Torrent is an easy and fast way to download your favorite movies and TV shows in just one click. Many of us who cannot afford Netflix or Hotstar resolve to free sites like Torrent9 for entertainment and time pass. Several websites provide free video download services.

Not only movies and TV shows, but most of the BitTorrent sites also have games, software, and ebooks available for easy and free download. Some of these sites also have verified content and provide secure download links. Magnet links are provided by websites like The Pirate Bay that allow you to connect directly to the seeders and eliminates the middleman.

To use these Torrent sites is extremely easy. For example, on the Torrent9 site, there is a search bar for finding movies and series by their names. Also, on the home page, there are quick links to the latest tv shows that gained immense popularity and good reviews.

Torrent9 is one of the leading sites that has gained a lot of traffic and popularity in recent years. This website features a trustworthy and user-friendly interface that will allow anyone to operate it, even without much technical knowledge. It has an enormous collection of movies and series, including the latest ones.

But recently, there have been complaints emerging through users that they are unable to open the site by using its main domain, i.e., So, to battle this difficulty, we are going to give you a list of Torrent9 proxy and also some mirror websites. Only a few sites match the customer satisfaction level of Torrent9, but we are going to mention the best ones.

Torrent9 Proxy and Mirror Sites

Torrent9 Alternatives

There are different domains for visiting the same site on the server. These URLs are not official but are replicas of the Primary Torrent9 site. Despite having variable domains, these mirror sites will lead you to the same content as the official website.

So, if you are not able to access the leading site due to restrictions imposed by your Government or ISP or due to any other reason, you can try your way through one of the URLs listed below.

These clone sites are as good in quality and quantity as the primary URL ( They’ll operate at equal speed, will deliver the same content, and also updates like the official website.

Torrent9 Proxy

  • Proxy URL 1:
  • Proxy URL 2:
  • Proxy URL 3:
  • Proxy URL 4:
  • Proxy URL 5:
  • Proxy URL 6:
  • Proxy URL 7:
  • Proxy URL 8:
  • Proxy URL 9:
  • Proxy URL 10:

How to unblock Torrent9?

If the Torrent9 website is blocked, then you can also try unblocking the site using a VPN or a Tor Browser.

VPN – Virtual Private Network gives you anonymity over a public network by connecting you directly to the private network. You get a secure and encrypted connection, even to inaccessible or blocked sites.

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TOR Browser – TOR browser is a security-based software that provides encryption and anonymity to its users along with accessibility to blocked sites.

Best 12 Torrent9 Alternatives

There are innumerable options for downloading Torrent files online. But there are multiple risks and hazards of choosing the wrong ones. Not all of them are verified and secure.

Here is a list of some of the most popular BitTorrent sites that are frequently visited by a large number of torrents. You can use any one of them according to the accessibility in your region and the availability of the content you are looking for.

The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay (TPB)

The number one on our list is a top-rated Bittorrent site that has a humongous database and yet effortless operation. However, this website is banned in many countries and regions but still has a broad reach. This is due to some unique features like peer to peer file sharing and different sections for different type of content. The site also supports magnet links and thus has the option of Magnet Download.

The site is very user friendly with a search bar on top and a list of top 100 torrents. So, if Torrent9 is not working, The Pirate Bay is your best alternative.



This is one of the new sites to become a hub for torrents. It has become quite popular due to its agility and tip-top features. The interface provides smooth operation and easy one-click download. Not just free movies and Tv shows, the site also has the right amount of games, ebooks, and software in demand. And the good news is that all the content available is verified. The site also displays torrent size and its upload time.

The official URL is, which has been directed to recently. There are rumors that this is because of pressure from DCMA. Nonetheless, the site is accessible in most of the countries except Australia, France, and the United Kingdom.



The widely accessible 1337x is a favorite place of many circadian torrent site users. It has a clean User Interface with a variety of content compartmentalized in different sections. You can get a plethora of movies, TV shows, games, software, and even music on the site and download them using Torrent or the Magnet links provided. The site is accessible in most places except Australia, Ireland, Austria, and the United Kingdom.



Katcr stands for Kickass Torrents. The website is made by the original KickassTorrent staff members and is relatively accessible. The site does not have nifty features but provides you with the right quantity of content. The main thing that is responsible for the traffic on the website is its clean and straightforward user interface.

