People love adding a sofa or couch to their living room decor, but they make a mistake. They bring a sofa that may not fit perfectly in the area. Before you purchase a sofa for your living room, you must measure it.

Measure the room’s space and bring a sofa according to it. Apart from room, you should also consider the sofa’s height, width, and depth. Make sure the standard dimension of the sofa is a perfect match for your specific area. In addition, ensure that they are suitable with other furniture or not.

Nowadays, people often buy sofas and other essentials from online stores. So, before you click the order button, make sure you measure the length of your room with a measuring tape. Then order the sofa as per the area requirements.

In this blog, you will learn 11 ideas about measuring standard sofa dimensions.

How to Perfectly Measure the Sofa Dimensions

How to Perfectly Measure the Sofa Dimensions

1. Room Measurement

Sometimes the standard dimension of the sofa is connected with other pieces of furniture, windows, and doors. Make sure you bring a proper sofa that can be easily moved through your room’s door. Measure the entrance or the door size, then order the sofa as per the requirements. In many cases, people have to return or exchange their sofas, as they are not movable by the door space. The standard dimension of the sofa depends on the internal doors. Apart from doors, also consider the space occupied by your shelves and windows. You must consider this essential step before purchasing a sofa for your room.

2. Home Measurement

You must measure your home before adding a sofa to it. Home measurement is as important as measuring the standard dimension of a sofa. Begin your standard measurement from the entrance of your house. Measure the entrance’s height and width with tape, and note them on the paper. After that, compute the space of staircases, passages, and hallways. Don’t forget to calculate the height of the doors. In addition, make sure the doors have extra space left. It can be beneficial for you in the process of moving or installing your couches. A standard-dimension sofa requires a standard amount of space in the home.

3. Learn the Importance

An accurate measurement of your home and room’s space is very important. You must consider the space so that you can buy a sofa that perfectly fits in your room. As mentioned, sometimes people are forced to return their sofas due to a lack of space. A sofa may not be moved in a small doorway. Home and room measurements are essential to make sure you add a perfect sofa that is suitable for the area. It’s also important to measure the space of other furniture, like tables and shelves. If they occupy a vast amount of space, then put a smaller sofa there, and vice versa.

Sofa Measuring Tutorial

Sofa Measuring Tutorial

1. Sofa Height

Measuring the height of a sofa is as crucial as measuring the height of your doorways. The height of the sofa guides you on whether it’s a perfect adaptation for your home or not. You cannot add a large sofa to a small space; it may create a pessimistic impression. Measure the back of the sofa. Then consider the home measurement that you have written in your diary or on paper. After that, purchase a suitable sofa for your room. Don’t forget to measure the sofa legs, as measuring a sofa from top to bottom isn’t enough. The height of the sofa also depends on its legs.

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2. Sofa Width

Measuring the sofa width is also a necessary step; you should measure it before the height. Measuring a sofa’s width means measuring the wide part of a couch. It generally signifies the sofa arms. So, calculate every wide area carefully. Then, see the diary of your home measurements. If it’s perfectly suitable for your room, purchase it. Meanwhile, if they are not suitable for your room, then look for another sofa. The standard dimension of a sofa is very dependent on its width. Now, if you purchase a sofa that has rolled arms, measure the width from the outside. Also, measure the space between two arms.

3. Sofa Depth

Measuring the sofa’s depth is another important task after measuring the sofa’s height and width. The depth of a sofa helps you to recognize the perfect sofa for your room. Begin the depth measurement from the outside edge of the couch. Then, measure the back seat, and consider its height and width. Check your diary of home measurements and select the right sofa for your living room. Examine if the sofa is a perfect fit with other pieces of furniture or not. You can measure the depth from any corner of your sofa. In addition, don’t forget to measure the sofa’s seat depth.

4. Diagonal Depth

Diagonal depth is the fourth important step in measuring the standard dimension of a sofa. A few people ignore this step, as they think only measuring the sofa’s depth, height, and width is enough. However, it’s not true; the diagonal depth measurement can help you to choose the perfect sofa for your living room. You can start this process from the top back of the sofa. Then, consider the bottom front of your sofa. Don’t forget to use measurement tape. After that, consider the diary where you wrote down your home or room measurements, and buy a sofa according to it.

Choose Right Sofa for The Room

Choose Right Sofa for The Room

After measuring the room, you can add a perfect sofa for the space. There are several types of sofas available on the market. You can pick any of them based on your room’s space. Just make sure they’re well-designed and suitable for your living room. Don’t forget to consider the sofa’s height, width, and depth. Take a glance at the following examples:

Apart from that, you can also add a sleeper or an L-shaped sofa.

