What is better than the ability to watch your favorite movies and TV shows whenever you feel like using a simple application like Netflix? Well, the answer to that question will be the ability to watch them for FREE! Yes, you read that right. You can view all your favorite movies and shows on-demand and without spending even a single penny. How? It’s simple using a website that goes by the name “m4ufree”.

M4ufree is a website that allows its users to stream the latest content, completely free of cost and without any hassles like signing up or providing credit card details. This has made it exceedingly famous among people who come to the internet searching for free content.

M4ufree has seen massive growth in its user base in recent times due to the attractive features it provides. But, as pleasing the idea of free content may look, there are still downsides to it. But some of those downsides can be avoided by using different websites that provide the same service as m4ufree.

After all, there is no shortage of such sites on the internet. And so that you don’t have to do the hard work, we researched for you. We have curated a list of websites that might be the right choice as an alternative to m4ufree if you don’t particularly want to use the latter. But, before that, let us take a look at what are the features that m4ufree provides to its users.

What are the Features Provided by M4ufree


When it comes to features that make m4ufree a desirable choice to watch free movies and TV shows, the one that stands out is the ease of use. The website makes sure that its users get a hassle-free experience while surfing the site.

The home page of the website is pretty clean, with the latest titles laid out for you in a simple manner. There is also a search bar at the upper right corner of the home page for you to easily search for the movie or TV show you wish to watch. Once you open a movie page, you get the option to watch the movie online or download it for watching it later.

The same goes for TV shows as well. The titles are also curated in different categories like “New Movies” or “2018”. All these features make surfing the website a pretty easy thing to do.

Also, what makes this experience even better is the fact that you do not need to sign up or give any email id to use the website. You also do not need to get any sort of subscription plan or provide any card details, since everything is completely free.

Another feature that has drawn so many users to the website is its extensive database of content that is updated regularly. With m4ufree, you can be sure that you will be able to find the latest content on the website. And you can find this content in HD quality. Awesome, right?

All these features make the user experience a smooth one and make you thank the creator of the internet. But, as the saying goes, “Nothing good comes without a cost.” So is the case with this one.

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There is a cost you pay, not with money but with privacy. Yes, you guessed it right; you are at risk while using such sites. And the reason for that risk is the legality of the website. Let me explain everything in detail.

Best Alternatives for M4ufree



Putlocker is a website remarkably similar to m4ufree. It is tough to distinguish between the home pages of m4ufree and Putlocker. But they don’t just look alike. They offer the same features as well. This is why Putlocker is a good alternative for m4ufree. You can find the latest movies and TV shows in Putlocker quickly as well.



Solarmovies is another good option. You might want to consider if m4ufree movies do not satisfy your needs. It has a more modern layout compared to m4ufree, although the working is pretty much the same.

Your search for movies using the search bar and get the option to download or watch them online. However, solarmovies just contain movies and won’t able to cater to your TV show needs. But you can be sure that you will find all the latest movies here.

Watch Free Movies

Watch Free Movies

This website is another good option but again has only movies. Although it is relatively easy to use and has fewer ads. This makes things more straightforward as there are fewer redirects and less hassle.

You also get news articles related to the latest happenings in the movie industry, which is a great additional feature. You also get movies from all over the world and not just English movies, which make it an even better option.



Primewire is an option you can consider, which will not let you down in case everyone else does. It has a massive library of movies and TV shows, and the collection is updated frequently.

Primewire has a bit different interface compared to the ones mentioned so far, but it is not at all complicated. Primewire also allows you to comment on the movie’s page, which is an excellent source of information for someone who doesn’t know how to use the website or download a movie.



Vumoo is a viral free movie streaming website. Almost everyone who has ever searched the internet for sites like m4ufree must have come across Vumoo as well. And the reason for it being so famous is its simple to use interface with minimal ad policy.

Also, it is one of those websites which provides new content at the earliest. And you can be sure that every movie in Vumoo will be available in high-definition. All these features make Vumoo an extremely desirable choice as an alternative for m4ufree.



