Trying to bring your teenage kids to decorate their own bedrooms can be fun and exciting. This way, you allow your teen kids to invest their time and space in doing something productive. With easy access to mobile phones, iPhones, iPads, and other digital devices, kids remain addicted to their gadgets alone.

As parents, when you collaborate with your children to decorate their bedroom spaces, you help them to unleash their potential to the fullest. When you allow them with their creative hats on, their cognitive thinking and analytical abilities also develop.

You have plenty of creative styles and DIY techniques by which your teens can decorate their spaces in an incredible manner. Wall paintings, stickers, arranging of mural artifacts, and other budget-friendly ideas can be incorporated to bring stunningly cool rooms and splashy decor. Bedspreads or pillows can be rearranged to suit the moods and temperaments of your children.

Let us unveil 24 cool teen bedroom ideas you can look for.

1. Blue Undertones Unveil the Magic

Blue Undertones Unveil the Magic

This is a neatly organized room with the right kind of bluish undertones. The visually pleasing vibes inside the room decor are fabulous. The dark blue wall accent marks a highlighting tint for this teen bedroom styling. The bedspreads have tones of dark and light blues.

The comfy sofa set opposite the bedroom is upholstered using navy blue and also has dark blue cushions on it. The sofa bed can easily be converted into a sleeping bed too. The dark blue curio set also lends eye-catching vibes to the room decor on the whole. The teen bedroom idea helps your kids chill out and relax while solving the purpose too.

2. A Free Spirited Design on The Cards

A Free Spirited Design on The Cards

The contemporary design of the wall hanger looks warm and inviting. The woven basket table lamp on one side and the glass table lamps that are done in a hanging style looks captivating.

The bedspreads have knitted bedsheets, while you have different patterns for the pillow covers. Although the accessories are arranged in an asymmetrical manner, the feel looks too good in this teen bedroom.

3. Go Boho

Go Boho

The lovely Bohemian design will simply take your breath away. The bedsheets have stripes of black and white. Pillow covers also have a similar design. There is a lovely hanging basket that is made from woven jute indeed. Scented candles are placed on the coffee table to add to an aromatic ambiance.

Scented candles and a woven basket are accessories that find their place on the upper deck shelves too. You also have an XO-XO wall hanger that looks dynamic and invigorating. This is one of the most aesthetic teen bedroom ideas you can go for!

4. The Lighting Effect Can Look Great

The Lighting Effect Can Look Great

The enigmatic look of this teen bedroom is achieved by the LED lighting system that has been installed in the room decor. The lighting effect lends a golden glow to the room as such. The lights have been put up on the photo wall with a neat collection of photos that have been stuck on the accent wall.

The freestyle painting looks fabulous and sophisticated. The bedspreads have an enigmatic maroon tint indeed. The cushion rugs also have lighter maroon hues. The designer bed sheet is knitted, and you can see how the serial lights make it glow. The window placed inside the teen bedroom brings natural lighting and ventilation into the premises.

5. Floral-Painted Ceilings Add Dynamism to The Bedrooms

Floral-Painted Ceilings Add Dynamism to The Bedrooms

Here, the floral-painted ceiling wall is the one that lends the space an accented look. The chandelier marks the glittering tint for this particular room decor. Contrasting hues of black and white add posh and sophisticated looks to the bedroom. The spacious bedding comprises a beige bedspread and a bedsheet that again has stripes of black and white.

Paintings and wall art cover the painted area of the room. The teen bedroom also has a comfy and upholstered cushion sofa set with a heart-shaped cushion rug. The other cushions are rectangular. The window brings natural light and ventilation into the room as such. This is one of the most fabulous teen bedroom ideas you can execute to perfection.

6. Have Fun with Retro Styles

Have Fun with Retro Styles

The retro-styled bedroom has shades of pink that cover the accent wall decor. The wall is the showstopper for the room decor. The bedspreads also have pastel hues of white and pink, as a matter of fact. The window inside the room brings natural light and ventilation into the room.

