People love to decorate their homes. In general, they decorate the inside portion of the house with fascinating interiors, tiles, and colors. Have you ever thought of decorating the outdoor area, like the exterior of your home? You can paint the outside to give your house a more charming and delightful look. For example, you can paint your exterior brick with fascinating colors. It can convey an aesthetic vibe throughout your living area.

You can choose shades of blue, white, black, pink, and green for your exterior brick paint color ideas. Each color has different perspectives and traits that can influence your home’s exterior design. You can also paint your exterior brown, yellow, and gray. Aside from that, you can combine two colors, such as black-and-white, blue-and-white, or gray-and-white, for your home.

In this blog, you will learn about various colorful ideas to paint your exterior brick.

1. Navy Blue

Navy Blue

Blue is a color of tranquility and serenity. What about adding a shade of blue to the exterior? For instance, navy blue is a perfect choice for your exterior brick paint color ideas. It may convey a royal and elegant vibe throughout your outdoor space. The navy blue color can ensure stability and give your exterior a more appealing look. It may be a perfect match if you have a garden full of green plants.

2. Black


Black color can add a unique graphical touch to your modern exterior. If you have trees near your home, then a shade of black can furnish a warm vibe. It is a creative choice for your exterior brick paint color ideas. It may assist you in keeping warm during the winter, as the black color absorbs the sun’s rays. The black exterior can convey an elegant vibe, and it’s a perfect choice if you have an outdoor kitchen.

3. White


White is a color of peace and purity. Thus, adding a shade of white for your exterior brick paint color ideas isn’t a poor choice. It may convey a charming vibe throughout your home. The white exterior is also an ideal choice if you have an outdoor kitchen or a delightful garden in your outdoor space. A white brick exterior can furnish your house with a bright look. In addition, it may give you a lukewarm vibe during the summer.

4. Salmon Pink

Salmon Pink

Pink is also a perfect and creative choice for your exterior brick paint color ideas. A shade of pink can match the earth tone and provide an elegant look. For example, you can try salmon pink for your home’s exterior. The salmon pink color represents happiness and kindness. Thus, putting this color can help you to establish an optimistic impression in front of your guests. The salmon-pink brick exterior goes perfectly with a brown door.

5. Chocolate Brown

Chocolate Brown

The brown color is also a unique adaptation to your exterior brick paint color ideas. It represents the signs of reliability and strength. It might create a deep and relaxing vibe throughout your home’s exterior. A chocolate brown exterior is an amazing choice if you live in the countryside or if you have elegant trees in your garden. It goes perfectly with red or orange roof tiles. Thus, adding a chocolate brown color to your exterior can convey an aesthetic vibe.

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6. Dark Blue

 Dark Blue

Apart from navy blue, you can also try deep blue varnish for your exterior brick paint color ideas. They are a distinctive and good choice for your home decoration. The deep blue color represents compassion and enthusiasm. It may look more creative if you have an outdoor swimming pool. Blue also represents the color of the sea, so if you’re a sea or beach lover, don’t hesitate to add deep blue paint to your exteriors.

7. Olive Green

Olive Green

Green represents the color of Mother Nature. So, you can try a shade of green for your exterior brick paint color ideas. The olive green paint consists of a gray cast and may provide a glowing look to your home’s exterior. This color is an appropriate choice if you have green surroundings, like trees and bushes. The olive green color can convey a peaceful and calm vibe throughout your outdoor space. Choose an olive green exterior to match the vibe of nature.

8. Pale Yellow

 Pale Yellow

Pale yellow colors can add more glow to your home’s exterior. They are vintage adaptations to your exterior brick paint color ideas. The pale yellow color represents warm energy. Thus, picking this paint can help you to create a cozy atmosphere throughout your apartment. If you have an outdoor kitchen or a large garden, don’t hesitate to choose pale yellow paint. They are a perfect choice for a countryside or a hillside home and assist you in maintaining a classic look for your home.

9. Pistachio Green

Pistachio Green

The pistachio green is apparently the best choice for your exterior wall. This color consists of darker and lighter gable shades. Pistachio green shares almost the same traits as olive green, but it’s hazy. It goes perfectly with the brown entrance door and white windows. If you have a large garden with fascinating green plants and trees, add this color.

10. Gray


Apart from black and white, gray coloring is also an innovative option for your exterior brick paint color ideas. They are unique and can convey a first-class vibe throughout your apartment. You can choose a warm gray for your house’s exterior. It can help you to create a farmhouse vibe. Along with that, you can add a light gray color to give your home a modern look. A shade of gray can furnish your exterior bricks with a neutral and balanced look.

11. Lake Blue

Lake Blue

Previously, you’ve heard about adding a shade of blue to your exterior bricks. Apart from navy and dark blue, you can choose a lake blue color. It is an ideal choice for your exterior brick paint color ideas. They are beneficial for you if you want to add a simple color to your exterior designs. The blue lake color can give your home a long-lasting impression, especially if you have a lake in the outdoor area.

