Hot beverages and cool drinks are part and parcel of our daily lives. We never stop using silverware and keep buying new ones to please our senses. But why don’t we have a specific arrangement for coffee and tea? Have you thought of re-decorating the small round coffee table that sits quietly in the center of the room among the sofa set? Let your fantasies go wild, and re-design them as you desire.

Also, do you know how the idea of a coffee table emerged? Well, sources say the first tables were designed in Europe and were categorically called coffee tables. Britain then designed them in the late Victorian era. And now coffee tables are an integral part of impromptu rendezvous.

Wondering how to get the desired round coffee tables? Not to worry, Use the following tips and suggestions to enhance your living spaces with unique round coffee table ideas.

The Best Round Coffee Table Finds

1. Oval Shaped Coffee Table

Almost all coffee tables are spherical, and it gets tiresome to watch the same traditional or old-styled furniture sitting around the house. So why not try something spherical yet trendy and unique?

Well, an oval-shaped round coffee table is the best idea to have at your place. You can use it to make your home come alive with distinctively shaped furniture among the squared and rectangular-shaped sofas and cabinets.

Oval Shaped Coffee Table

2. Glass Coffee Table

Any round coffee table looks elegant and stylish if it has a shiny and sparkling appearance. What better than a glass-made coffee table? Don’t you think it will surpass your expectations to make your home look crystal clean and lustrous?

A glass coffee table is undoubtedly fragile, but so are our ceramic mugs and glasses. All you need to do is handle them with care and clean them with a softer cloth. Also, products made from glass are easy to clean and less prone to get dirt spots.

Glass Coffee Table

3. Two-Tier Coffee Table

As the name suggests, this type of round coffee table will have a contemporary look. It will have a base and either an open or closed storage space to keep your magazines and books. Not everyone is a fan of two-tier coffee tables, but these days they are trending in every household.

Since they are multifunctional, you can also use them to relax your feet while resting them on the table. Just make sure that the table is made from solid wood and not faux wood. It has to be sturdy enough to withstand your rough usage.

Two-Tier Coffee Table

4. Fused-In Coffee Table Set

Yet another ultra-modern and unique round coffee table set. It is fun to have an additional fused-in coffee table that sits adjacent to the existing table. It not only looks classy but also amplifies your decor.

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It is ideally suitable for larger living spaces like condos. But even smaller living apartments can have them if you like reading and having beverages at the same time. You can place your book on one table and your coffee mug on the other. Guess it will look charming, of course!

Fused-In Coffee Table Set

5. Faux Marble Coffee Table

Marble bedecks the living area, whether it is flooring or a kitchen cabinet. Most of the cabinets are made from marble, and they are open to make it accessible. At the same time, a faux marble coffee table has a polished surface that blends well with the marble flooring but is accessible only in the living area.

The faux marble coffee table is made up of marble debris, plastic cement, and stone powder and then polished to give a clean look. Hence, it is a cheap option to have a coffee table with a sturdy and fine finish. Also, it gels well with the other marble furniture and interior.

Faux Marble Coffee Table

6. Metal Coffee Table

Tables made from metal are durable and tenacious. Also, round coffee tables made from metals such as iron or brass give an enthralling look to the lounge area. Not many prefer metals because they rust or oxidize over time and during regular use.

However, proper care and timely cleaning of the metal coffee table will prevent rusting. Get one and see for yourself how fascinating your home will look. Rest assured, you will be poured with compliments.

Metal Coffee Table

7. Lift-Top Coffee Table

Yes, indeed, a fantastic multifunctional round coffee table. It works as a desk and a coffee-sipping point. You may require one such coffee table to give your home a stunning appearance.

The lift-top coffee tables also work as storage units, and the top shelf lifts when you need to place your laptop or coffee mug. If you were looking for something as useful as this table, you better get one and show it off to your friends and family.

Lift-Top Coffee Table

8. Basket-Shaped Coffee Table

Anything that’s shaped like a basket gives a cute look to your kitchen and home. Even your deck area is embellished when you place a cute basket-shaped table clubbed with lawn chairs or a sofa.

Get a round coffee table that only soothes your vision but also makes you wonder how you have beautified your room. Be it a balcony or living area, place a basket-shaped coffee table with an accent piece to multiply your happiness.