The designer mirror and the woven basket cupboard provide earthy vibes to the teen bedroom decor. The carpet has a contemporary design too. The woven jute trash basket and an easy chair are pretty-looking accessories that find their places inside the room.

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7. Set up a Chandelier that Can Bring Great Vibes

Set up a Chandelier that Can Bring Great Vibes

The chandelier that has been put up inside the room looks glamorous enough to capture one’s eye indeed. The styling effect has been done in such an aesthetic way. The light inside the chandelier adds to the glow and glam of the room decor. The wall paintings and artifacts that have been pinned up on the wall glow so brightly due to the reflection of the light that beams from above.

The comfy bed can have bedspreads in hues like hot pink, neon orange, and shimmery gray. A golden rug can add a finesse touch to the overall look of the teen room.

8. Say Thumbs up to Vintage Styles

Set up a Chandelier that Can Bring Great Vibes

Here, the teen bedroom incorporates a vintage style indeed. Two beds have been put up in each corner of the room. The mid space has a dressing table cabinet that has a neat touch to the way it has been designed. Gray and brown bedsheets cover both beds respectively, while the white bedspread is common between the two of them.

Cushion rugs and pillow covers have orange, grey, brown, and white hues. The wooden cabinet is painted all gray in color to add a contemporary look indeed. The flower vase is placed on the cabinet shelf. The wall hangings are also decked up in a streamlined manner. The vintage-style bedroom is for classy lovers and for those of you who belong to the old school of thought!

9. Starlights Add up To the Glam

Starlights Add up To the Glam

The accent wall with star lights is the showstopper element for this elegantly designed teen room. The curtain drapes that fall near the lighted area get a golden glow indeed. Accessories with lighter hues can be used inside the room decor so that they glow brightly.

Else contrasting shades can be added, say like a maroon shaded bedspread with multi-colored pillows and cushion rugs. This way, you add those contrasting looks, after all. Woven jute hanging baskets placed inside the room lend earthy vibes to the overall decor of the teen bedroom, after all. The carpeted rug with shimmers can cover the flooring so that the serial lights glow on it too.

10. Classic Vibes with Pastel Hues

Starlights Add up To the Glam

The teen bedroom design is ideally meant for a girl’s bedroom. Soft pastel hues like pink and white lend classic vibes to the overall decor of the room as such. The bedspreads and pillows are all white in color, while the long-length cushion has printed and is pastel pink in color.

The walls have been painted using softer blue undertones. The window placed inside the bedroom keeps the room well-ventilated indeed. Wall paintings have been hung at the right spots covering the wall decor. The pink sofa bed has cute-looking cushion rugs, adding to a more girly vibe inside the room. The bedroom styling idea is something your teen daughter would fall in love with!

11. Multi-Colored Bedroom for Your Teens

Multi-Colored Bedroom for Your Teens

The multi-colored decor brings freshness and a dash of style inside your teen’s bedroom. Your teens would love the design for sure. The multi-colored bedsheet put up on the bedspread comprises enigmatic hues like purple, blue, pink, and peach. The baby pink rug looks trendy and fabulous too.

Pillow covers again take shades like purple, pastel pink, blue, and off-white. An accent wall that is pinned up on display has cloud paintings on it. And the painted wall lends pleasing vibes to the room decor. The natural grains of the vinyl flooring gleam through the room. This is a super teen bedroom design that has been crafted to its standard!

12. A Grayish Tinge Can Look Super Cool, Indeed

A Grayish Tinge Can Look Super Cool, Indeed

Gray shades invoke poshness and sophistication without a doubt. The grayish tinge adds subtle vibes to this teen bedroom idea. One side of the gray wall comprises make-shift stand-shelves wherein miniature accessories have been put up on display.

The other end of the painted area has skeletons caricatured as an accent wall. Therefore, this is the yin-yang personality of your teens that are depicted through the styling technique. The slider doors look stylish, and the window lends the room a well-ventilated effect. The bedspreads and pillow covers have an enigmatic color combination of black and grey. The hues look irresistible indeed, while you also have a gray carpet that complements the overall decor of the room as such.

