Your childhood was excellent if you had lived in the era when comics used to be the primary source of entertainment. Most of us must have had our first favorite superhero from the comics itself, and if you have been a hardcore comics lover, then you must have stepped into the world of Manga. Manga is a collective name for Japanese graphic-based comics and novels which were developed in the late nineteenth century and gained followers of every age. The art of Manga has touched almost every genre, including action, adventure, comedy, drama, business, science fiction, sports, and a lot more. Comic books play an essential part in people’s lives.

The popularity of Manga:

The fast digitizing world made the Manga go digital as well, and in recent years the digital Manga has gained quite a popularity. Being available online, the reach of Manga to avid readers has increased a lot as people can enjoy reading their favorite Manga on the go as well. mangastream was one such website that had the best collection of Manga, but the website is now not active. In this article, we will analyze in-depth whether the website is dead and what all are the other alternatives for Mangastream.


Mangastream is one of the most popular websites which allowed you to read Manga for free. It has been around for a decade and has gained a lot of popularity with ever-increasing web traffic. Let us take a look at the features that Mangastream provides for the manga lovers:

  1. First of all, Mangastream is free for all. Yes! You heard it right. You do not have to pay for reading your favorite Manga on Mangastream.
  2. Mangastream is a perfect place for its lovers as they get the Manga of all genres collected in one place.
  3. It has got a straightforward website layout, which makes it a lot more accessible.
  4. Mangastream comes with a comprehensive search and filter option using which you can find your favorite Manga very easily.
  5. Mangastream has its mobile application also, which makes accessibility to a whole another level. You can read your favorite Manga directly using the app and no matter where you are.
  6. The best part about Mangastream is its vast libraries of Manga, and you can find all of your favorite ones at a single place.
  7. The website is updated regularly so that you do not have to wait for the sequels and the latest releases.

Why is Mangastream being Considered Dead?


The shutting down of Mangastream is not officially announced, but there are chances that the owners were asked to do so under certain circumstances. However, no one knows the actual reasons behind the closing of Mangastream, but we have come with alternative websites to get regular updates about Manga. But recently, the official Mangastream website stopped working, and rumors had the opinion that it is permanently dead. Well, if that is the case, then what must be the reason?

Most likely, the Mangastream was pressurized by the original Manga publishers to stop the piracy of their original content as Mangastream was illegally allowing the users to read all the Manga for free and that too for almost a decade now. This might be the cause of why Mangastream is not working and being considered dead. We have also not heard from the officials of Mangastream regarding the comeback of the website, so there is still doubt regarding the future of Mangastream.

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Top 5 Alternatives of Mangastream to Read Manga Instantly:

1. MangaDex


MangaDex is our first choice as the alternative of Mangastream. MangaDex provides manga comics in all versions to its users. Some of the notable features of MangaDex are:

  • MangaDex has a vast library of contents, and you can find almost all of your favorite Mangas.
  • It is free to use and does not require you to complete any registration or age verification process for simple readings.

  • It has a straightforward web layout that comes with a search function, which makes your life easy.
  • MangaDex has a community also where you can make your groups, follow other groups, and share your fan theories regarding your favorite Manga series.
  • MangaDex comes with multiple theme settings, which are eye-soothing, and it also comes in multiple languages.
  • The website does not contain ads and pop-ups, which is the best thing about it.

2. MangaFox


MangaFox is another popular alternative to Mangastream. The original MangaFox website runs by the name of fanfox. Let us look at some of the features of MangaFox:

  • The website looks colorful, yet it has a straightforward layout.

  • It has a well updated and a huge library for all the manga lovers.
  • It is also free to read the website and does not explicitly require any registration.
  • It features a very elaborative genre filter along with a search bar, which helps you to find any particular manga very easily.
  • MangaFox also has a ranking system that ranks Manga based on its popularity, and this is why you will never miss the most famous Manga
  • MangaFox has now launched its official mobile application also so that you can keep reading even on the go.
  • It has a negligible number of ads. So, you will not get distracted while browsing MangaFox.

3. MangaOwl


MangaOwl has gained so much popularity because it regularly releases episodes even before its official release, and this makes it one of the best alternatives of MangaStream. It is a popular website, and there are so many fake websites also, so you need to be careful to find the correct website.