The search bar has categories, subcategories, and intervals as well to give you precisely what you want. The site is not at all messy and will provide you with a good browsing experience. Katcr.Co is ISP targeted. Internet Service Provider is a company that gives you access to the internet.

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If you are a fan of watching movies on high definition and can’t bear to miss on the details, then YTS is made for you. This site gives you information on the movies you are going to download, like the synopsis, trailers, and also the casting information.

One can download these movies in 720p and 1080p and 3D as well. Shows, music, and other media are not available on this site. The searching process is also quite simple, and browsing is easy. YTS is accessible worldwide except Ireland.



This site does not have a large aggregate of the video content but focuses mainly on the software and games. It is a hub for gamers who are looking for new games online for free. The site is quite popular and gives you an excellent user experience. One can find almost every software and game on the site. It also has a list of the latest torrents on the homepage. It is the best alternative for Torrent9 to download video games.



TorLock is a treasure box for people looking for entertainment media. It has Movies, TV shows, Games, Music, and whatnot. The cherry on the cake is that all the content of the website is verified—no risk of viruses and no need to use a VPN for security. Just head to the site without much thought and download your favorite movies and shows. The most popular and exclusive content is displayed on the homepage.

The only downside is the continuous popping of ads on the site, which can irritate you sometimes; otherwise, the site is pure gold. TorLock is available in all the countries and regions except Australia, India, and the United Kingdom.



This is one of the oldest websites on our list. This site was initially named Meganova and then changed to SeedPeer. The site is a decade old and is very well developed with advanced filtering options. Browsing on the website is relatively simple as the website has segregated the content according to the genre and also displays the content update in the last 48 hours on the homepage.

SeedPeer also displays the seeds and peers of the torrent file (hence the name) along with the age, size, and health of the file. This site gives the most variable media content like movies, tv shows, ebooks, music, games, software applications, anime, and adult content as well. The accessibility of the website depends on your Internet Service Provider as the site is ISP targeted.



Driven by community users, this site also has a variety of databases for visitors to choose from. Though the website is unstable and keeps on changing its extension from time to time, the daily consumers keep track of the updates and alternations happening on the website. The site provides movies, tv shows, games, and software to download for free. It is one of the best alternatives to Torrent9.

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RARBG is a reasonably accessible website that provides high definition movies and other content for free download. The site, much like YTS, has movies available in 720p, 1080p, and even in 3D. But unlike YTS, it has other content available as well, like games, shows, ebooks, etc.

The best part about the website is that all the content is verified, and the download links are secure. Also, the data of the RARBG site is segregated into different sections to make the site easy to navigate. It also provides magnet links along with torrent links. The website is accessible in all countries except Ireland.



The only website available in the entire world without exception holds the title of “Anywhere, Everywhere.” It is accessible in all countries and regions. Zooqle has over 1300 TV shows and 30,000 movies available for free download. But no games, ebooks, software, or music is supported by the website.

The User Interface is the best among all the others and is very well developed. No advertisements or pop-ups will come to disturb you in your happy browsing. Zooqle also displays information on the movies like cast names, directors, and synopsis. Other than that, it also shows release dates and the latest torrents on the homepage. This website is an excellent alternative to Torrent9 in terms of movies and tv series.



Last on our list is the EZTV website that gives access to thousands of multimedia files to the visitors. It has a plethora of movies and exclusive TV shows to choose from. Though the UI seems a bit outdated, it is still one of the best out there.

The website also has a separate section for the latest news on Torrent. There are no ads or pop-ups to ruin your experience. This website is accessible in all the countries and regions except Ireland, Australia, and the United Kingdom.


Torrent is the best way to download and watch movies and shows on your smartphones and laptops without spending money. Torrent9 is one of the many websites that provide you with free entertainment stuff. But if Torrent9 is not working or is blocked, there are a plethora of equally good alternatives.

Some of the best ones are The Pirate Bay, LimeTorrents, and 1337x. If you want to download games, then IsoHunt should be your first choice. And if you want movies in high definition or 3D, then go for YTS or RARBG. Also, you can try accessing Torrent9 from Torrent Proxy and Mirror sites. If the site is still blocked, then use a VPN or TOR browser to get secure access to the Torrent9 website.

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