Are you planning for a makeover of your home by installing aesthetic vintage minimalist wallpaper? Walls cover most areas of your home and are a crucial factor in determining the overall vibe of it.

This underlines the importance of having walls that speak for your style and aesthetic.

Installing wallpapers is an easy way to elevate the beauty of your walls instantly. They are easy to apply and are highly durable.

Sometimes they last for more than 15 years once applied. However, it depends on the quality.

Aesthetic, vintage, and minimalist wallpapers are timeless and suit most home decor making them a no-brainer.

The minimalist design doesn’t make your house look cluttered, and your walls stay afresh for years to come. They are timeless since they are rarely out of style.

In this blog, we will talk about 15 aesthetic vintage minimalist wallpapers ideas to help you make a better decision.

1. Retro Floral Pattern Wallpaper

Retro Floral Pattern Wallpaper

This is an easy-to-install Peel and Stick Floral Wallpaper! With no water, paste, or mess involved, this wallpaper is perfect for quick and hassle-free home decor.

This aesthetic vintage minimalist wallpaper is made from thick vinyl material. It boasts a durable, waterproof, and repositionable design, making it ideal for renters, and it can be used temporarily on your walls.

The wallpaper features a matte, soft texture and comes with grid lines on the backing paper, facilitating easy cutting and measurement.

Each roll measures 17.7 inches wide by 9.8 feet long, covering approximately 14.5 square feet. You have the option of choosing from three sizes (XS, S, or L) depending on your DIY project or wall size.

The pattern showcases lovely flowers and leaves, like daisies and peonies, with a boho color range that adds a beautiful and stunning touch to any space.

Whether you want to adorn your living room, bathroom, nursery, or kitchen backsplash, this versatile peel-and-stick wallpaper is perfect for any smooth surface.

It can also be applied to shelves, cabinets, bookshelves, and more.

Please note that the wallpaper should be used on clean, dry, and smooth surfaces, and it is not recommended for textured or dirty walls.

To ensure consistency, we recommend purchasing enough rolls from the same batch to avoid color variation.

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2. Vintage Map Wallpaper

Vintage Map Wallpaper

Suppose you’re someone who is interested in traveling and wants to travel to different places in the world. Then, this wallpaper might steal your heart and inspire you to pack your bags and explore the world.

This aesthetic vintage wallpaper is easy to mount and removable! Divided into convenient 18.5-inch wide strips, they can be effortlessly applied to any wall and removed without leaving marks.

Not only for adults, it can suit the kid’s room as well. When applying in the kid’s rooms, you can have toys related to travel hanging from the ceiling to create a more playful room.

The eco-friendly materials ensure safety for children and animals, making them perfect for kids’ rooms.

The World Map mural for children features labeled cities, countries, continents, and oceans, fostering quick learning and exploration.

With readable text and delightful animal illustrations, this wall decor creates a cozy and educational environment for the whole family.

These beautiful Wall Murals make thoughtful gifts and add a touch of design to any home.

They are waterproof, removable, and come with detailed instructions for easy application. Buy now and enjoy the perfect blend of environmental friendliness and quality!

3. Geometric Art Deco Wallpaper

Geometric Art Deco Wallpaper

An aesthetic vintage minimalist wallpaper inspired by art deco designs, featuring geometric shapes and clean lines in neutral colors.

This wallpaper looks symmetrical and brings the vibe of having an organized vibe to the room, making the room look well put together.

It measures 20.5 inches wide by 16.5 feet long, with each roll covering an impressive 28.18 square feet, offering you more value compared to other competitors.

The 20.5-inch repeat with a drop-match pattern adds a stylish touch to any room.

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It doesn’t leave any residue of messy paste and extra adhesive since this wallpaper features an easy peel-and-stick application.

When it’s time for a change, simply remove it without worrying about damage to your painted walls.

It is crafted from washable and water-resistant vinyl. This wallpaper is both durable and easy to maintain.

You can rest easy knowing that your wallpaper is not made up of harmful chemicals and is non-toxic. So why not revamp your space effortlessly today?

4. Vintage Bookshelf Wallpaper

Vintage Bookshelf Wallpaper

Do you love books and want a bookshelf as your wallpaper? This aesthetic vintage minimalist wallpaper will uplift the ambiance of your space with our high-quality faux bookcase wallpaper!

Crafted from self-adhesive PVC material, it features a solid vinyl coating that exudes a realistic 3D effect.

Measuring 32.8 feet in length and 17.9 inches in width (10m x 0.455m), each roll covers approximately 48.8 square feet, offering ample coverage for your desired area.

The wallpaper comes conveniently packaged with a plastic seal for protection. With its peel-and-stick application, no additional glue is required, but if desired, adding extra glue ensures long-lasting durability.

Suitable for various rooms such as the kitchen, living room, bedroom, office, and more. This wallpaper is waterproof and easy to maintain.

