular applications on android to download or read manga comics online. It has a free application that provides all the comics available to the user once the subscription is brought to the service. Apart from Manga, it has a vast collection of anime and other language comics, making it one of the best platforms to use for reading manga legally.


Mangakakalot is another website that is rising fast in popularity amongst manga readers and has quickly acquired a vast user base. The Website is one of the fastest to upload new titles once they are released and is an excellent place to start reading Manga if you are new.

With an attractive user interface and host of other features, it is one of the best manga websites available on the internet and is a good alternative for Manga Stream.

Read Comics Online

Read comics online is a popular website providing comics of all types to its users. The Website also has a vast database of manga comics, comparable to some dedicated manga websites.

The service is entirely free to use and is used by millions of people worldwide for reading comics. The user interface is also one of the most vital points of the Website and is very intuitive for searching through the massive content library of the Website.

Manga Bat

Manga Bat is one of the new age manga websites designed especially for mobile devices. The library of manga comics might be limited compared to other similar websites, but it is one of the best websites to read Manga on the go.

The features available for mobile users include continuing where you left and a separate list of already finished comics. Such features make it one of the best manga services in terms of user experience, and its popularity is bound to rise as new content comes to the Website.


Manga has grown in popularity rapidly over the last decade around the world. This popularity has given birth to many illegal websites like Manga Stream, which provides all the content for free and without purchasing the distribution rights.

This affects the publishing houses deeply and has resulted in many publishers being shut down. To fight this problem, authorities have banned and taken down the Website. In this article, we have mentioned some alternatives to the Manga stream for reading free comics online.

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