Anyone who is addicted to binge-watching foreign-language TV series and does not use paid OTT services knows “TheWatchSeries.To” website. It was a website where there were almost every popular series. There was also a request panel where you can request the admins to upload some content.

It became popular too quickly and also had unfortunately attracted the unwanted attention of authorities. The site got popular as it was one of the rare sites that were ad-free and yet not a paid service. TheWatchSeries still runs appropriately, but it is placed under geo-ban by many countries and regions.

Authorities of certain areas do Geo-bans to block their citizens from viewing particular websites. Although many Countries do not consider piracy as illegal, some do. So, viewers from the areas of no-ban can access the sites with no problem, but it is the viewers from banned areas that are suffering.

If you belong to the population who can not access TheWatchSeries, then this post is for You! You can still access the site using mirror links that are different sites with the same content but different URLs. Fans of the admins themselves use mirror links for the users who can’t access the leading site.

Mirror sites are exact duplicates, and you can’t even find a single difference. The interface, content, and sometimes even the ad placement is the same. These mirrors are also called PROXY sites. One of such mirror links is:

10 Alternatives to TheWatch Series:

As mirrors/proxies are hard to find and are filled with multiple links and ads, it is best to use alternate sites that look similar to TheWatchSeries. There are many such sites available to watch many TV series online.

But many sites dup you into believing that they provide you with free streaming, but are risky and try to make you install some malware. That is the reason why you need to know the difference between authentic websites and unsafe websites. But, let us help you with finding a few genuine alternatives to TheWatchSeries.

1. TubiTv


TubiTV is a USA based website that offers you to stream movies and TV series of multiple genres for free. It is considered to be one of the best free movie and Tv series streaming websites that is available after TheWatchSeries. Its interface and access give the feel of viewing an authentic OTT.

It is the perfect alternative you can find at TheWatchSeries. But unlike TheWatchSeries, TubiTV is ad-supported. Hence, it airs unskippable ads, and because of those ads, the site is still running. To find the availability of your favorite movie or TV series, you just need to open the website and type what you want in the search box.

You also have many facilities for browsing and searching for new movies and Tv series to watch. You can also view the content without the need to create an account. But it is suggested to create an account so that you will be updated about new content that’s added.

Link to TubiTV:

2. SideReel


SideReel is not similar to TheWatchSeries, but it is as good as it. SideReel not only has live-action movies and series but also offers anime. Anime is the new trend that is going on since the 90s, and it is still trendy. The number of anime fans is higher in number. SideReel grew its popularity in the US and now can be used to stream many popular movies and series for free.

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As it is a trend in the US, the content that is present is more of American dramas. It is not much similar to TheWatchSeries in the form of look and feel, but it has its authenticity. It provides you with the option of captions. Through captions, you can watch your favorite series or movies in English subtitles.

The content present on the website is just blockbusters and highly popular dramas. You can also get notified for new episodes, mark seen episodes and search for similar shows. Its popularity has crossed 1 million users per day recently.

Link to SideReel:

3. TVMuse


Viewers of TVMuse claim that it is the best available alternative for TheWatchSeries. It has a simple interface with no confusion. All the series and movies are laid out on the right side of the side category-wise. You can browse through categories and browse new and similar stuff. You can search for your favorite movie and series in the search bar.

The great thing about this website is that even further and on-going series are uploaded quickly, also when they are being streamed on big OTT platforms. You can even find popular TV shows of the 90s, and few are even of the late 80s. It is a database of movies, series, cartoons, anime, and even documentaries.

It is highly probable to find your favorite show because the content is uploaded every 4 to 5 days. You can watch trailers before hitting the play button, and the great thing is they even add a short synopsis of the shows. The summary gives you a whole idea of what and how the plot goes on.

Link to TVMuse:

4. Fmovies


Fmovies is already famous and has already been banned by many regions. But it can still be accessed through VPN, and some data carriers and service providers did not yet ban the site. This ignorance of the ban causes few users who live in the forbidden region to access the site too.

Fmovies is popular because of its wide range of series and shows. On-going series are uploaded too quickly and sometimes on the same day that new episodes are released. It has been popular since the gaga of Game of thrones. Game of thrones had popular throughout the world, but not everyone had access to HBO originals. HBO originals were not even functioning in many countries.

Fmovies were the refuge to fans of GOT, as the new episodes were added by night, and they caught up with paid users, escaping the wrath of spoilers. Estimation says that Fmovies has 70+ million viewers across the globe. It is a popular alternative and also the best rival to TheWatchSeries.

Proxy to Fmovies:

5. 123Movies


It is one of the most-known free streaming sites like TheWatchSeries and Fmovies. It is hosted by a series of networks by Vietnam. It is run by the network that runs GoStream services. It is popular because it offers content more full than Fmovies and TheWatchSeries. It recognizes Indian content and many foreign countries that are not usually hosted online.