5. Vintage Postcard Wallpaper

Vintage Postcard Wallpaper

Postcard wallpapers are timeless aesthetics. This postcard collage will be helpful in collecting your travel locations in one place.

Create a stunning display of your travel memories with this vintage travel posters collage kit!

This unique print set features a collection of vintage travel posters showcasing cities worth exploring from all around the world.

Each poster combines patterns and photos to create an art style that captures the essence of nature, life, and culture.

With vibrant colors and captivating designs, these travel-themed prints will add a touch of wanderlust to your room decor.

Arrange the 44 pieces to your liking and watch as they cover about 3×3 feet of blank space on your wall.

Whether you’ve been to these cities or are planning to visit, this collage kit allows you to personalize your wall in a stunning and meaningful way.

It is packaged in a gift-ready box, making it a great gift idea for your artsy loved ones.

6. Scandinavian-inspired wallpaper

Scandinavian-inspired wallpaper

This Scandinavian wallpaper is enough to revitalize your space. It measures 69 inches in height and ninety-eight inches in width (175cm x 250cm).

This wallpaper has gridlines on the back, making it easier for you to track and cut.

So that there is minimal loss of wallpaper and you can cut in a straight line. It is crafted from first-rate vinyl/PVC, and this wallpaper is durable and sturdy, giving it a sensible look.

It has easy utility, removability, and sturdiness. This versatile wallpaper is perfect for numerous spaces, including the couch, kitchen, restroom, bedroom, etc. It is suitable for outdoor regions along with patios and entryways.

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7. Nature-Inspired Minimalist Wallpaper

Nature-Inspired Minimalist Wallpaper

Want to feel the vibe of the garden in your living space? Create a serene and captivating space with this beautiful tree peel-and-stick wallpaper.

Applying this wallpaper is a breeze—simply peel and stick it onto any smooth, flat surface. When it’s time for a change, just pull it up without leaving any sticky residue behind.

Our NuWallpaper is specifically designed to be safe for walls, making it an ideal choice for both rental and home decorating.

With its repositionable feature, you can easily adjust the placement during installation for a perfect look.

This 20.5-inch x 18-foot roll covers approximately 30.75 square feet, offering ample coverage for your walls.

The design repeat of 20.8 inches adds visual interest and depth to your walls.

Whether you’re embarking on a DIY project or giving your space a quick makeover, this beautiful tree peel-and-stick wallpaper is the perfect solution for adding style and charm to any room.

8. Neutral Color Vintage Wallpaper

Neutral Color Vintage Wallpaper

This is one of the rare items on this list because it is 100% removable peel-and-stick wallpaper! Each roll measures 20.5 inches wide by 16.5 feet, offering approximately 28.18 square feet of coverage.

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With its drop-match design, this wallpaper adds a touch of sophistication to any room.

Applying it is very easy—peel and stick, with no water or mess. You can also enjoy the freedom to reposition and reuse the wallpaper without leaving any sticky residue behind upon removal.

Its superior strength and properties make it stand out from regular contact paper, ensuring a durable and clean removal.

Whether you’re a renter or a homeowner, this versatile wallpaper is perfect for long-term or temporary use. Elevate your space with ease and style using this peel-and-stick wallpaper!

9. Watercolor Vintage Wallpaper

Watercolor Vintage Wallpaper

It is made with premium, durable vinyl material and eco-friendly ink. This wallpaper is designed for long-lasting use. With improved quality, it is now stronger and non-transparent, avoiding tearing and see-through issues.

The matte finish and waterproof feature add a touch of sophistication to any room. The roll dimension of 17.7 inches wide by 9.8 feet long covers approximately 14.5 square feet, making it suitable for various DIY projects.

The pattern repeat of H17.7″ x W17.7″ allows for easy matching without overlap.

Perfect for apartments, this floral wallpaper complements boho and farmhouse decor. Its versatility extends to smooth walls, kitchen backsplashes, shelves, cabinets, and more. Ensure a clean and smooth surface for optimal stickiness.

10. Mid-Century Modern Wallpaper

Mid-Century Modern Wallpaper

A stunning ambiance is guaranteed in your space with this customizable peel-and-stick mural.

Simply peel off the back protection paper and apply it to any flat and dry surface, such as walls, doors, or windows.

These environmentally friendly and visually captivating 3D effects bring your room to life with realistic and vivid imagery.

The mural is divided into 6 easy-to-install pieces, each measuring 24″x100″. The installation process is made effortless with the numbered order on the back of the wallpaper.

The seams seamlessly blend, ensuring a continuous and uninterrupted picture.

Suitable for large walls, this mural is perfect for transforming your living room, bedroom, office, and more. Give your space a refreshing new look and rejuvenate your old furniture with this customizable peel-and-stick mural!

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11. Vintage Damask Pattern Wallpaper

Vintage Damask Pattern Wallpaper

Decorate your space effortlessly with this peel & stick wallpaper. Simply peel the backing paper adhesive and attach it to any flat, dry surface without the need for additional glue.

