An indie aesthetic room signifies the meaning of independence and individuality in a room. It has become a trend in the present, and that’s why people are setting up their unique indie rooms. They are adding bright and colorful patterns, textures, and colors to their room’s walls and ceilings. After that, they illustrate the area with fascinating objects. It includes old or new books, CDs, furniture, and shelves. A few people prefer decorating their indie rooms with green plants and vines. Each decor may convey a unique artistic vibe.

An indie room does not only impress the adults but also the kids. It allows you to showcase your creative side. As a result, people set up stylish and innovative spaces in their rooms. An aesthetic indie room can convey an optimistic vibe and helps you to establish a positive impression.

In this blog, you’ll learn about 20 different aesthetic designs for your indie room.

1. Indie Patterns

Indie Patterns

Indie patterns are the primary choice for creating an indie aesthetic room. They consist of iconic symbols and designs. It may include a black or white print, rainbow flowers, etc. You can also try Hello Kitty-themed indie patterns in your room. Besides these, you can also choose butterflies, smiley faces, mushrooms, and banana-themed indie patterns. It may help you to convey a fresh vibe throughout your home. Your children will also enjoy this adaptation.

2. Indie Wall Colors

Indie Wall Colors

Apart from indie patterns, indie wall colors are a fundamental choice for creating an indie aesthetic room. You can set up creative wall colors or add funny wall paint to your room. It may also impress your children. Just make sure you have chosen an adequate color pattern that goes perfectly with the room’s interior. The shades of green, yellow, blue, orange, or white are fascinating color tones for your indie room’s wall.

3. Indie Ceiling and Wall Decoration

Indie Ceiling and Wall Decoration

After providing a perfect color tone, you are required to provide the perfect decor for the wall. Not only the walls but also furnish the ceilings with adequate decoration to create an indie aesthetic room. You can add delightful artwork or place some movie posters. If you want, you can add posters of your favorite artists. It may convey a lively vibe throughout your home. You can also add hanging green vines, butterfly stickers, or luminous-colored stickers.

4. Artistic Indie Decor

Artistic Indie Decor

If you want to expand your budget for your indie aesthetic room, you can choose artistic decor. Choose a mix of indie patterns, colors, and textures for your walls and ceiling. Then, create a cozy and comfortable space for your interests, like books or CDs. It may assist you in creating a unique and significant vibe throughout your room. In addition, add some natural or wooden elements, such as a piece of furniture or a shelf.

5. Indie Pillows, Blankets, and Bed

Indie Pillows, Blankets, and Bed

Now moving onto the sleeping area. What about creating an innovative indie aesthetic vibe in your bedroom? It’s not a bad idea; you can choose well-designed beds for your room. For instance, pick a bed with black-and-white color patterns, indie patterns, yellow sunflower patterns, etc. Besides these, add multiple pillows that convey the indie vibe. In addition, don’t forget to add an indie blanket. The combination of indie pillows, an indie bed, and blankets can establish a significant vibe in your bedroom.

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6. Add Vibrant Colors

Add Vibrant Colors

Establishing an indie aesthetic room means giving your house a more stylish look. In order to make it happen, add vibrant colors on the wall or ceiling. Don’t be afraid to choose the color you love. The vibrant colors can create a unique statement for your indie room. Not only in the walls, but you can also apply vibrant colors to your furniture and other accessories. It may bear an artistic vibe throughout your room.

7. Place Old Clothes and Furniture

Place Old Clothes and Furniture

An indie aesthetic room conveys a vintage style throughout your home. Thus, adding a more vintage style isn’t a bad approach. You can place old pieces of furniture in your indie room to match the classic vibe. It may include a shelf, a desk, or other accessories. If you put an old shelf, then add clothes on it. Besides these, you can place your shoes or add some green plants to the area to give it a more ageless look.

8. Place Old Books and Records

Place Old Books and Records

Previously, you’ve heard about placing old furniture in your indie room along with clothes. Similarly, adding old books to your indie aesthetic room isn’t a bad idea. It may give your room a retro look. Apart from that, it can convey a significant vibe in that area. Besides books, you can place music CDs on a shelf. You can also decorate the wall with CDs to furnish your indie room with a vibrant look.

9. Make It Minimal

Make It Minimal

Don’t worry if you don’t have enough budget or have limited space in your home. You can still create an indie aesthetic room with minimum requirements. You can decorate your room’s walls with newspapers or magazines. If you want, you can cut out the portion and place it on the wall. For instance, if the magazine includes a photo of your favorite car, cut the picture and hang it on the wall with glue or tape.

10. Add a Shade of Greenery

Add a Shade of Greenery

Putting green plants in the home is becoming a trend in the present. People often put green plants in their living room, laundry room, and even in the shower room. Thus, adding a shade of greenery to your indie aesthetic room isn’t a bad approach. The plants may provide an artistic look to your indie room. You can add multiple green plants or place hanging plants on the wall. Not only plants, but you can also add hanging vines to your room.

11. Put Photo Collages

Put Photo Collages

Adding a photo collage to your indie aesthetic room is an innovative approach. Display your pictures or memorable moments by putting a photo collage on the wall. It may look creative and helps you to establish a positive impression. You can add multiple photo collages as per your room’s requirements. Just make sure they are creative and convey a significant vibe. A photo collage may represent your personality. Thus, add a unique photo collage as soon as possible.