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12. Bright Yellow

Bright Yellow

A shade of bright yellow can enhance the beauty of your home. Thus, choosing it for your exterior brick paint color ideas is a perfect approach. It may give your home’s exterior a more charming and glowing look. It matches the vibe of the sunlight and may furnish your home with a delightful decoration with a vibrant glance in summer. A glass door or brown-colored doors and windows go perfectly with a bright yellow exterior.

13. Black and White

Black and White

Combining two colors for your exterior brick isn’t a bad approach. It can be a unique and innovative approach to your exterior brick paint color ideas. Add a black-and-white color combination to your home’s exterior. It may convey an elegant vibe throughout your apartment. Besides these, it may illustrate your exterior bricks with a timeless glow. The black-and-white combination may assist your home with a consistent look. Thus, your home won’t lose its glance during the snowfall in the winter.

14. Gray and White

Gray and White

Apart from a black-and-white color combination, you can pick a white-and-gray combination. This is a distinctive approach to your exterior brick paint color ideas. It can give your home a more glossy and shining look. Besides these, it can convey a farmhouse vibe. The gray-and-white exterior goes perfectly with a blue door and white window frames. Don’t hesitate to put this combination to your exterior if you have an enormous garden in your outdoor area.

15. Blue and White

 Blue and White

The black-and-white or gray-and-white color combinations are normal. What about a blue-and-white color combination? Don’t hesitate to apply this combination if you have a kitchen, a garden, or a lake in your outdoor area. The blue-and-white color combination is a perfect match for a pink door and glass windows. It can convey a breezy and seaside vibe throughout your home.

16. Barn Red

Barn Red

A barn-red exterior is very common in a few European countries like Sweden and Switzerland. Nowadays, they are also becoming popular in the United States. If you visit the countryside, you may notice this color in several cottages and farmhouses. Thus, you can create the same vibe by adding a barn-red color to your exterior brick. It may give your home a more stylish and long-lasting glow. This color can also convey a transitional and aesthetic aura throughout your neighborhood.

17. Green and Gray

Green and Gray

The green-and-gray is another contemporary color combination that is very prevalent in the present. In general, this color combination is common in a countryside or a hillside home. The green-and-gray color combination can assist you in creating a farmhouse vibe at your apartment. It is an awesome choice for your exterior brick paint color ideas, especially if you have a garden. The green-and-gray color can convey a transitional and artistic vibe throughout your home’s exterior.

18. Soft Green

Soft Green

A soft green color can add more brightness to your home’s exterior and is the best choice for your exterior brick paint color ideas. If you live near a hillside, don’t hesitate to add this shade. Previously, you’ve heard about olive and pistachio green paints that can convey elegance throughout your apartment. Similarly, a soft green texture can deliver a delightful and luxurious look to your house. Besides these, it may help you in setting up an optimistic impression.

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19. Denim Blue

Denim Blue

A denim blue texture can carry out a luxurious vibe throughout your home. It is an opulent adaptation for your exterior brick paint color ideas. It can give the architecture of your home a more bright look. The shades of denim blue represent a class and it can influence your exterior designs. If you have a kitchen or a swimming pool in your outdoor area, put this color on your exterior bricks. It may convey a significant vibe throughout your neighborhood.

Concluding Thoughts

All in all, choosing the right shade or texture for exterior brick paint color ideas is quite a difficult task. However, creative and appropriate coloring can give your home a more delightful look. You can pick different shades of blue, green, yellow, and gray paints. Apart from that, you can pick black, red, or white colors for your home’s exterior. Each may convey unique traits and glances.

Meanwhile, if you want to give your exterior bricks a more luxurious vibe, you can add combined colors. For example, black-and-white or gray-and-white is a splendid choice and can furnish your house with a vibrant look. In this blog, you’ve gained knowledge about 11+ different unique color ideas that you can pick for your exterior brick.

Which one do you find more fascinating? Let us know in the comments.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Paint Colors Are Appropriate for Home Exteriors?

You can pick any color texture for your exterior bricks. In general, blue, green, red, and yellow are the most common and adequate paints for your exterior design. However, people often pick gray, black, brown, and white paints to furnish their homes with an innovative look.

What Are the Things You Should Consider Before Applying Paint to Exterior Brick?

There are a few things that you should take into account before selecting a color for your exterior brick designs. The predominant thing you must consider is your surroundings, where you live, what you have in your outdoor area, etc. For instance, If you’re living near a hillside, choose a color that matches the vibe of the hills, rocks, and mountains.

Which Colors Can Give the House a Vibrant Look?

Denim blue or bright yellow can provide a gratifying look to your home. Besides these, you can use the combined colors. For example, green-and-gray, blue-and-white, black-and-white, gray-and-white, and others. The combined colors can increase the value of your home. In addition, these colors can establish a more vibrant glance on your home’s exterior.

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