Basket-Shaped Coffee Table

9. Rustic Round Coffee Table

One of the positive aspects of rustic coffee tables is that they are made from bamboo or wood. Any round coffee table that is carved out of bamboo gives a sophisticated look. The bigger the size, the more it adorns the space.

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Decor Artists and other art connoisseurs love a rustic look at their homes. It helps you connect with nature immediately. So, if you are someone who likes to meditate and connect with nature, this is the coffee table you must opt for. Bond with the universe in your conventional way.

Rustic Round Coffee Table

10. Boho-Styled Coffee Table

Furniture made from palm stems is often referred to as rattan furniture. And they are also included in boho-fashioned coffee tables. The most interesting feature of these boho tables is that it has a vintage appeal.

It serves as a piece of artistic farmhouse furniture on the lawn as well. People with lawns and gardens prefer rattan furniture to augment their interiors and home aesthetics. And why not go for something that gives the vibes of a traditional lifestyle? It is a must-have round boho-styled coffee table at your home to get a relaxed look.

Boho-Styled Coffee Table

Tips to Revamp Your Space with a Round Coffee Table

1. Greenery is the Key: Talk about any small table, be it round or quadrilateral. It has to have an accent piece of decor. Place a cute bonsai pot or artificial shrub on the round coffee table to bring mother nature home.

2. Play Mix and Match: Wondering how to do that? Well, here’s an easy solution- get a metal coffee table and let it sit with the wooden furniture. Also, note that sofa sets or loungers are rectangular. Hence, round coffee tables with metallic finish will accentuate your room’s decor.

3. Experiment with the Hues: The idea is in line with the aforementioned point. Just like the metal-wooden fusion, you can club the coffee table with darker shades of pillows and sofa cushions. “Why”, do you ask? Well, when you use contrast shades, it brightens the atmosphere. The right blend of mix in shades attracts positive vibes.

4. Let the Light Coruscate: A round coffee table is incomplete without effective lighting in the room. Place a wall lamp or corner lamp near the table to help you with appropriate lighting in the space. It is also useful when you are reading a book or glancing through a magazine at the coffee table. No proper lighting means dullness in the room. So illuminate your space constructively.

5. Place Striking Figurines: Okay, coffee tables are not limited only to the use of placing mugs and coasters on them. You can get mini dolls or animal sculptures to place them atop coffee tables. You have to make sure those figurines are esthetically pleasing. Additionally, they must blend in well with the round coffee table design. Aim for more compliments from your friends and family. You will be inundated with queries and suggestions on how you designed your space.

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6. Aroma Freshens up Your Decor: Flowers and scented candles can redefine your living area. The soothing fragrance on the coffee table will help you feel relaxed after a long tiresome day. Imagine you are sipping a hot mocha and smelling the fragrant roses placed on the round coffee table. Doesn’t that sound peaceful? You can also have other aroma-emitting devices to calm your olfactory nerves.

7. Don’t Give Vase a Pass: Of course, having a vase is a conventional method of revamping your space. And no doubt, it is always the first idea on the minds of people who want their homes and offices to look artistic. However, mini vases made from bamboo or wood will emphasize your artistic taste. Ceramic vases will also do the rounds if you want to mix and match.

8. Books Complete the Looks: How can you miss the books? Books on a coffee table are essentially a part of adornment. Be it a round coffee table or an oddly-shaped coffee table, books and magazines are a must-have. A coffee table with open storage and a shelf with books will complete the look of your decor. You cannot miss the idea of making your table look impressive. Books, coasters, and mugs on the table are imperative parts of designing your home.

Summing It Up

All in all, it is quite challenging to design your home with these simple tips. Treat your round coffee table as a decor piece that not just serves you as a place to keep something but also enlivens your living area. Furthermore, decide where you wish to have your coffee table placed.

Some prefer having it on the deck area or the lawn near the fire pit. You can also have the coffee table placed next to your bedroom sofa. Ideally, you can have a coffee table anywhere around a pair of chairs or an armchair. It should serve the purpose of adorning the room and holding your coffee mug. Also, a focal point is the key to the placement and arrangement of your coffee table.

Get some artifacts and accent pieces and change the look of your interior now.

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