Go movies is another website you can try in place of m4ufree. It is similar to all the sites mentioned so far in every aspect but one. It is entirely ad-free. Yes, that’s right. While Vumoo might have a fewer ads policy, Go movies has a no-ad one.

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This a significant advantage Go movies have over others since ads can be pretty annoying at times. Not to mention the fact that you’re getting everything for free. After all, that is the most important thing. Although it also has just movies and not TV shows like Solar movies and Watch Free Movies.



Reqzone is a website that works a bit differently from the one mentioned so far, but it gets the job done. Reqzone, instead of giving you an option for directly downloading the movie, directs you to a third-party website where the download link is present.

This also makes Reqzone a legal site, which means it won’t be taken down, and you will not have to look for a new option now and then. As for the user interface, it is straightforward. You just have to search for your desired movie or show, and you will be provided with options to get download links in every quality, from 360p to 1080p.

Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time

Popcorn time is the most different and the best alternative to m4ufree movies on this list. It is not a website but an app whose setup you can download from the official Popcorn Time website. The app is extremely simple and straightforward to use and has all the movies and TV shows you could ever ask for.

What’s more, is that it comes with an in-built video player that has extremely user-friendly controls. Also, there are zero ads inside the app, which make the user experience precisely like a paid service like Netflix or Hulu. Popcorn Time is the ultimate free movie streaming option available out there.

Is M4ufree Legal? Risks with M4ufree

M4ufree Logo

Well, short answer, No. If you think about it, it should not be possible for you to get your hands on the latest content without paying any money for it when the sole purpose it was created for was to earn money. But, it is made possible by piracy, which is illegal.

And so are these websites. But, are you are at risk or not is something that depends on where you live, as every country has its own rules regarding the consumption of pirated content. While in some countries, only the distributor of pirated content is the culprit, in others, even the consumers are.

There are other risks as well with such websites that put your personal information at stake. To understand those risks better first, let me explain to you how these websites run.

Just like everything else, you need revenue to run a website. That revenue is generated by displaying ads on websites. These ads are often displayed on the left or right side of a webpage, are also embedded on the buttons in some cases, which upon being clicked, take you to another website. So when you click on a button, for example, the search button, you are redirected to another irrelevant webpage.

And these websites you are redirected to can often contain harmful content, like malware or a virus that can corrupt your PC. It can also be an adult website that would not be suitable in case your child is using m4ufree or any other such site. These websites can even trick you into entering your credit card details and loot you of your money.

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All these reasons make it vitally essential that you use websites like m4ufree with proper precautions and knowledge. Below are some things you can keep in mind to be safe.

How to Stay Safe While Using M4ufree


The fact that you’re using an illegal website makes it extremely important that you hide your identity before doing so. The best and only way to do it on the internet is through a VPN. VPN is software that changes the IP Address (Unique address given to every computer for using the internet) of your PC for the time they are activated. This prevents your computer and in turn you from being tracked down while you surf websites like m4ufree.

Use Antivirus Software

Ads that redirect you to another website can sometimes also take you to a site that may trick you into downloading software. This can be done in many ways; the most common is, asking you to download a flash tool to watch the movie you were looking for.

While you may need to download such software at times, you should never do it from any website other than the official website of the software. These redirected websites mostly download malware into your computer, thus putting your privacy at risk. Therefore, it becomes essential for you to have active antivirus software protecting your PC at all times before entering any such websites.

Beware of phishing

Websites like m4ufree never require you to enter any sort of personal details before giving access to their content. If you are, however, asked to do so, you should immediately leave the website before even thinking twice. Such sites that ask you to enter any personal details are all phishing websites, and you should be extremely aware of not falling in their trap.

Keep an Eye on your Child

Some ads on websites like m4ufree may contain content that is not appropriate for an under-aged child. This may include adult content as well. Therefore, you must keep an eye on your children and make sure that they do not visit such websites.

To prevent this from happening, you can always use incognito browsing while visiting m4ufree. Using these simple methods, you can browse torrent websites with peace of mind. But, you may not find everything you want in m4ufree. In that case, we have made a list of sites where you can look for your desired piece of content.

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