12. Bring a Few String Lights

Bring a Few String Lights

String lights may give your indie aesthetic room a cozy and stylish look. It can convey a soft and pure vibe throughout your room. Aside from that, the string lights can give your artwork or wall decor a more glowing look. Nowadays, LED string lights are very popular, and people love to put them in their bedrooms. They are eco-friendly and energy-efficient lights that can help you to establish an optimistic impression on guests.

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13. Attractive Mirrors

Attractive Mirrors

Mirrors are common household items people add to their rooms. People bring well-designed mirrors for their living rooms, shower rooms, and even in the laundry room. Thus, buying an attractive mirror for an indie aesthetic room is a great initiative. A well-designed mirror can convey a charismatic and elegant vibe throughout your room. Besides these, it may establish a vibrant look in your indie-styled room. Even if you have limited space in the room, a stylish mirror can make it cool and bigger.

14. Well-Designed Curtains

Well-Designed Curtains

After mirrors, curtains are the most common household elements. People often add curtains to each corner of their rooms. A curtain helps to maintain privacy and also protects you from direct sunlight. Thus, adding a well-designed curtain to your indie aesthetic room decoration isn’t a bad initiative. Try to add colorful curtains like orange, blue, green, red, yellow, and others. It can help you in setting up a perfect indie-themed bedroom. Unique curtains can enhance the overall appeal of the room.

15. Add Fairy Lights

Add Fairy Lights

Apart from string lights, you can add a few LED fairy lights to your indie aesthetic room. They both share the same features and traits. However, fairy lights are smaller and provide more bright lights. Thus, adding fairy lights can give your home a more glowing look. These types of lights can create a magical and artistic vibe in your room. They will also uplift the brightness of your artwork and wall decoration.

16. Bring Globe Lights

Bring Globe Lights

Aside from string and fairy lights, you can bring globe lights for your indie aesthetic room design. A globe light is bigger than the fairy and string lights. In addition, it produces more bright light. Globe lights can add elegance and provide your indie room with a more vibrant look. These types of lights are perfect for your wall interiors. They can also light up the wall decorations and artwork enormously. It may bear a gorgeous and charismatic vibe in your home.

17. Add a Touch of Retro

Add a Touch of Retro

Setting up a retro look for your indie aesthetic room isn’t a bad move. You can make it possible by adding a retro poster. It can be a retro movie, retro music, or a retro car poster. Apart from that, you can place some vintage posters or paint on your wall. It may convey a monochromic vibe throughout your room. If possible, collect the 60s and 70s movie or music posters to give your indie room a more retro look.

18. Hang Up Movie Posters or Art

Hang Up Movie Posters or Art

As mentioned, adding a vintage movie or music poster can provide your indie room with a retro look. Similarly, you can choose the modern adaptation. For example, add posters of current popular movies. You can also add posters of your favorite bands, music artists, or movie stars. Not only the posters but adding a piece of artwork can also furnish your indie-styled room with a more vibrant look. It may help you to create a significant impression.

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19. Set Up a Musical Theme

Set Up a Musical Theme

This idea is for the people who love music. If you’re a big fan of music, don’t hesitate to set up a musical theme for your indie aesthetic room. It may look unique and can convey a significant vibe throughout your room. You can implement this musical adaptation by hanging a guitar on the wall. If you want, you can hang guitar posters or paintings on your wall. Besides these, you can place a ukulele, a drum, a keyboard, or other musical instruments in the room.

20. Fascinating Tapestries

Fascinating Tapestries

Tapestries are innovative adaptations for your indie room decoration. It consists of unique color patterns and textures that can influence the design of your indie aesthetic room. You can apply it to different corners of your room. Just make sure the tapestries that you are going to apply to signify your personality. In addition, just ensure that it also matches the vibe of the room’s interior. You can try mushroom tapestries or mid-century and ancient tapestries.


All in all, people love creating a space where they can show their creative side or adore a place that matches their personality. Indie room design is one of the most innovative ways that has become a global trend.

All you need is to apply indie colors, patterns, and textures to the room’s walls and ceilings. Then, add posters of your favorite artists and place some brightness by adding string or fairy lights.

If you have a limited budget or limited space in your room, you can still establish an indie room. Just showcase your creative and unique skills. You can hang newspapers and magazines or cut your favorite pictures from them and paste them on the wall. In this blog, you’ve learned about 20 different tips to set up your indie aesthetic room.

Which idea do you find more creative? Let us know in the comments.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much It Will Cost to Set up An Indie Aesthetic Room?

It may be dependable on your room’s space and the items you add to your room. You can create a minimum indie-styled room by pasting images from a magazine or newspaper. If you want to expand your budget, you can place vibrant colors and textures on the room’s walls and ceilings.

Does an Indie Aesthetic Design Add Value to Your Room?

An indie room not only adds value to your house but also bears an elegant vibe. It may help you to implement your creative side. In addition, an indie aesthetic room guides you in creating an individual and optimistic impression. Try to implement creative and innovative indie design in your room.

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