Things to Consider During Sofa Measurement

Things to Consider During Sofa Measurement

1. Back Seat Height and Depth

Previously, you’ve heard about measuring the sofa’s height, depth, and even width. However, there’s another sofa element that you need to consider for your standard dimension space. It is the depth and height of your backseat. The size of the sofa’s backseat plays an important role in the measurement process. Before buying a sofa, consider the scale and depth of the backseat. Then, you can add your favorite stylish and well-designed cushions to it. Measuring the depth of the backseat is necessary, especially if you have a recliner sofa in the room. Consider a space of at least 2 to 4 feet from the floor.

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2. Average Sofa Dimension

The average or minimum dimension of a sofa must be around 82’’ to 95’’ wide in the room. You can ignore it if you want to add a one-seater sofa, like an arm sofa and recliner, or a two-seater sofa. The standard dimension of the sofa must have a height of around 38 inches, and a depth is around 34 inches. In addition, the sofa must be 90 inches wide (minimum). However, it’s up to you what sofa you are trying to place in your living room. It may depend on your room’s space. If you want to add a three or more-seater sofa, then consider its minimum width.

3. Other Pieces of Furniture

As mentioned, before purchasing a sofa, you must consider your room’s space and its furniture. Write down the space occupied by other furniture, like shelves and tables, in your diary. Then, bring a sofa as per the requirements. Just make sure the other furniture leaves an adequate space in the room. The presence of other furniture influenced the sofa numerously. In order to add a perfect sofa, make a blueprint of your room, or you can sketch it. After successfully measuring the space, choose the sofa that is suitable for the area. You must require an average space of 20 to 32 inches around the sofa.

How to Select the Right Sofa for Your Room

Things to Consider During Sofa Measurement

1. Size Preferences

Know the size of your doorway and your room, then add a sofa based on it. What type of sofas are you going to add to your living room? Are you going to add a single-seater and a recliner or a double-seater sofa? If you have limited space in your room, then you should go for a single or double-seater sofa. They have a depth of less than 85 inches. If you have a neutral space, add a three or four-seater sofa. A three-seater sofa has a width of around 90 inches, and a four-seater sofa has a width of around 120 inches. Consider adding a five- or six-seater sofa if you have a large space. Their width is more than 140 inches. Just make sure the sofa you add has a minimum depth of 38 inches and a height of 34 inches.

2. Style Preferences

Not only the depth, width, and height but the standard dimension of the sofa also considers the style preferences. If you decide to add a single-seater sofa, then choose a recliner or an arm sofa. Similarly, if you decide to choose a double-seater sofa, bring a loveseat. If you have enough space and want to add a three or more-seater sofa, bring them for your room. Just make sure they are well-designed and match the minimal requirements. Choose a sofa that makes you feel comfortable and ensures flexibility. You can also bring a traditional sofa or a modern leather sofa to your living room.

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3. The Uses of The Sofa

It is one of the important tasks you must consider while picking up the right sofa for your living room. You must keep in mind the usage of the sofa. For instance, are you going to use it regularly or occasionally? If you live single or if there are only two or four people in your house, then don’t add the five or six-seater sofa. In this case, you should bring a single, a double, or a three-seater sofa. If you have a big family or want to organize a party weekly with your friends, choose a five or six-seater sofa. You can use them for party purposes or to enjoy family dinners.

Summing It Up

All in all, the standard dimension of a sofa is dependent on several things, like room space, home space, and door space. Thus, you have to consider the standard space of the sofa, which includes its height, width, depth, and diagonal depth. It is necessary before you bring a sofa for your living room. The ideal height of a standard sofa is around 34 inches. Meanwhile, the appropriate depth is around 38 inches.

There are various types of standard sofas you can bring to your room. If you have limited space, bring a single or double-seater sofa, and for a neutral space, bring a three or four-seater sofa. Similarly, if you have a large space, don’t hesitate to add a five or six-seater sofa. You can also apply your style and size preferences.

In this blog, you’ve gained knowledge about measuring standard sofa dimensions. Which idea do you find more interesting? Let us know in the comments.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Measure the Standard Space of Your Room?

Before purchasing the sofa, you must measure your room and its space. You can start this process with a measuring tape. Then, write down the details on a piece of paper or in a diary. After that, buy a sofa as per the standard dimensions.

What is the Accurate Size of a Standard Sofa in Your Room?

It depends on what type of sofas you are going to add to your room. However, the basic standard sofa can consume 72 to 97 inches of your room. If you add a two-seater sofa, the space may require less than 70 inches.

What is an Appropriate Distance Between the TV and The Sofa?

You must place the sofa in the center of your living room. It may depend on what type of sofa and TV you have in the room. An ideal distance between a TV and a sofa is around 5 feet. If your TV screen is large, then increase the gap to 8 feet.

Which Sofas Are Perfect for The Standard Dimensions?

In general, two-seater and three-seater sofas are the perfect choice for standard dimensions. However, you can also add L-shaped or sleeper sofas to your living room. If you want to expand your standard dimension, you can add a five or six-seater sofa.

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