Made from environmentally friendly PVC material, this wallpaper is dustproof and waterproof. It is easy to clean with a damp cloth or sponge.

It is easily cut and applied using the measurement-cutting grid on the backing sheet.

Whether it’s kitchen cabinets, drawers, cabinets, countertops, or even wall art, our black gold damask paper adds a touch of elegance to any space. It’s the perfect solution for a quick and elegant transition.

The installation process is simple, even for a beginner. Just use a heat gun and a squeeze and apply it smoothly without jumping or twisting. Don’t wait any longer to redefine your space.

12. Birds-Inspired Wallpaper

Birds-Inspired Wallpaper

This bird-inspired wallpaper introduces a touch of modern elegance to your walls.

Featuring graceful birds in an off-white and grey color, this design instantly breathes life and happiness into your space without overwhelming it.

This self-adhesive wallpaper is ready to use, clutter-free, and requires no glues, leaving behind no residue.

With its repositionable feature, achieving the perfect placement is a breeze, even if it takes a few attempts.

Whether you’re a homeowner or a renter, our wallpaper is DIY-friendly, allowing you to remove or keep it up indefinitely easily.

Transform your space with ease by using it for accent walls, covering furniture, drawers, bookcases, stair risers, and more.

It’s also moisture and steam-resistant, making it suitable for bathroom and kitchen applications. Each roll measures 20.5 inches wide by 16.5 feet long, covering approximately 28 square feet.

For optimal compatibility, we recommend wiping the intended surface with an isopropyl alcohol and water solution (1:1 ratio) and letting it dry before installation.

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13. Subtle Vintage Wallpaper

Subtle Vintage Wallpaper

This wallpaper covers approximately 9.68 square feet, providing ample coverage for your desired area. The white color adds a clean and refreshing touch to your walls.

Made of high-quality vinyl, it replicates the look and feel of linen, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to any room.

The embossed grasscloth design creates a realistic texture that brings a fresh and natural atmosphere to your space.

With its self-adhesive backing, it’s easy to apply—simply peel and stick.

The waterproof feature ensures durability, and the wallpaper is removable without leaving any sticky residue. It’s also easy to clean, making maintenance easy.

Whether used as wallpaper or lining, this aesthetic vintage minimalist wallpaper offers a versatile and stylish solution for your living room, wall decoration, cabinets, drawers, or any other area you desire.

14. Bohemian Minimalist Wallpaper

Bohemian Minimalist Wallpaper

Upgrade your space with this quick and easy peel & stick Wallpaper.

This high-quality wallpaper is hassle-free to install – simply peel off the backing and stick it to any smooth and dry surface. No water, paste, or mess is required, making it perfect for renters looking to renovate their rooms.

This Bohemian minimalist wallpaper has top-notch quality with durable vinyl material and eco-friendly ink, ensuring it is strong, non-transparent, and tear-resistant.

With its matte finish and attractive texture, this waterproof and removable wallpaper adds an elegant touch to your walls.

The grid and measurements on the backing paper make it easy to cut to your desired size.

The pattern repeat of H17.7″ x W17.7″ allows for a seamless match without overlap, which is ideal for beginners.

The boho design features a range of green colors and white stroke brush dots, creating an aesthetic watercolor effect that complements various home decor styles.

This versatile self-adhesive wallpaper can be used on walls, bathrooms, nursery rooms, kitchen backsplashes, shelves, cabinets, and more.

Please ensure you apply it to a clean, dry, and smooth surface for optimal life.

Remember to purchase enough rolls from the same batch to avoid color variation. Note that textured or dirty surfaces may affect the wallpaper’s stickiness.

15. Vintage-Inspired Textured Wallpaper

Vintage-Inspired Textured Wallpaper

This decorative tile design exudes intricate detail and architectural elegance. The bold patterns add a touch of grandeur to any space.

This versatile wallpaper allows you to unleash your creativity by customizing it with the paint color of your choice, or you can leave it in its pristine white form for a clean and timeless look.

With its impressive level of detail and the option to personalize, this paintable wallpaper is a perfect choice for those seeking to make a statement with their home decor.

Transform your walls into works of art with this captivating and customizable wallpaper.

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Final Thoughts

This list of aesthetic vintage minimalist wallpaper caters to wide audiences with multiple options. Wallpapers are an easy fix to change the look of your home in no time completely.

It requires less investment of time, money, and even effort. Also, you can redo them more frequently if you feel like it. The flexibility that a wallpaper gives you is unmatched, and nowadays, most wallpapers come with self-peel and stick, which really saves up the labor cost.

These aesthetic wallpapers are vintage and minimalist, which helps in elevating the appeal of your home in no time without making your home or living space too cluttered.

So what are you waiting for? Pick up a wallpaper from this list that suits your requirement, and let your imagination run wild!

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