  • MangaOwl website provides a friendly and easy interface for its reader so that readers do not face any difficulty while reading the comic.
  • It offers a Discussion Forum where you can talk, discuss anything, or any of your views regarding the characters or comics with different people all over the world.
  • This website has more than 50 genres, so you can be sure that the Manga you are looking for will be in their library.
  • It also has a sorting option using which you can sort the contents by genre.
  • MangaOwl uniquely ranks its users based on the number of Manga they have read. Sounds exciting? If you are a true manga lover, you will want to get featured on the top of the list.

4. MangaPark


MangaPark is one of the other alternatives when you are searching for a website which gives manga comic to read for free. It has a huge fan base because it delivers the best quality comics and covers every corner of it.

  • It has a simple and attractive look which attracts users to read the comic on this website.
  • It is a free website as well, which does not require any subscription charges for reading Manga.
  • It covers the fan-made endings, official sayings, crossovers, and many other things.
  • It is one of the most talked-about websites because of its regular and to the point of correct updates.
  • MangaPark has an extensive library with a broader genre coverage, which is updated regularly.

  • MangaPark also has a lot of different and customizable read modes in which you can set the website to dark or light mode, change the way recommendations should look, and much more.

5. MangaTown


MangaTown is another alternative for Mangastream users. Out of all the alternatives, it has got the most colorful website layout; however, it looks very confusing.

  • MangaTown has a useful homepage featuring all the hot releases, new mangas, featured mangas, and a lot more.
  • The website has a decent library, which seems to be updated regularly.
  • MangaTown is free to read, and there is no need to register yourself or to verify your age.
  • MangaTown, also like another website mentioned above, has an outstanding search feature and different filters using which mangas can be sorted genre-wise, popularity-wise, etc.

So far, we have discussed Mangastream and its alternatives, but you should always keep in mind that all these websites contain illegal materials because they do not have any publishing rights of these mangas. Due to this reason, they might get banned for some specific reasons or sometimes even globally, like in the case of Mangastream. In this case, either you can browse proxy links, which are a copy of these websites, or you can use the VPN server to unblock them.

How to Unblock Blocked Manga Websites in Your Region?

It might happen very often that your favorite manga website will not open, or it will show that the website has been blocked in your region. No doubt it is an action taken by the authorities for the collective good, but still, you can access these websites using a few simple steps that are given below:

  1. Download a VPN software or a VPN extension for your web browser. A VPN software makes your internet connection pretend that it belongs to some other region, and also it protects your identity, privacy, and safety.
  2. Once the software is downloaded, you can buy its premium version for faster speed. However, you can also use the free version as it works fine.
  3. Activate the VPN software or the extension.
  4. Once the VPN is activated, try opening the website again, and you will be able to access it.
  5. If you are still not able to access the link, then try to connect the VPN via another region.

How to Differentiate Between Legit and Fake Manga Websites?

While browsing websites like Mangastream, its similar websites, or their proxy links, the challenge is to keep yourself away from the fake websites. The fake websites are like traps. They look the same as the original website but can land you into serious trouble. Differentiating between the original and fake websites is not rocket science, and you can do it by keeping in mind a few things:

  1. Always check the URL of the website you are trying to access. Most of the fake websites keep their website’s name similar to the original website by changing or adding just one or two letters in their URL address.
  2. In most cases, there will be numerous ads on the fake websites, and they will be loaded with a ton of pop-ups, redirecting you to some other fake pages.
  3. Most of the original websites like Mangastream and others are free to use and do not require registration or signup. However, the fake websites will ask you to register.
  4. As the original websites are free for all, they do not require any card details of yours for age verification. However, the fake websites will ask for your card details in the name of age verification.
  5. Fake websites also show various pop-ups, e.g., your system is infected and needs cleaning, some exciting offers like getting an iPhone 11 for just $10, etc. that might confuse you in the first place, but you have to beware of these fake things.

Using the methods described above, you can still visit different websites even if they are banned in your area. However, if the website has been completely removed worldwide, then you are left with alternative websites and proxy links. While using the proxy links, you should always be aware of the threats that we have already discussed, and you should avoid sharing your details like debit or credit card number, CVV, etc. with these proxy links.

Time to Go Clean!

At last, we would suggest that you should prefer only the legit websites which do have the publishing rights to feature the mangas online. Most of them offer you great content at a low price, but they are legal, and this will stop piracy and DMCA violations.

Apart from all these things, the people who spend hours creating these mangas should also get rewarded. If you buy the Manga to read, the revenue goes to the people behind the fantastic artwork showing a gesture of appreciation.

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