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13. Try Neons for That Dark Magic Effect

Try Neons for That Dark Magic Effect

By using a combination of neon shades, you are definitely going to recreate that gothic effect on your teen’s bedroom. The neon hues are green, white, orange, black, white, and red. The shades are done in such a way that the shades can glow even after the lights have been switched off.

The shimmery carpeted rug glows when the neon shades shine during the night. Comfy sofa beds and cushion covers have been added for a superlative degree of comfort. Tha natural color of the wooden flooring gives an organic twist to the decor of the room.

14. Wall Murals Can Be Fun-Loving

_Wall Murals Can Be Fun-Loving

The lovely painted wall mural design is what lends the room the vibes it deserves. The exotic shades of pastel blue and white provide a scenic effect for the teen bedroom. You have well-designed windows that keep the room bright and ventilated. The wall painting looks contemporary and pretty looking too.

The bedspread is shaded light blue, while the woolen bedsheet is ash gray. The pillow covers have floral prints on them. The black and white carpeted rug adds a classic touch to the room decor. The polka dots added to the carpeted rug looks fabulous too.

15. Choose One for Your Moods

Choose One for Your Moods

The colorful dark room idea depicts a styling theme for the ever-changing moods of your teenager. Oranges, grays, and whites cover the bedspreads and pillow covers on the whole. The paintings put up on the wall decor look spellbound too.

Neon orange, green, black, yellow, and white are enigmatic hues that the pinned up wall-paintings have. The Exit sign board lets you know you must exit the room through its door. The carpeted rug looks voluminous, indeed. The table lamp and other accessories are neatly spruced up inside this lovely teen bedroom.

16. Create Happy Vibes

Create Happy Vibes

This chirrupy room decor comprises happy colors to bring feel-good vibes inside the teenage bedroom. The accent wall and the ceiling wall have polka spots of pink, grey, white, blue, yellow, and purple. The multi-colored effect the room brings to your teens can improve their moods and allow them to stay happy inside their bedrooms.

To lift up the spirits of your teens better, the bunk beds have white bedspreads with neon pink pillows. The space on the upper deck of the bunk bed is for you to place the bedding or the crib. The partition-style window allows plenty of light and ventilation inside the room. The study area comprises cupboards and a cabinet dedicated to the purpose. The gray-carpeted rug looks stylish too.

17. Do You Want to Play Soccer

Do You Want to Play Soccer

The Soccer theme, with which the teen bedroom has been designed, can be an enticing one for your teen sons who love playing football or soccer at school. The wall portraits comprise larger-than-life paintings of a football and a soccer-playing skater that cannot miss the details of the eye.

The wall-mounted shelves also have soccer balls and wall portraits to lend an inspiring effect on your teens who are passionate about playing their game. The bedspreads and pillow covers have matching gray and black hues matching the theme. The gray rug has a shimmer that also complements the soccer theme beautifully.

18. A Vibrant Bedroom for You to Sleep On

A Vibrant Bedroom for You to Sleep On

This is a vibrant and colorful bedroom that brings warm and pleasant vibes into the decor. The room looks airy and spacious, too, as you have partition-styled windows that are spread across two adjacent corners of the room. The neon pink bedspread looks attractive and stylish. The floral print cushion rugs and pillow covers complement the decor in an incredible way indeed.

The printed vintage-styled sofa set lends pleasing vibes for your teens to stay in their rooms. The indoor plant is bright and beautiful. All the accessories that the placed inside the teen bedroom look colorful and set the right tones for your teen kids to spend their moments in.

19. Pastel Blues with a Heart-Shaped Accent Wall

Pastel Blues with a Heart-Shaped Accent Wall

The lovely pastel blue bedroom brings warm and inviting vibes into the overall decor as such. The printed design of the bedspread is a gorgeous one. The heart design wall accent that has been done is the main attraction for the teen bedroom. The curio set has accessories that look pretty.