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All the movies from Bollywood, Tollywood, Bengali, Kollywood, Korean, Japan, Vietnamese, and many European countries are streamed online. Regardless of its great content, the website is straightforward and easily accessible to anyone. The domain of this website changes every day, but when you access any older domain, the page redirects to the new one.

Authorities try to pull it out every time, but it just keeps on changing domains, and it is now evident that it can’t be removed. It was started in 2015, and since then, it has gained a lot of popularity. It is also one of the effective alternatives and an equal rival to TheWatchSeries website.

Proxy to 123Movies:

6. Putlocker


Putlocker is a site that hosts video streaming, particularly movies and TV shows, based on the UK. This website was launched in 2011 and saw a rise in viewers after the block of Megaupload. Similar to the database of TheWatchSeries, Putlocker has almost every movie and Tv Series.

Not just contemporary, but you can even find noir classics as old as the 60s. They also provide a download option that allows users to download videos up to the original 4K HD! You can create a free account at their site and get notified of new releases and updates about their domains.

Alexa lists Putlocker is one of the top 250 most visited websites in the entire world. It’s fame even brought authorities to block it. Still, there were many alternative servers for Putlocker, and now there are many duplicate sites with the same name, interface, and database.

Many sites mirrored Putlocker and their database with different domains. Few have changed the entire URL but have kept the same interface and database to keep the authorities away. There is no specific URL for Putlocker now; you just need to google the world and search what is genuine in the heap of thousands of copies of Putlockers.

Proxy to Putlocker:

7. ShareTV


ShareTv, unlike all the other alternatives, is a legal app like Slidereel. To be honest, this is a rival and similar website to Slidereel. Even the content hosted is American Dramas. Just as Slidereel, even ShareTV is USA based and has a considerable following there.

They have stepped up the Game with Slidereel and have partnered with HULU, a big OTT giant. This move spiked up their popularity a bit and brought a few worldwide users too. It has a wide range of American movies and TV shows.

They have also started distributing web series with some production houses and spread their market across. Their market gave them the right and access to air, many mainstream on-going series on their website. If compared to Sidereel, this is better and a step ahead because of the updated episode history.

ShareTV is proudly associated with many TV channels that let them air famous cartoons like Digimon and One piece on their website. There are web pages set-up on the site for each TV Show. Those pages have a summary, reviews, photos, and even discussion words. ShareTV depends on contribution and does not force a paid membership. It makes the site a popular legal streaming website, just like Sidereel, but much better.

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Link for ShareTV:

8. MovieRulez


MovieRulez is an Indian based website that started with regional content streaming. But it has its roots dug deep into different content and even updates episodes that are released the same day. MovieRulez also hosts bootleg recorded content that has been recorded on secret cameras in cinemas.

MovieRulez seemingly grew through piracy of newly released movies and had slowly grown in terms of popularity and also the clarity of content. From South-Indian regional languages to he had started hosting content from all over India. Now Movierulez also airs newly released Netflix, Prime videos in FULL HD. Even a few Russian films that had global release were uploaded in Movierulez.

They even offer adult content, and all of these facilities have made the site popular all over India. Even though it was blocked in a few months, just like the other sites, it changes its domain every day. It has proxy servers in different regions that make MovieRulez untraceable and un-erasable.

It got so famous that many duplicate sites now host the same name with different domains. It is also a not-bad alternative to TheWatchSeries. Also, its content is mainly focused on India; still, it does air many foreign movies and series.

Link for MovieRulez:

9. SolarMovies


This website is a perfect alternative to TheWatchSeries in terms of ads. Not that it is free of ads, but it has strict ad policies. Ads are not placed everywhere, like other free video streaming sites. The advertisements only appear after 5 minutes of viewing time and do not disturb the viewing experience as much as other streaming sites do. It is a vast database that offers different language content.

It has US, Japan, Korean, Indian, and also European movies and Tv shows in its database. The interface is as simple as TheWatchSeries, and you can just search your favorite movie or series in the search bar. This website also offers subtitles in languages other than English, and that makes it one of the coolest free video streaming sites.

Link to SolarMovies:

10. Coke and Popcorn

Coke and Popcorn

Although blocked like other famous free streaming sites, CokeAndPopcorn still has many proxies and duplicates that do the job as well as the actual site. Coke and Popcorn air all the new episodes of mainstream and popular TV shows. With an interface that’s straightforward and plain, it is easily usable.

They also have an in-built search bar, unlike the google plugin provided in other streaming websites. CokeAndPopcorn is less confusing because it has fewer options, and whatever there is, it is just open for you to dig out. It became popular during the gaga of the Game of Thrones, just like many other free video streaming websites.

Proxy of CokeAndPopCorn:

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