A DIY cardboard box placed on the shelf is an accessory that looks intriguing. The wall unit has shelves with books and accessories that are neatly arranged. Feel free to set up a sturdy study table with chairs and cushions in order to make sure your teen son or daughter studies well inside the room.

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20. Play with Bolder Accent Walls

Play with Bolder Accent Walls

Bolder accent walls can lift up the spirits of your teen boy or girl. The walls can pump up a gush of energy into your teen children as the decor provides light, ventilation, and spaciousness into the same. The entire four sides of the accent walls provide the room with a dash of freshness indeed. The window provides sunlight and ventilation into the room premises.

The colorful bedspread comprises of yellow polka dots, pastel blues, sky blue, and whites. Crimson yellow, striped blues, rectangular pillow, and a polka-dotted pillow covering the other part of the bedding. The wall cabinet is painted grey and finds its place in the corner of the room. The stylish chair with accessories placed on the glass coffee table provides an apt study area for your teens.

21. A Turquoise Bedroom Can Be Warm and Inviting

A Turquoise Bedroom Can Be Warm and Inviting

The inviting turquoise bedroom is an instant mood lifter for your teens. Fresh colors like bottle green, oceanic blue, and whites provide those boosting vibes for your tired teens who return home from their school. The hues are nature-loving ones that provide energy to the teens and enhance their moods.

The bedspread has a floral print comprising blue and green leaves that gives a feel-good effect once your teen kid enters his or her room. Green and white pillows complement the decor indeed. The table lamp finds its spot on a wall-mounted shelf indeed. The wall portrait of a deer shows how much of an animal lover your teen is. The delicate white rug looks attractive too. This is one of the simple and elegant teen bedroom ideas to choose from.

22. Create that Zen Effect with a Soft Palette

Create that Zen Effect with a Soft Palette

The soft palette comprising beige, bubble pink, and white lends inviting vibes and instantly creates a zen effect for your teens. The accent wall provides an incredible feel to your room decor. The hanging chair is a cute little accessory your teen kids have in order to unwind.

The table lamps placed on either side of the wall provide a symmetrical effect to the room. The beige and white bedspread exudes style and grace. This is a bedroom idea that is worth giving a try.

23. Explore a Black and White Bedroom

Explore a Black and White Bedroom

The black and white decor can be enigmatic and sturdy as a room design style. The polka-dotted pillow and the bedspread match one another perfectly. The black woolen blanket has a ‘plus’ symbol all over it. The carpeted rug is a combination of black and white too.

The monogram ‘M’ pinned up on the accent wall stands for the name of your teen, whose name starts with an ‘M.’ Other letter monograms can also be added in a similar way. The wooden cabinet shelf is painted all white, and it is kept in the corner of the room. The table lamp looks bright too. In totality, the bright accessories placed inside the teen bedroom steal the eyes of the beholder.

24. Go In for Zebra Striping

Go In for Zebra Striping

Zebra stripes can look cool and stylish. The accent wall that is completely filled with Zebra stripes gives a visually pleasing effect to all of us. The bedspread is all white in color with white pillows. The slight tint of pink adds up to the glam.

The windows allow plenty of light to pass through the room. The sofa-cum-cushion bed has multi-colored cushions. The wooden cabinet has a pretty looked designer lamp placed on top of it. You find woven baskets that add earthy touches to the room.

Summing It Up

All in all, these are 24 cool teen bedroom ideas you may have fallen in love with. DIY styles, furniture accessories, accents, textures, and the natural tint that stand out have been discussed at length for designing each of these bedrooms. Creating that happy bubble for your teens is what you must ideally aim for.

Some teens want it all colorful and splashy, while some kids prefer keeping their rooms minimalist. The designs for the rooms can be worked out according to the independent preference or requirements of each of your kids. Each kid is different, and so each gets its own.

So, which is going to be the teen styling technique you are going to go in for?

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